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30 April 2014

As the World Warms, Navy Strategists Plan for an Arctic Rush

29 April 2014

The US Navy Wants You To Solve This Puzzle

Navy orders 10 new submarines for record $17.6B

US Submarine in Asia Trip as Obama Seeks to Assure Allies

28 April 2014

Rough sea sends museum submarine back to Chennai port

Mineman dodged sharks, saved shipmates after Guardian grounding

27 April 2014

Former Navy SEAL on the One Piece of Advice You Need to Protect Yourself

26 April 2014

Lost Malaysia flight: We go inside the submarine hunting for MH370

Md. sailor slain by intruder aboard Navy destroyer buried at Arlington

Accused Navy pilot Gregory McWherter resigns as Tailhook Association president

25 April 2014

Boeing Builds the Navy an F-35C Exit Strategy

Pentagon: Russian Spy Ship, Tug Operating Near U.S.

Pellet Gun Firing Causes Navy Base Lockdown

24 April 2014

Detailed Images Of WWII Wreck Recorded By Submarine

Submarine vet: You can't see us, but we're out there

Submarine spotted off Point Loma

23 April 2014

'Shoot 'Em if You Got 'Em': Adrenaline-Filled Navy Video Goes Viral

Navy to award contract for Marine One helicopter fleet

Hero's Homecoming: Navy Officer Reunited With His Family

22 April 2014

Will US and Russian Dolphins Face Off? No Way

How to Steal a Submarine: Call the CIA and Howard Hughes

21 April 2014

Navy OKs changes for submariners' sleep schedules

US Navy announces sea trials for electromagnetic railgun

Dozens Denied Navy Base Access Due to Past Crimes

20 April 2014

Blue Angels community stunned by Navy investigation of Greg McWherter

18 April 2014

S. Korea Ferry Search Efforts Hampered for 3rd Day

Delivery of submarine North Dakota delayed to Navy

New arrest in Navy's 'Fat Leonard' scheme

17 April 2014

Navy delays submarine commissioning, says more work needed

South Korea Ferry Disaster: US Navy Searchers Still 'Optimistic'

16 April 2014

BULLETIN: US Navy Invents Perpetual Motion Machine

Russian aircraft buzz US Navy destroyer: How big a deal?

15 April 2014

Navy christens most expensive stealth destroyer ever

Navy's New $3B Ship Looks Like Fishing Boat on Radar

'Top Gun' II? Russian Jet Buzzes Navy Ship

Navy has more unmanned search vehicles in its arsenal

14 April 2014

Logic behind submarine spending is easily torpedoed

A Submarine Has Taken Over the Missing Jet Hunt

13 April 2014

More drones for Navy

12 April 2014

MH370: first look at the Bluefin-21 submarine

Ft. Sumter and HL Hunley submarine part of Civil War history

Navy destroyer Zumwalt to be christened in Maine

11 April 2014

Navy's future: Electric guns, lasers, water as fuel

Secret Swedish bid for submarines

10 April 2014

Lawmaker: Speed Up Nuclear Submarine Development

Submarines on collision course in busy sea (AUS)

09 April 2014

U.S. Navy unleashes newest weapon: an electromagnetic rail gun
US Navy Rail gun
that shoots missiles at seven times the speed of sound

US Navy Captain 'Shocked' To Hear Pinger Signals

Collins Class submarines put Australian defence in 'dark place'
Australian submarines

US Navy ship to arrive in Black Sea by Thursday

08 April 2014

US Navy to test futuristic, super-fast gun at sea in 2016

Navy to unveil railgun in San Diego

Navy testing revolutionary remote-controlled choppers, rail gun

07 April 2014

Navy surveying enlisted women about submarine force
Wimmen in subs

Coalition casts doubt on plan to replace Collins Class submarines

Under the Sea: Israel's New Submarines Join the Navy

Family defends taking infant to sea following rescue by Navy task force

06 April 2014

Navy unveils new program to create drone-like autonomous aircraft
Navy's new autonomous Drone

05 April 2014

Navy Unlikely to Reach 300-Ship Fleet by 2020

Tick for Collins-class submarines lifts budget pressure

04 April 2014

John Warner visits namesake submarine

Firefighters of the future? US Navy building firefighting robots

03 April 2014

US Navy's new warship, USS Zumwalt, can prepare for battle on its own
USS Zumwalt

US Navy Sending Destroyer to Black Sea to Support Ukraine

Italian navy rescues 730 migrants in overcrowded boats off Sicily

02 April 2014

MH370: British submarine joins hunt for missing plane

US Navy names research ship for first moonwalker Neil Armstrong

01 April 2014

Malaysia airliner search baffles even US Navy super plane

Navy Bases Tighten Truck Driver Screening