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31 July 2014

Indian Navy gets new facility to communicate with nuclear submarines prowling ...

Navy Outreach Brings 'Hollywood to the Navy' in San Diego

30 July 2014

Norfolk-based submarine squadron to get new leader Friday

29 July 2014

Concerns Surround Navy SEALs' Training Changes

Submarine Newport News goes out for exercises

28 July 2014

China is using its immense commercial fishing fleet as a surrogate navy

Australia cracks opens door to foreign submarine build

NK Has Largest Submarine Fleet in the World

Putin Marks Navy Day At Base For Nuclear Submarines

27 July 2014

China's Navy Shows Off Massage Techniques in Soft-Power Display

26 July 2014

Personal Submarine DeepFlight is Equity Crowdfunding on Crowdfunder

Borei-Class Submarines Enter Service Ahead of Russian Navy Day

Navy planning to introduce enlisted women to Bangor submarines

First female Navy commander leaves ship amid affair claim

25 July 2014

Italy and Russia Freeze Joint Diesel Submarine Project

Navy Looks To Purchase 37 Million Gallons Of Biofuels

Extra care delays Nuclear submarine's sea trials

24 July 2014

Navy to retool Blue Angels after scandal

Indian Navy takes delivery of first anti-submarine corvette

23 July 2014

US Navy's troubled Littoral Combat Ship program could face the axe

Enlisted women to serve on attack submarines after 2020

US Navy admiral says he's open to idea of giving Chinese Navy tour of carrier

North Korea's Asymmetric Submarine Doctrine

22 July 2014

Beyond UCLASS: Preparing the Navy for Next Generation Warfare

Saab buys Swedish submarine shipyard

21 July 2014

China 'spy ship' at US-led navy exercise off Hawaii

Freefallin' with the Navy Leapfrogs

20 July 2014

McCaul raises specter of 'submarine warfare'

Local researcher seeks funds to help find submarine sunk off the coast of Oregon

History Space: Dramatic victory over British Navy

19 July 2014

Vallejo to Build Submarine Memorial on Mare Island

18 July 2014

US Navy's Biggest Ships Are in China's Sights

17 July 2014

Cooking in tight quarters: A submarine

Construction starts on anti-submarine drone

16 July 2014

Spooky underwater photos reveal Nazi submarine off the coast of Texas

German Economy Ministry approves sale of submarine to Israel

14 July 2014

Move to fast-track two Indian submarine projects gathers steam

Submarine Modernization in East Asia

Helena man serves on new Navy ship in South America

13 July 2014

US Navy maintains grounding order for F-35 fighter jets

Photos: Disposal of nuclear waste of retired PLA submarine

12 July 2014

San Diego-Based Submarine Leaves for Western Pacific

Submarine Group 9 holds change of command ceremony

Hagel visits with female submarine officers in Ga.

11 July 2014

Submarine veterans planning to erect a Chicago Submarine Memorial

Parents Rescued by Navy Warship Plan to File Lawsuit

10 July 2014

Australia Inches Closer to Japanese Submarine Deal

09 July 2014

Navy unveils prototype railguns

U.S. Navy Warns It Can't Meet 30-Year Funding Needs

Hagel to Visit Submarine, Aviation Bases in South

08 July 2014

Black Sea boiling: US missile cruiser enters waters as Russian Navy monitors

China's Submarine Ambitions Project Global Intent

Electrical malfunction caused Md. drone crash

07 July 2014

Australia to sign new submarines deal with Japan

Thai navy opens submarine center, but lacks subs

06 July 2014

Navy to kick off submarine unit Monday | Bangkok Post

05 July 2014

Top Navy commander visits local warfare center

The First Submarine Attack Happened During The Revolutionary War

04 July 2014

Nowhere Under the Sea Is Safe from Britain's Newest Nuclear Submarine

South Korea Launches Fifth 1800-Ton Submarine

Submarine maker plans expansion in Rhode Island

02 July 2014

US to Sell India Submarine-Launched Missiles

McHale's Navy Actor Bob Hastings Dies

Navy Promotes Its First Female 4-Star Admiral

01 July 2014

Terrifying Navy Destroyer Runs On Modified Jet Engines, Is Terrifying