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30 June 2013

Submarine is latest weapon to fight invasive lionfish

Texas A&M Human-Powered Submarine Team powers to fifth place finish

29 June 2013

James Bond Lotus Esprit submarine car headed to auction [w/video]

Bethesda naval testing facility hosts submarine races

Navy Growlers ' too loud ' on Whidbey Island

28 June 2013

General Dynamics continues project to upgrade submarine electronics

27 June 2013

All personnel withdrawn from Russian navy base in Syria - diplomat

New Zealand air force joins anti-submarine drill in S. Korea

26 June 2013

Navy Report on Maryland Drone Crash
?Disastrous Results? Averted

Frank B. Kelso II, Navy's former top admiral, dies at 79

Obama's Coming - So's the Navy & the Air Force

25 June 2013

Navy captain relieved of duty over 'improper relationship'

P-8I: Anti-Submarine Aircraft

Canada's submarine fleet needs to start from scratch

24 June 2013

PGP inventor, Navy SEAL find surveillance niche in Silent Circle

US Navy leadership needs to challenge the status quo

23 June 2013

Navy eyeing off new Japanese submarines

Veteran made many memories on Navy ship

Navy SEALs: Can women cut it?

22 June 2013

School submarine team in need of donations

Myanmar Navy starts submarine training in Pakistan

21 June 2013

Navy says Cap'n Crunch is a fraud

Team from Texas A&M to compete in human-powered submarine races

Movie set on submarine settles on Battleship Cove as filming spot

20 June 2013

Russia to pass Borei and Yasen nuclear submarines into service

Barrow submarine heritage dream hits rocks after news Onyx to be scrapped

Vallejo veterans send World War II submarine torpedo out for restoration

19 June 2013

Submarine close to surfacing again

Navy SEALs open to women in 2016

Russian submarines heading to waters near NZ

18 June 2013

Submarine-Yacht Travels Above and Below Water

Submarine veteran pens book about close calls with Soviets, sharks, Mother

17 June 2013

P-8A Poseidon Readied For Submarine Warfare

Inspectors on fleetwide hunt for anything offensive

Ultra Electronics Awarded Contract for Submarine Towed Arrays

16 June 2013

First woman takes over as Northwest Navy commander

Indonesia to develop submarine industry

15 June 2013

Iran Navy to unveil indigenous Fateh submarine

US lawmaker urges sale of submarines to Taiwan

Indonesia preps for Type 209 submarine construction

Australian Navy Collins Class Submarines

14 June 2013

Navy Bans Racy Pinups

13 June 2013

Former P&C reporter tackles World War II and sub warfare in his latest book

US Navy adjusts to the times; ditches its ALL CAPS message format

12 June 2013

Former P&C reporter tackles World War II and submarine warfare in his latest book

Navy to order 99 more V-22 Ospreys

James Cameron and submarine stop in DC

11 June 2013

Designers came up with concept to satisfy demand from super-rich

Submarine Grave Discovery Propels NY Explorers' Movie Bid


10 June 2013

Lockheed Martin to make COTS upgrades to submarine sonar

Submarine Grave Discovery Propels NY Explorers' Movie Bid

THE NAVAL DIPLOMAT LCS : The US Navy's High - Value Skirmisher Littoral Ship

09 June 2013

Tangled in red tape, India's submarine fleet sinking

08 June 2013

Spanish sub mistake will cost 9million over three years to rectify

US Navy says jets will train on Iwo Jima until Japan finds better site

07 June 2013

377-Foot Migaloo Submarine Yacht

Submarine Minnesota delivered on budget, ahead of schedule

New Virginia-class submarine delivered to Navy

06 June 2013

Spain turns to US to slim down an overweight submarine

Submarine cursed by Davy Jones' decimal point

05 June 2013

Buying Submarines in an Age of Austerity

US lawmaker vows hearings, possible budget action on Navy ships

Dive! Dive! Dive!: Teen Inventor Successfully Tests Homemade Submarine

04 June 2013

Russia tests new nuclear submarine

Huntington Ingalls, General Dynamics win US Navy orders

03 June 2013

Navy dissects cicada for ultimate undersea noise maker

Chuck Hagel Tours USS Freedom, New Navy Combat Vessel

Bank creating float representing North Dakota submarine

02 June 2013

Russia to send nuclear submarines to southern seas

Hagel tours new US Navy vessel as questions persist about costs, development

Widow of slain Navy SEAL sniper Chris Kyle carries on his legacy

01 June 2013

Navy considers 3D-printing future fleets of drones

Navy sub base in Groton to swear in new commander