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31 January 2013

USS Topeka captain shares what life is like on submarine

Reason for submarine commander firing still unclear

Groups appeal letting Navy train near whales

USS Cheyenne attack submarine to visit Subic Feb. 1

30 January 2013

EB President Poitras Confident of Submarine Shipyard's Future

US Navy to Dismantle Ship Stuck on Philippine Reef

India Flies Submarine-Launched Ballistic Missile

South Carolina: New Clues in 1864 Submarine Deaths

29 January 2013

Trapped US Navy Minesweeper To Be Broken Up

Navy Wants Odor-Sniffing Robot Swarms to Haul Bombs on Ships

USS North Dakota submarine committee to marshal parade

Submarine Trends In Asia Pacific: Air-Independent Propulsion A Game Changer

Southeast Aerospace picks up Navy T-44 aircraft contract

28 January 2013

Mystery over what sunk Civil War submarine may rest with spar

Solving the Navy's carrier shortage

New Nukes: Britain's Next-Gen Missile Submarines

27 January 2013

Russia arms Indian 'Sea giant' sub with multi-role cruise missiles

Major Navy Budget Cuts Could Impact SD Locals

Taiwan to receive first P-3C anti-submarine aircraft by year end

26 January 2013

Russia Hands Over Refitted Indian Sub

First women selected for US attack subs

Navy Secretary: Rescinding Combat Ban Continues Inclusion Trend

Tour takes visitors into bowels of WWII submarine

Surface and Destroy: The Submarine Gun War in the Pacific

25 January 2013

US Navy warship will have to be lifted off Philippine reef

Navy reprimands former Porter CO for crash

Educational news from Naval Submarine Base New London's Navy College Office

Russia's nuclear-powered ballistic submarine: Yury Dolgoruky

24 January 2013

Kongsberg studies JSM for submarine launch

US Navy Ship Taking on Water on Philippine Reef

Bangladesh to buy first submarine

Tragedy of Soviet nuclear submarine K-27

23 January 2013

Symbol of Argentina's Decaying Navy Sinks in Port

Borey-class Yuri Dolgorukiy will provide Russia with effective nuclear deterrent

US Navy fined for 'illegal entry' at Philippines coral reef

Navy report details officers' drunken nights in Russia

Russia plans to sell multipurpose submarines abroad

22 January 2013

Taiwan's Navy conducts anti-submarine drill

Thursday is last night for Last Resort submarine drama

21 January 2013

Japan's Navy: Sailing Towards the Future

U.S. Navy Ship Was Named For A Black War Hero Born 96 Years Ago Today In Texas

US Navy commander apologizes for ship stuck in reef off Philippines

Navy Ship May Have Ran Aground Because Of A Faulty Map

20 January 2013

3-D sonar provides new view of Civil War shipwreck

Navy seeks to replace Air Surveillance Radar on ships

19 January 2013

US Navy: Ship Stuck in Philippines Used Faulty Map

Nuclear not an option for next generation of AUS submarines

Clamagore veterans want more time to raise money to save aging submarine

18 January 2013

Test for Russian Borey-class missile submarine launched

Navy's next-gen stealth sub could run silently for 50 years

Russia's newest nuclear submarine

Most Crew Leaves US Navy Ship Stuck in Philippines

17 January 2013

North China Sea Fleet conducted routine training

This Simple Ship Could Let the Chinese Navy Circle the Globe

Pentagon admits: Navy's newest warship can't survive combat

US Navy Minesweeper Runs Aground on Reef in the Philippines

16 January 2013

Second MUOS Navy communications satellite awaits launch

Submarine School Enlisted Sailors Graduate With Distinction

Russia Revitalizes Its Submarine Deterrent

Watch a Futuristic Robot Ship Track Enemy Submarines

14 January 2013

Russia to build two more nuclear-powered submarines

Navy SEAL Loses Battle With PTSD

Sea Cadets tour submarine at Point Loma

Submarine shooting: coroner calls on navy to introduce breath-testing

13 January 2013

Locally built submarine surfaces in McIntosh

'Zero Dark Thirty,' from a Navy SEAL's perspective

SALUTING OUR VETERANS: Woman launched Navy career at the age of 41

12 January 2013

Finland formally recognizes military grave of Russian submarine wreck

Search on for missing WWII troops in Myanmar

US Navy nuclear submarine collides with ship in Persian Gulf

11 January 2013

USS Jacksonville strikes vessel in Gulf, loses scope

Cocaine Submarine Seized by Colombian Navy

Finally flying colors: Yury Dolgoruky nuclear sub joins Russian Navy (video)

10 January 2013

Russia Sails New Nuclear Submarine While US Fleet Shrinks

Navy Goes to Great Depths to Determine Cause of Air Force Crash

Police alarm at 'routine' binge-drinking on nuclear submarine

Goodner is Submarine School 2012 Sailor of the Year

Freed Argentine navy ship arrives back home

09 January 2013

Colombia navy seize submarine intended for drug trafficking

Giant Squid Captured On Video Attacking Submarine

08 January 2013

US drone found floating in Philippines

Valley Voice: Our new Navy visitors will be quieter than F-18s

Submarine Boise wins award for battle readiness

07 January 2013

Dad's navy: Retired sea dogs to protect shipping from Somali pirates

6 things Coast Guardsmen need to know for 2013

Navy to realign some engineman ratings

Navy supply ships set to join F-35 as political lightning rod in 2013

06 January 2013

Millionaire's Private Navy to Battle Somali Pirates

Navy Annex being razed after 70 years

05 January 2013

MoD: Trident submarines cannot be moved from Scotland to Plymouth

The Launch Of Russia's New 'Silent' Sub Just One Step In Rebuilding Navy

Submarine Commander Removed After Oct. Collision

Senate balks at promotion for Navy officer who shot down F-4

General Dynamics Awarded $4.6 Billion for Submarine Programs

04 January 2013

Submarine Jefferson City wins Battle "E" award

Senate balks at promotion for Navy officer who shot down Air Force jet

Sub gunman Ryan Donovan twice drink drive limit

03 January 2013

Russian navy to drill in Mediterranean, Black Seas

Navy Preps to Build a Robot Ship That Blows Up Mines

02 January 2013

Nuclear submarine Vladimir Monomakh is latest in new fleet of Russian missile-carriers

RSS Swordsman from Sweden returns to Singapore

Russian Navy to hold biggest war games in decades

01 January 2013

WWI-era Navy mine 'rendered safe'

MOD Releases Funds for More Astute Class Submarines

Confederate Navy gunboat gets new home in Kinston