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30 April 2012

Navy's secret Sea Shadow may end up on scrap heap

Submarines decision not due until 2013 (AUS)

SUBMARINES: The Mysterious Iranian Threat

27 April 2012

Women joining third Bangor-based submarine

Submarine funding passes key hurdle

26 April 2012

Navy Grounds Drone Copters, Then Spends Quarter-Billion to Buy More

Future Submarine funding passes key hurdle

25 April 2012

USS Mississippi commissioning events being planned

SUBMARINES: The War Spreads To The Caribbean

24 April 2012

Commander was bathing as British n-submarine hit sandbank

23 April 2012

US navy ships visit Perth for Anzac Day

Pentagon's 'plan B' sees hundreds of Tomahawks deployed near Iran

Navy P-3 crew helps rescue Taiwanese fishermen

21 April 2012

New sub skipper to take USS Missouri to the next level

Seawolf Gets A Secret Upgrade

20 April 2012

Iran builds submarine force in Persian Gulf face-off

19 April 2012

USS Chicago Arrives at Naval Base Guam

Government urged to build submarines at home (AUS)

Submarine-like vessel caught in western Caribbean

18 April 2012

Why 12 submarines? An imperfect answer (AUS)

US Navy Fires Raytheon Griffin Missile From RAM Launcher

17 April 2012

Navy Looks for New Jet, on Top of Its Trillion-Dollar Model

Future sub to carry on South Dakota tradition

Navy names five new submarines

16 April 2012

Washington One of Five Namesakes For New Navy Subs

The new cold war: Militaries eying Arctic resources

13 April 2012

'U.S.S. Seaviper' - Premiere of film shot at Battleship Park

Experts Out To Solve Mystery of the USS Scorpion

Is this the Foyle's mystery submarine?

Submerged vessel 'may be war grave'

12 April 2012

Experts out to solve deep-sea mystery of the USS Scorpion

Submarine or boat 'submerged in Lough Foyle' (UK)

11 April 2012

USS Seawolf returns to sea after long layoff

All subs will be working by 2014 (Canada)

Mississippi completes initial sea trials

10 April 2012

Did A German U-Boat Sink the Titanic?

WWII submarine could be on Foyle river bedý

Submarine Mississippi Completes First Voyageý

09 April 2012

Russian Serial Project 677 submarines to have air-independent power plants

Fast-attack submarine USS Helena returning to Naval Station Norfolk

08 April 2012

Memorial for Thresher long overdue

`Malabar 2012`: US lines up destroyer, submarine

07 April 2012

South Florida awash in sub sightings

06 April 2012

Indian Navy set to operate 5 nuke subs by 2020

04 April 2012

Argentina planning a “nuclear powered” submarine with conventional weapons

Electric Boat Announces New President

France rejects submarine Sponge Bob statues

03 April 2012

Navy Sub Mississippi To Be Assigned To New London Base

Nerpa nuke submarine to be inducted into Indian Navy

02 April 2012

'I’ve got the signal. I’ve got to sink the Belgrano...’

Naval officer who ordered General Belgrano sinking insists he doesn't regret torpedo attack

Unemployed Chinese Man Builds $31K Submarines in Basement

01 April 2012

Pirate Bay to launch own submarine to host servers off-shore

Submarine's top sailor axed amid hazing probe

India to deploy two nuclear submarines

Veteran served underwater in submarine