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30 June 2014

Human Error Contributed to Drone Crash Into Navy Ship

Italy navy finds 30 corpses in migrant boat

29 June 2014

Local reverend prepares for the Navy

Saab Buys Submarine Builder ThyssenKrupp Marine

28 June 2014

Navy says human error partly to blame in drone crash that caused $30M damage

Is America Building the Wrong Kind of Submarine?

27 June 2014

Vessel Believed to be Russian Tsarist Submarine Discovered in the Baltic

Navy corpsmen sharpen skills at Stroger

26 June 2014

22 nations, including first-ever Chinese ships, set to begin RIMPACN

US Navy Official Says China Military Relations Have Improved 'Modestly'

24 June 2014

Russia's new Severodvinsk submarine to go on trial run in early July

City team aims to solve 100-year submarine mystery

23 June 2014

Navy officer Tummers part of rescue op that saved 277

Navy Sailor Far Away From Custody Case In Michigan

Spectacular photos of the US Navy's most powerful battleship ever

22 June 2014

Speakers series features Navy corpsman

Russia Just Finished A Submarine It Has Spent 20 Years Building

19 June 2014

Navy meteorology and oceanography command changes hands at Stennis

Benghazi suspect Ahmed Abu Khattala may be brought to US on Navy ship

Kim Jong-Un Mans A Soviet Submarine That's Been Obsolete Since 1961

17 June 2014

After 20 years Russia finally complete construction on "new" nuke sub

Navy SEALs want more 'Don't Tread on Me' patches

16 June 2014

Former Navy chief, 55, graduates Army basic training

Moronic dictator Kim Jong-un takes a submarine ride

The Navy's Most Vital And Secretive Submarine Base Is In... Idaho?!?

15 June 2014

Navy's stealth destroyer designed for the video gamer generation

Navy considers banning tobacco sales on bases

PLA completes next-gen nuclear submarine tests in S China Sea

14 June 2014

Greek Navy To Fast-Track Long-Delayed Submarine Order

D.C. Everest grad serves aboard Navy submarine

13 June 2014

Aussie submarine mysteriously appears in Samar waters

Greece sues for 7 billion euros over German submarines that have never sailed

First Scorpène submarine by Sept. 2016, says Navy Chief

12 June 2014

China Displays World's Largest Conventional Submarine

Navy issues first procurement in 'go big' plan for data center consolidation

11 June 2014

Australia Seeks Access to Japanese Submarine Technology

Submarine Vladimir Monomakh goes on sea trials in White Sea Russia June 11

Navy: Human Error Led to Submarine Collision

10 June 2014

US Navy divers to visit wreck of USS Houston in Indonesia

Sweden's Saab Inks Submarine Deal

Ukrainian Navy reluctant to discuss fate of its submarine claimed by Russia

09 June 2014

US Navy rescues 282 apparent migrants in Mediterranean

Russian nuclear submarine rescues five sailors in White Sea

USS California submarine arrives at Portsmouth Naval Shipyard

08 June 2014

Finnish divers locate U-26 submarine that disappeared a century ago

US Navy rescues 282 apparent migrants in Mediterranean

Sunken Submarine INS Sindhurakshak Raised Out of Water

07 June 2014

Navy jet crashes into Pacific on approach to carrier

Navy plan for carrier-based drones takes flak from lawmakers

Full-Spectrum Anti-Submarine Warfare

Sunken Submarine INS Sindhurakshak Raised Out of Water

06 June 2014

The 'Rock Star' of the Submarine World Just Turned 50

2 military jets crash in separate incidents Wednesday

Australian Defence Minister to tour Japan stealth submarine

05 June 2014

'People were going to die': submarine crew trapped in searing heat after ...

Submarine gets its own Colorado license plate

Pilot Ejects as Navy Jet Crashes Into Sea

04 June 2014

Brazil builds nuclear submarine to patrol offshore oil

Nightmare on Devonport-based Nuclear submarine as cooling system failed

02 June 2014

Modi govt must act fast to save India's depleting submarine fleet

Why Making Your Bed Every Morning Matters, According to a Navy SEAL

Details of China's type 039B submarine revealed: Kanwa

01 June 2014

Attack subs swap inactivation dates

Michelle Obama to help lay keel for new submarine

Thousands of migrants rescued by Italian navy