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31 December 2013

How political correctness took down Navy SEALs

30 December 2013

Scorpion Submarine Anniversary Is Jan. 5

City of Topeka sends flags to submarine USS Topeka

29 December 2013

These Massive Japanese Submarines Doubled As Aircraft Carriers

Russian Navy-2013: regaining former strength, introducing new inventions

28 December 2013

Five Person Exploration Submarine Provides Underwater Adventures

Russia's Navy Rising

Taiwan Acquires Submarine-Launched Anti-Ship Missiles

27 December 2013

Navy's ocean-powered drones to wage underwater war
underwater drones

Taiwan Military acquires submarine-launched Harpoon missiles

Anti-Nuclear Groups Wary of Navy's Planned Wharf

26 December 2013

SL Navy Chief visits Iran's submarine

Russia inaugurates its second nuclear-powered submarine cruiser

Navy recognizes sailor who grew up in Las Vegas

25 December 2013

Russia puts into service second Borei-class nuclear submarine

Navy to intensify sonar use off California, Hawaii

24 December 2013

Alexander Nevsky nuclear submarine to sail off to base before end of year

'Lone Survivor' depicts US Navy SEALs comradery in Afghan tragedy

The Navy's Amazing Ocean-Powered Underwater Drone

23 December 2013

America's most-cutting edge aircraft carrier comes to life (pictures)

USS Missouri returns home to Connecticut in time for the holidays

Navy sailors have radiation sickness after Japan rescue

22 December 2013

China vs. Japan: Will Boeing's New Submarine-Destroying Jet Get Battle Tested?

China to Sell Bangladesh 2 Submarines

Contracting Overhaul Is Promised for Navy

Navy submarine's return to Connecticut not the only good news for sailor

21 December 2013

Incredible Thinking in the All-New 2014 GMC Sierra + Submarine Commercial

Secrets of Kent's WWI U-boat

Chinese Navy to Aid US Ship Destroying Syrian Chemical Weapons

20 December 2013

Hagel Criticizes Chinese Navy, Citing Near Miss

Israel Navy's submarine service For the best, but not for everybody

19 December 2013

How the Navy Might Spin Seawater Into Jet Fuel

Submarine surfaces just in time for the holidays

18 December 2013

Britain funds lead item procurement for submarine program

Researchers unravel the mystery of Japan's 400-foot, aircraft-launching submarine

17 December 2013

First glimpse of new nuclear submarines

Attorney Says Navy Investigator Will Plead Guilty

Govt gives Mirabella submarine company job

16 December 2013

US Navy helicopter crashes south of Yokosuka

Russian submarines outfitted to break thick Arctic ice

Navy to expand sonar testing despite resistance from environmentalists

15 December 2013

Battleship Texas announces concert lineup for its 100th birthday

14 December 2013

Why China forced a confrontation at sea with the US Navy

Navy Names First 4-Star Female Admiral

Submarine Group 9 recognizes Pacific Northwest's top submarine sailors

13 December 2013

Life on a British Cold War submarine

World War II Navy Veteran Recounts Submarine Exploits

Poseidon: China's Secret Salvage of Britain's Lost Submarine

12 December 2013

How Scientific Sea Drones Became the Eyes of the Navy

Navy Subcontractor Breaks Silence About Treasure Island Radiation

Navy to bulk buy biofuel

11 December 2013

Navy, Marine Corps Build New Sea-Basing Ships

Did a Navy SEAL Lose His Honorable Discharge as a Punishment for Exercising ...

Navy launches inquiry into culture following bastardisation claims

10 December 2013

Iran's indigenous Fateh submarine set for launch

New movie honors Navy SEAL from NY

Navy Secretary Expands Review of Supply Contracts

09 December 2013

Navy Secretary Expands Review of Supply Contracts

US Navy predicts summer ice free Arctic by 2016

Eyes on Iran, Navy in Gulf Stays at Ready

08 December 2013

Fuel-cell powered UAV launched from submerged submarine

Giant World War II Sub Discovery Shines Light on 4 Historic Submarines Still ...

Technology like this can offer the US Navy's submarine force mission critical

07 December 2013

AP WAS THERE: Japan attacks Pearl Harbor

Canada Resists Building Navy Ships Offshore

Navy veteran, 92, recounts that fateful day

Navy launches drone from an underwater submarine

06 December 2013

Singapore's Type-218SG Forerunner of a new Submarine Class?

Japan asked to share submarine technology

What lurks beneath the sea? Navy launches drone from submerged submarine

05 December 2013

Chinese Air Defense Zone Won't Inhibit Navy's New Surveillance Planes

WWII submarine found: what it was doing in underwater 'trash heap' off Hawaii ...

04 December 2013

WWII submarine: Video of humongous 'lost' Japanese sub

'Lone Survivor' Premiere Honors Marcus Luttrell and Navy SEALs

Giant World War II Sub Discovery Shines Light on 4 Historic Submarines

03 December 2013

World War II Japanese mega-submarine discovered off Hawaii

German U 31 (Bundesmarine) in heavy storms

02 December 2013

Indian Navy to train Vietnamese submarine crews

ThyssenKrupp wins submarine order from Singapore

US sends new submarine-hunting jets to Japan amid East Asia tension

01 December 2013

Iran says it'll deploy first locally built submarine