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31 July 2012

Last Resort Creators Say TV Submarine Drama Resembles Casablanca

Putin attends nuke submarine ceremony

30 July 2012

HMS Triumph: Life on board a Royal Navy submarine

HMS Triumph returns to Plymouth after a gruelling 11 months at sea

Collins sub withdrawal will upset crew

Navy ship named for Flight 93 christened in Louisiana

Explorers Find Sunken German U-Boat off Mass.

29 July 2012

N.J. divers help to find sunken World War II submarine

Last Resort: New thriller pits rogue submarine against White House

28 July 2012

Sunken U-boat? Discovered in Churchill River? Video!

27 July 2012

Christening set for Navy ship

Russia talking to Cuba, Vietnam and Seychelles about naval bases

Submarine veteran Lough retires after 30 years of honorable service

Navy: We'll Never, Ever Overpay for Biofuels

26 July 2012

Submarine Group 10 earns honors

Budget Office Questions Navy Shipbuilding Cost Estimates

25 July 2012

Navy Pushes Biofuel Fleet Despite Concerns About Damage to Equipment

A 'minor flood' in one of our submarines says AUS Defence

Navy radio might be crippling Conn. garage doors

24 July 2012

Lost at sea: Hunt for Earhart's plane abandoned

How the Navy protects America

A Submarine Captain On The Power Of Leadership Language

Submarine worker set $400 million fire so he could leave early

23 July 2012

Meals While on Submarine Duty

Navy Carriers Prepare For X-47B Unmanned Aircraft Arrival Next Year

Meritorious Unit Commendation Awarded to Navy Submarine Forces

20 July 2012

Ukranian Submarine Dives Again 18 Years Later

US Navy says helicopter with 5 crew crashes in Oman; no hostile activity...

Navy demonstrates how biofuels can power a fleet

19 July 2012

Dry berth for USS Texas off the table, for now

Russian marines land on US warship during RIMPAC war games

Women in Nuclear group takes tour of attack sub at Port

First Scorpene submarine to roll out in 2015

India Calls for an Investigation in the UAE

18 July 2012

For Navy crew, shooting at Indian fishermen was last resort

17 July 2012

US Navy Ship Fires on Fishing Boat Near Dubai; 1 Dead

Skiff came within 150 yards of US Navy ship in Persian Gulf

16 July 2012

Royal Navy decommissions Trafalgar submarine HMS Turbulent

US submarine: Reassuring message, imposing presence

14 July 2012

Iran Says Will Build a Nuclear Submarine—But Can It?

Submarine sailor punished for fracas

US deploys robot submarine armada against Iranian mines

13 July 2012

China says navy ship hits rocks in disputed waters

Submarine holds special place in hearts of father and son

12 July 2012

Super submarine hits the water at last in Norwich

US quietly prepares for naval clash with Iran in Strait of Hormuz

Navy's new gender-neutral carriers won't have urinals

11 July 2012

US athletes to wear berets at Olympics opening ceremony

Navy panel to investigate fire on nuke submarine

10 July 2012

Singapore, Indonesia Ink Submarine Rescue Pact

Ship's Wake Damages Gangway at Museum

09 July 2012

Japanese submarines may partner Australian fleet

US Navy Presses Forward with Biofuels

08 July 2012

Actor Ernest Borgnine dead at 95

IDF Navy wants better missiles on new vessels

Syrian Navy conducts Live Fire Exercise

Nuclear submarine fire figures revealed

07 July 2012

Navy finds no widespread exam-cheating on submarines

06 July 2012

SUBMARINES: US Navy Rethinks The Silent Service

Navy exam-cheating may fall into 'grey area'

Navy has plans for better-tasting chow

US Navy moves ahead on biofuels despite congressional ire

05 July 2012

Iran submarine plan may fuel Western nuclear worries

Australian navy rescues 162 from asylum seeker boat in Indonesian waters

04 July 2012

Human-powered submarine sets speed record

03 July 2012

Submarines a vital part of America's defense

Iran's Nuclear-Submarine Folly

Navy set to resume sinking old warships in coastal waters after 2-year moratorium

02 July 2012

"Green Fleet" sails, meets stiff headwinds in Congress

Portuguese Submarine Arrives in Groton

Chinese hackers breach Indian navy computers