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30 November 2013

Iran to unveil 1st semi-heavy submarine

Scandal Widens Over Contracts for Navy Work

29 November 2013

Maritime 'black hole': Russia launches new 'stealth' submarine

A sailor's dying request fulfilled with honor by Navy, VA staff

Russia Floats Out 'Stealth' Submarine for Black Sea Fleet

28 November 2013

China looms large over U.S.-Japan war games

Submarine brigade to be set up at Russian Black Sea Fleet base in Novorossiysk

Navy's Submarine Force Simulates Sea Evacuation

27 November 2013

Navy: Shipyard cuts may delay sub deployments

Navy Addresses Problems Found on LCS 1's Maiden Deployment

Special Report: China's navy breaks out to the high seas

26 November 2013

USS Dallas, movie star submarine, comes home for last time

After 30 Years, The USS Dallas Returns Home For Decomissioning

25 November 2013

Captain Kirk takes command of high-tech US navy warship

Gift For The Person Who Has Everything? A Personal Submarine

24 November 2013

Royal Navy help Typhoon Haiyan survivors

Wreck of Nazi U-boat submarine located in Java Sea

Navy Yard Gunman Had Classified Access Pulled

23 November 2013

Nazi Submarine Torpedoed During WWII Likely Found With Crew's Remains ...

Navy Yard Gunman Had Classified Access Pulled

22 November 2013

Complex Repair Under Way On Submarine Montpelier

Iran Deploys Submarine to India & Sri Lanka

21 November 2013

Wreckage of Nazi submarine found off Indonesia's coast

Navy Was Warned of Contractor at Center of Bribery Inquiry

Navy commander in court, charged with accepting prostitutes, travel, cash

20 November 2013

Snooping wife, emails sink Navy captain

US NAVY: Hackers 'Jumping The Air Gap' Would 'Disrupt The World Balance

US Navy committed to F-35 despite talks about more F/A-18 buys

19 November 2013

Navy P-3C Aircrews Assist Relief Efforts in the Philippines

Navy base's anthem too loud for some neighbors

Navy Cruiser in San Diego Port After Drone Mishap

18 November 2013

Navy Cruiser in Port After Drone-Training Mishap

17 November 2013

Malfunctioned drone hits Navy ship during training

Navy won't fully clear Maryland woman's record after mistaken discharge for drugs

Admiral: China Nuclear Missile Submarine Threat is Not Credible

16 November 2013

BMW's solution to LA traffic: A river-going submarine

15 November 2013

Construction of Russia's Fifth Borei Submarine Said to Start Within Year

Stingrays' Weird Swimming May Inspire New Submarine Designs

14 November 2013

Navy's NR-1 submarine, its sailors maintain undersea Cold War secrets

Mammoth US Navy ships arrive in the Philippines to help typhoon victims

13 November 2013

US Navy, Marines Speed to Philippines as Disaster Festers

Navy submarine force plans next Arctic exercises for spring 2014

12 November 2013

Russian Shipbuilder Outlines Concept of Future Attack Submarine

Navy sex scandal widens, taints admirals

11 November 2013

Aircraft carrier heading to Philippines on aid mission

10 November 2013

USS NORTH DAKOTA: Here's Why This Is The Most Advanced Submarine In The World

09 November 2013

'Narco-Submarine' With Capacity to Carry 8 Tons of Cocaine Found in Colombia

Navy set to launch newest, most efficient carrier - the USS Gerald Ford

08 November 2013

India To Upgrade Submarine Capabilities

Navy set to christen new carrier USS Gerald R. Ford

07 November 2013

Third Navy official arrested in bribery case

Admiral Joshi said the salvage contract will be finalised soon.

06 November 2013

Colombian police seize and destroy rebels' drug submarine

Navy's New “All-Electric” Destroyer Is A Seagoing Microgrid

Navy: No Ban on 'Don't Tread on Me' Patch

05 November 2013

Submarine North Dakota Christened in Groton

Spec-ops sailors can keep wearing 'Navy jack'

US Navy Invests in Coveralls That Won't Burst Into Flames

04 November 2013

Google SUB View: Explore Chatham's last naval submarine

Nook & Cranny Tours offer intimate look inside USS Cobia submarine

Navy secrets bought with prostitutes, bribes

03 November 2013

US Navy says notice of possible F/A-18 orders posted in error

Navy christens new attack submarine North Dakota

02 November 2013

China Unveils Nuclear Submarines That Could Reportedly Reach U.S.

Iran launches its first submarine for tourists

“Captain Phillips” and Hollywood's New Navy SEAL Cult