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30 November 2012

Navy catapults experimental bat-winged drone into flight [Video]

Navy's Biofuel Plan Gets Senate Support

Ceremony planned for sub base training facility

29 November 2012

Iran shows new submarines and warships, touts self-sufficiency in defense
Iranian submarines, who are they kidding?

Submarine Veterans announce meeting, events

28 November 2012

Crew of China's first aircraft carrier mourn engineer's death

Submarine arrives at military museum

Video: Unmanned fighter aircraft loaded aboard USS Harry S. Truman

Iran releases "Ghadir" submarines, hovercrafts on water

27 November 2012

Navy moves ahead to replace presidential helicopters

Russian sub carries out its first missile firing

Chinese defense minister, US Navy secretary discuss sea security

26 November 2012

Submarine Severodvinsk conducts winged missile test launch

Iran to commission submarines and hovercrafts to country's Navy

25 November 2012

First jet lands on Chinese aircraft carrier

Taking the plunge into rewarding Navy career

Navy to stop training military dolphins in San Diego

Nigerian Navy Launches Attack On Crude Oil Thieves in Niger Delta

24 November 2012

Iran accuses US Navy of 'illegal and provocative acts' in Persian Gulf

DARPA building drone submarines to patrol the sea

22 November 2012

US making drone submarines to patrol oceans
Drone submarines

Got Drunken Sailors? Reroute Them

Navy to temporarily shrink its carrier presence in Persian Gulf region this winter

21 November 2012

Navy fires two more commanders

GD Gets Submarine Service Contract

20 November 2012

Navy SEALs vs. Somali Pirates Film 'High Value Target' in Development

Former Navy SEAL faces possible prosecution

Home-made fleet of hunter-killer submarines (AUS)

Adelaide favoured for submarines, warship projects

19 November 2012

USS Delaware announced as Navy's next submarine

Cold War sub leaves Hamilton on last journey

Kansan identified wreckage of the CSS Hunley submarine

Virginia-class attack submarine to be named, but what to call it?

18 November 2012

Ula-Tech: Norway's Next Submarine Fleet

AUS Submarine corrosion caused by cost-cutting, says leaked MoD memo

17 November 2012

£1.5bn submarine reveals serious faults with pride of Royal Navy

Norway Looks For New Submarines

USS Hartford to return to Groton base after deployment

16 November 2012

6 Movie Submarines That Took Sailors To New Depths

Britain's nuclear hunter-killer submarines were doomed from the start

HMS Astute unable to reach its intended top speed

Submarine vets call for USS Scorpion inquiry

15 November 2012

Pentagon taps SAIC to build unmanned submarine-spying sea vessel

Discovery of sunken sub sparks tribute

Navy Rushes Robotic Tools to Clear Mines to Persian Gulf

Submarines? Let's roll our own (AUS)

14 November 2012

Edward Devenney, UK Royal Navy Submariner, Admits Secrets Breach

K-137 Leninist submarine scared Americans 45 years ago

China will field nuclear missiles on submarines in two years

13 November 2012

UK submariner tried to pass secrets to Russia: court

Military presence: Navy artifacts could easily go to Carlisle

Nebraskans keep watch on namesake submarine

12 November 2012

Russian subs aim for 'quiet spying'
Russian Subs Spying

Labor, Coalition, torpedo Joel Fitzgibbon's call to consider nuclear submarines (AUS)

11 November 2012

Labor split on nuclear submarines (AUS)

Local History: Scranton's namesake a city under water

Silent service: Family struck twice by sub disasters

From the WWII archives: Japanese submarine in Ukiah

10 November 2012

Navy SEALs reprimand meant to send message to other SEALs

Submarine vets call for USS Scorpion investigation

09 November 2012

US Admiral Broke Rules, Watchdog Says as Navy Disagrees

7 Navy SEALs punished for consulting on 'Medal of Honor' game

SUBMARINES: France Creates SAMs or Subs

Ex-shipyard worker pleads guilty to setting fire aboard nuclear submarine

08 November 2012

Modjadji submarine crew required trauma counselling after seabed strike
seabeds trike

Navy jet training with Nimitz diverted to Miramar

Cape's Navy missile site will expand

07 November 2012

China submarines soon to carry nukes, draft US report says

Move over, drones: US Navy tests new robotic boat for firing missiles from afar
drone boats

US Navy Faces $12 Billion in Possible Budget Cuts

Submarine USS Boise returning to Norfolk on Thursday

06 November 2012

Brooklyn Navy Yard businesses drowned in five feet of floodwaters

Dirk Pitt fans will enjoy `Poseidon's Arrow'

Russian Nuclear Attack Submarine Detected Near US

05 November 2012

Veteran sub captain to share experiences at Muskegon's Silversides museum

US Navy skipper fired over drunken misconduct in Russia

Facts favour nuclear-powered submarine (AUS)

04 November 2012

Navy removes ship's command after boozy port visit

Submarine Norfolk returning from deployment

Can our two French-made submarines save M'sia?

03 November 2012

European Defence Firms Propose Missile System Fired From A Submarine’s Mast to Take Down Helos

New pictures show second Chinese stealth fighter being test flown

02 November 2012

This Is America’s New Ballistic Missile Submarine

Scorpenes add 'muscle' to RMN

Trident Upgrade Cheaper Than Liberal Democrat Plan, Hammond Says

01 November 2012

Navy Sends Warships to Hard-Hit New York, New Jersey Area

Navy SEALS Film Pumps Pathos for Obama; Shoots: TV Review

Naval supremacy requires a fleet of sufficient capability and size