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31 August 2013

Best Marine a Submarine

U.K. Said to Examine Short Syria Submarine, Air Ops

Failure of India's Submarine experiment

30 August 2013

Navy: Training, Testing May Kill Whales, Dolphins

2 weeks on, DNA tests help identify 6 submarine sailors

29 August 2013

Russia sends warships to Mediterranean as Syria tension rises

Germany Probes Alleged Bribery in German-Greek Submarine Deals

U.K. Said to Examine Short Syria Submarine, Air Ops

28 August 2013

Austal's second of 12 littoral combat ships clears latest US Navy hurdle

Navy positions 4th destroyer in Mediterranean Sea for likely missile strike

Virginia-based Navy destroyers ready for missile strike on Syria

New Jersey Shipwreck Identified As Steamer That Sank In 1860

27 August 2013

India all set to lease a second nuclear submarine from Russia

Submarine shock: Antony fast-tracks projects (India)

Hagel's Navy

26 August 2013

Navy Moves Ships as US Preps for 'All Contingencies'

US Navy seeks more cooperation with China in counter-piracy exercise

25 August 2013

Cold War memorial arrives in Cincinnati

Our blue water submarine? (Indian)

24 August 2013

US Navy expanding presence in Mediterranean due to Syria

On reasons for sinking of Indian submarine

Iran to Unveil New Submarine, UAVs, Fighter Jets and Missiles

23 August 2013

Navy's newest attack submarine shows its capabilities

China ridicules Indian navy

A change in command for submarine Providence

22 August 2013

Submarine Albuquerque comes home

In Colorful Case, US Submarine Expert Accused Of Attempting To Spy For Russia

Three reasons behind Indian submarine disaster

21 August 2013

Chinese Ships Depart for Rare Drills With US Navy

India far behind Pakistan's 'powerful' Submarines: Report

20 August 2013

Navy has ordered weapon safety checks on submarines: Antony

Nigerian navy says kills 12 pirates in gun battle

Gibraltar: Royal Navy repels fishing boat armada after 'invasion'

Australian navy helping stricken refugee boat

19 August 2013

India orders submarine review after deadly explosion

British navy arrives in Gibraltar amid tension with Spain

18 August 2013

INS Sindhurakshak tragedy: Navy divers open second access to submarine

Divers Recover 4 Bodies From Indian Submarine

Navy Changes How Alcohol Is Sold on-Base

17 August 2013

INS Sindhurakshak: Indian Navy sticks to ‘accident’ story behind submarine disaster

India's submarine tragedy leaves navy facing awkward questions

16 August 2013

Divers Recover 3 Bodies From Sunken Indian Submarine

Indian navy reels after submarine disaster in Mumbai

NASA & US Navy Test Demonstrates Water Recovery of Orion Crew Capsule

15 August 2013

Divers in India Try to Rescue Trapped Sailors After Navy Submarine Blast

Explosion Partly Sinks Indian Naval Submarine

14 August 2013

India Submarine: Navy Says 'No Life Detected'

Explosion Partly Sinks Indian Naval Submarine

India's Defense Minister Confirms Loss of Lives in Navy Submarine Explosion ...

Indian sailors die after being trapped after explosion, fire on submarine

13 August 2013

USS New Mexico Completes First Deployment

Indian Nuclear Submarine Ready, Awaiting Sea Trials

S.Korea launches 4th 1800-ton submarine

12 August 2013

Man Restores Submarine, Writes Book

India's first home-made

11 August 2013

INS Arihant submarine's N-reactor goes critical

10 August 2013

India activates atomic reactor for its indigenously built nuclear submarine

Four Extreme Leadership Principles Of A Navy SEAL

How to Scrap a U.S. Submarine, In 2 Easy Steps

09 August 2013

Yasen-class nuclear attack submarines to give Russia major edge

Man Costs Navy $400 Million in Submarine Goof-off

Pacific Fleet's Submarine Force Gets New Commander

Former Navy Seal, survivor tells story

08 August 2013

This man cost the Navy a submarine

07 August 2013

Navy drops plans to repair fire-damaged submarine USS Miami, citing budget

US Navy Decides To Scrap Submarine Miami

Israeli Navy undergoing 'unprecedented' upgrade in capabilities

06 August 2013

Ukrainian president wants WWII submarine lifted from seabed

How a Misplaced Reef on a Digital Chart Destroyed a Navy Minesweeper

Japan unveils new carrier-like warship, the largest in its navy since World War II

05 August 2013

History flashback: Nautilus reaches North Pole

55 Years Ago: Connecticut's Submarine Nautilus Crosses The North Pole

04 August 2013

Dominick Licari Remains Arrive In New York Decades After World War II Airman Died In Combat

03 August 2013

Stealthy submarine heads to Cairns

Navy Submarine Crew Helps Clean Hartford Park

02 August 2013

Ghana's navy intercepts suspected pirate ship and arrests crew

Xi Calls for Boosting China's Navy as Army Marks Anniversary

01 August 2013

How Pearl Harbor Shaped US Submarine Doctrine

Budget cuts could force Navy to sideline 3 aircraft carriers