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31 October 2013

A DIY Submarine That Can Dive 30 Feet

Cyclops submarine to take tourists 2 miles under the sea

Senior officer, NCIS agent are among those arrested in Navy bribery scandal

30 October 2013

US Navy gets largest and most expensive destroyer ever

The US Navy's Most Intimidating Creation Yet Just Hit The Water

Navy's Princeton home from tense tour

Vietnam ready to receive first Kilo-class submarines from Russia

29 October 2013

Black Navy - by Michael Weiss

Navy stealth destroyer Zumwalt nears final construction phase

China decommissions first nuclear submarine

28 October 2013

China displays nuclear submarine fleet for first time

Navy Program Turns Out Top Doctors

27 October 2013

29 Awesome Pictures Of The US Navy Through History

Cyclops submarine to take tourists 2 miles under the sea

Video: Underway on board a Canadian submarine

26 October 2013

Navy Leaders Warn of Submarine Shortfall

You Have To Be Insane To Build Your Own Submarine

Myanmar To Import India-Developed Submarine Sonar Systems

25 October 2013

One-man submarine born from a kayak

Historic Navy 'supercarrier' sold to Texas recycler for penny

24 October 2013

USS Forrestal, the Navy's first supercarrier, sold for 1 cent

Navy's Blue Angels returning to air with full 2014 lineup

Navy Yard killer eyed revenge

23 October 2013

Life vest could have saved sailor who fell from submarine

Navy commander swaps secrets for Lady Gaga tickets

UPDATE 3-Lockheed protests US Navy's radar contract award to Raytheon

22 October 2013

Jude Law Finds Gold In First Pics From Submarine Thriller 'Black Sea'

Navy says SD Fleet Week still on

21 October 2013

Navy's largest destroyer heading into the water in Maine

The Poseidon adventure: China's secret salvage of Britain's sunken submarine

Bob Besal's Jet Found In Atlantic 37 Years After Navy Pilot Survived Crash

20 October 2013

SS Gairsoppa Shipwreck Nets $38 Million In Silver

World War II-Era German U-Boat Found Off Coast Of Massachusetts

19 October 2013

Robot jellyfish? Eel-like craft? Why US Navy wants undersea drones

Cyclops submarine to take tourists 2 miles under the sea

The Poseidon adventure: China's secret salvage of Britain's sunken submarine

18 October 2013

Submarine Albany enters naval shipyard

2nd contractor charged in Navy fraud, bribery case

Submarine Helena returns from another secret mission

17 October 2013

US Navy Rescues 128 Migrants From Rough Mediterranean Waters

Women to be assigned to fast-attack submarines by January 2015

Submarine Helena returns to Norfolk

16 October 2013

SECNAV announces Virginia-class submarines for women

Navy cancels USS Zumwalt christening due to government shutdown

Local submarines chosen for first female crew members

Cato research proposes US go to submarine-only nuclear delivery system

15 October 2013

Italy rescues 300 migrants, sends navy ships, drones on patrols

Armscor denies submarine claim

Recovering a Submarine's Secret Salvage

14 October 2013

FOX Nation Salutes: 238 Years Of The United States Navy

Venezuela Navy Escorts Seized Oil Vessel Into Port

Challenge to keep Collins Class subs competitive

Injured sailor medically evacuated from Navy submarine

13 October 2013

Hi-tech reconnaissance Dutch submarine pops up in port for courtesy visit

Royal Thai Navy: Submarine base nears completion, Now navy 'Needs' a fleet

Medevac of an injured Navy sailor aboard US submarine

12 October 2013

How a high school-educated drug smuggler built a fleet of submarines.

Navy helped bring “Captain Phillips” to Norfolk

“Captain Phillips” and Hollywood's New Navy SEAL Cult

11 October 2013

Avondale-built Somerset amphibious transport dock ship passes Navy sea trials

Dutch Navy Submarine Visits Cork City Quays

Submarines to be replaced with underwater tanks?

10 October 2013

Tim Giardina, 3-Star Navy Admiral, Fired As No. 2 Commander Of U.S. Nuclear Forces

4 Navy Sailors Charged In Drowning Deaths

Extension for submarines

09 October 2013

Innovative Deep-Sea Manned Submarine Under Construction

Pakistan's Oversized Submarine Ambitions

Lawyer Sought for Terror Suspect Held on Navy Ship

08 October 2013

PLA building underground submarine base

Here's Why The Navy Is Holding A Terror Suspect At Sea

Official: Navy SEAL team pulled out when it couldn't capture suspect alive

07 October 2013

SEALs vs. Ninjas? Boy, 6, gets answer after writing Navy admiral

Navy SEALs Somalia raid: Will such strikes set a new pattern?

06 October 2013

Nuclear scare at Navy submarine base after 'unbelievable' failures

US Forces Hit Extremists Behind E. Africa Attacks

SEALs abort mission to capture al-Shabab leader

Submarine veteran honored for 50 years in service

05 October 2013

Memorial service for submarine veterans held in Exeter / Photos

04 October 2013

Submarine Invades Milan (PICTURES, VIDEO)

Despite shutdown, Navy providing critical services

Warships Sail in Sydney Harbor for Navy Centenary

03 October 2013

Author Tom Clancy dies at 66

4 Real Life Events Predicted by Tom Clancy

United: We'll fly Air Force to play Navy for free

Govt drags feet on anti-submarine chopper deal

02 October 2013

Tom Clancy, author, dead at 66

A massive submarine emerges in Milan's city center

Court Clears Navy to Build Undersea Training Range

India To Require BrahMos Missile for Next Subs

01 October 2013

US Navy dolphins help clean up seabed off of Croatia resort town

Navy Vice Admiral Tim Giardina, nuclear commander, suspended amid casino probe

PLA Navy prepares countermeasures against US, Japanese submarines