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28 February 2013

NSSC Changes commanders

Submarine veteran adds depth to film

Conventional (AIP) Submarine - a Weapon of Choice for the 21st Century

27 February 2013

Coast Guard calls off search for Woodland Navy Seal

Joint Exercise To Simulate Submarine Escape And Rescue Operations

Sequestration Could Jeopardize Two Contracts For EB, Second Submarine

26 February 2013

The Navy Is Sick of the One-Person Subs It Uses for Deep-Sea Diving

Chinese Navy Gets Stealth Frigate Amid Broader Military Advance

NATO to test anti-submarine warfare underwater and surface vehicles

Sequestration Could Jeopardize Two Contracts For EB, Second Submarine

Va. shipyard latest setting for Obama sequester strategy

Navy's Revolutionary Littoral Combat Ship in Sequester Crosshairs

25 February 2013

Submarine Shipyard Boss Attacked in Severodvinsk

NATO to test anti-submarine warfare underwater and surface vehicles

24 February 2013

American troops in Niger to set up drone base

Navy proposes drone operations base in California

23 February 2013

Crews to begin removing parts of grounded US Navy ship

Submariner Recalls Experience In Navy During Pivotal Time

Navy issues furlough guidance to civilians

22 February 2013

Search Begins for Famous World War II Submarine

Hunt for Dutch submarine O13 turns up Ladywood link

Norway Eyes Next-Gen Submarine Acquisition

21 February 2013

Navy Tweets How Budget Cuts Will Sink Its Fleet, Ground Its Planes

You're a SEAL Stranded in Hostile Territory: What's in Your Survival Kit?

USN's submarine programmes remain on course, but sequester would disrupt shipbuilding plans

20 February 2013

S-1000 submarine - joint Russian-Italian development

Navy paints even bleaker budget picture

Former SEAL on Coming Out of Shadows

SA urges submarine commitment from Abbott

Submarine homes in on north-west

19 February 2013

Devonport submarine HMS Tireless back in Plymouth after reactor coolant leak

Sri Lanka: Navy Rescues 32 Survivors From Sinking Ship

18 February 2013

Radiation leak on nuclear sub off Scots coast

Anniversary of Sinking of Hunley Submarine Marked

17 February 2013

Iran to Build Navy Base Near Pakistan's Gwadar Port

Chicago joins with US Navy for science education

Pennington one of three African-Americans lost aboard doomed sub Thresher

Anniversary of sinking of Hunley submarine marked

16 February 2013

Bounty crew calm, joking after Hurricane Sandy nightmare

New Navy commander takes charge of submarine USS Virginia

Russia, Italy revisit project of S-1000 non-nuclear submarine

15 February 2013

Submariners punished for drunken misconduct

Potential Navy budget cuts loom large over shipbuilders

Surprise Appearence Of Submarine Scares Pants Off Local Canadians

14 February 2013

West Vancouver residents get a scare as hunter-killer class submarine unexpectedly appears in Howe Sound

Navy: No New Weapons System on Our Future Carrier-Based Drone

Ex-Submarine Engineer Scott Finds Big Winners With Ease

UK gives Rolls-Royce $1.2B submarine contract

13 February 2013

Navy Boeing P-8 maritime patrol jet to receive ASW upgrades

Up From the Depths - David Duchovny and Ed Harris Talk Phantom

Widow tells of HMS Bounty's last moments

12 February 2013

Navy unveils ship for speedy troop transport

Thousands Honor Ex-Navy SEAL Kyle at Cowboys Stadium

Babcock & Wilcox in Lynchburg awarded nuclear-submarine contracts

11 February 2013

Philippine navy to buy anti-submarine choppers

Submarine officers fired after periscope hits boat

Navy meets with contractors to discuss sequestration impact

10 February 2013

Naming Ceremony Held for the Navy's Next Virginia-class Submarine

Pakistan to showcase submarine at UAE defence expo

3 New Helicopters To Track Down Submarine Intruders

09 February 2013

Navy delays overhaul of aircraft carrier USS Abraham Lincoln, citing budget

Chilean submarine leaves Mayport

US, Japanese officials gather to remember 9 killed when sub rammed Japanese fishing school ship off Oahu 12 years ago

Canadian navy officer who sold secrets to Russia sentenced to 20 years

08 February 2013

Four arrested on charges stemming from damage to WWII ship in Texas

Navy official: Drones will only get more advanced

Japan considers sharing its submarine technology with Australia

Chilean submarine leaves Mayport

07 February 2013

Navy to pull aircraft carrier from Persian Gulf over budget worries

Budget Fears Delay US Navy Gulf Deployment

DPRK Submarine Bases

06 February 2013

Navy's First 4G Network Will Head Out to Sea in March

First group of P-8A Poseidon aircraft in Navy hands

05 February 2013

Taiwanese Naval officer questioned over submarine espionage probe

Navy's Next-Gen Binoculars Will Recognize Your Face

Navy Plans to Build Fewer Ships, Right as It's About to Get Busier

04 February 2013

Texas man arraigned on murder charges in shooting of ex-Navy SEAL

Navy marks 30 years of participation in Japan snow festival

US Navy Cuts Fleet Goal to 306 Ships

03 February 2013

Military's deadliest sniper killed on gun range of resort near Glen Rose

Navy Yard's next phase

Submarine Albuquerque deploys to Pacific

02 February 2013

US nuke submarine docks at Subic for routine port call

US Navy Chief Warns Pyongyang Over Nuclear Threats

US submarine docks, militants protest

01 February 2013

US Nuclear Submarine to Participate in South Korea Naval Drill

Philadelphia will present updated plan for Navy Yard

U.S. nuclear-powered submarine arrives in S. Korea for joint drill

Docking of US submarine in N. Philippines has diplomatic clearance