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30 September 2014

Chinese Submarine Headed to Gulf of Aden For Counter Piracy Operations

Navy Replaces Ships in Arabian Gulf as Bombing Continues

29 September 2014

Report: ISIS Threat Received at Navy SEALs Training Base

US Navy leads strikes in Syria

Navy Admiral inspires Korean Sailors during guest lecture in Busan

28 September 2014

India suspicious as Chinese submarine docks in Sri Lanka

Navy pilot memorialized by friends and family

27 September 2014

Navy Complied with Regulations in Accepting Two Lead Ships

The U.S. announces new generation Ohio class submarines to address new threats from Russia and China

The US Navy May Battle Deadly Naval Mines With Quadcopter Drones

26 September 2014

The Navy Wants a Tactical Cloud

Chinese submarine's Sri Lanka visit prompts rescue questions

25 September 2014

The Russian Navy Is Aiming To Be Much Larger Than The US Navy

Navy May Reduce Triton UAV Buy

Navy suspends most nuclear work at Norfolk Naval Shipyard

Blast in Submarine Sindhurakshak was Due to Lapses in Procedure, Says Navy

24 September 2014

Mazel tov to the Israeli navy!

Navy SEAL Al Qaeda Hunter Escaped After Being Shot 27 Times

The Navy's New Patrol Boat Wasn't Made by a Long Shot Inventor

23 September 2014

Sweden: Home-made submarine auctioned for $100000

Navy Celebrates Submarine Milestone

22 September 2014

Taiwan not seeking US support for submarine overhaul

Navy set to overhaul 4 uniforms for sailors

21 September 2014

Navy celebrates submarine milestone

Navy aviation, today and tomorrow

20 September 2014

Navy marks 4000th ballistic-missile submarine patrol

Swede's homemade submarine nets fortune

Montgomery man commands cruiser in US Navy

19 September 2014

The Navy's massive Triton drone just flew across the US for the first time

Navy Yard staff remember with sadness and pride

Confederate submarine makes three stops in our area

18 September 2014

Navy Secretary: Submarine Will Be Named USS Vermont

Navy removes destroyer's top three commanding officers mid-deployment

AQIS claims plot to strike US warships was executed by Pakistani Navy officers

17 September 2014

P-3C anti-submarine aircraft joins Han Kuang exercises for first time

Industry should be consulted in choosing Australia's submarine fleet

16 September 2014

Japanese submarine option odds-on favourite

15 September 2014

Yury Dolgoruky submarine to test-fire Bulava missile with full missile set

Is North Korea Developing Submarine-Launched Missiles?

Soryu sub deal: Japanese insiders warn sub program will cost more, hurt Australian jobs

14 September 2014

North Korea 'Developing Submarine-based Ballistic Missile System'

Malaysia Offers to Host US Navy Aircraft

Australia's Submarine Play: Run Silent, Run Japanese?

13 September 2014

Japanese submarine purchase would be historic and controversial

Navy Pilot Missing After 2 Jets Crash Into Sea

Navy search for sub lost 100 years

12 September 2014

Two US Navy Jets Crash Into Western Pacific

11 September 2014

Labor will honour Coalition contracts despite submarine fury, Chris Bowen says

Pakistan navy repels militant attack at Karachi dockyard

10 September 2014

Bill Shorten's submarine speech plumbs the depths (AUS)

A century on and a sonar blip: has navy found WWI submarine?

09 September 2014

Canadian Navy Ship Buzzed by 3 Russian Jets

Video: 'Nuke-Capable' Stealth Submarine Sets Sail for Israel

08 September 2014

The Navy's Long Overdue Smart & Deadly Patrol Boat Has Arrived

Vietnam building deterrent against China in disputed seas with submarines

07 September 2014

Former Sen. John Warner meets submarine namesake

New Japanese submarines to cost Abbott Government $20 billion

USS Alexandria submarine crew visiting Central La.

Russian Navy sends flotilla to Arctic to start permanent service at military base

06 September 2014

The Next Big Thing: launch of the supersonic submarine

USS Alexandria submarine crew visiting Central La.

05 September 2014

Christening in Newport News Saturday for submarine John Warner

04 September 2014

German-made Dolphin submarine sailing to Israel

Japan Enters Global Submarine Market With Soryu Offering

Navy Receives First Block III Virginia-Class Submarine

03 September 2014

Meet the exoskeleton the Navy is testing to make sailors stronger

02 September 2014

An Update on the Indian Navy: August 2014

Miracle at Sea: 25 Survive Navy Chopper Crash in Gulf of Aden

01 September 2014

IDF's Newest Submarine to Set Sail for Israel

Luxury Submarine Unveiled By 'James Bond' Stunt Pilot