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29 February 2012

HMS Victory to be handed over to National Museum of the Royal Navy in Portsmouth

Phase II of DARPA's Deep Sea Operations Program

28 February 2012

Russian nuclear submarine to reach Indian shores in mid-March

27 February 2012

Sinking feeling: our subs 'outdated' (AUS)

More Russia sub trouble

Change of command takes place for USS Dallas

Could Britain still defend the Falklands?

Navy does some product placement in "Act of Valor"

25 February 2012

Don't assume the Groton Sub Base is forever

General Dynamics Granted $8 Mln By U.S. Navy For Virginia-class mods

'India's induction of N-submarines cause of concern'

24 February 2012

Riesen-U-Boot für Israel liegt in Kiel

USS Mississippi commissioning to feature a week of eventsı

Locals Remember Japanese Submarine Attack of 1942ı

German submarine corruption trial set for Septemberı

Ninth-Largest Yacht In The World Spotted Near Venice

23 February 2012

Submarine commander visits Mississippi, Pascagoula committee forms for commissioning

UK submarine data de-classified to aid climate science

Officials brace for possible fight over submarine base closing

22 February 2012

Taiwan to arm subs with US missiles

20 February 2012

Taiwan's navy 'to push submarine bid'
Taiwan subs

Putin Thanks Oil Billionaires for Saving Nuclear Submarine Base

All is lost if subs go offshore: builder (AUS)

18 February 2012

Gerard Butler might be headed to Alaska for ‘Hunter Killer’

British submariners honor crew of Confederate sub

CO of submarine Wyoming fired

17 February 2012

Kursk sister to sail
on special missions

Construction of Second Carrier Begins in UK

S. Korea Navy to get new unit for submarines by 2015

Submarine Montpelier Set to Return to Virginia

16 February 2012

Spanish patrol vessel helps fight piracy in the Indian Ocean

Royal Canadian Navy Turning a Corner With Submarines

Gerard Butler submarine thriller 'Hunter Killer'

15 February 2012

Sanctions threat for sub builder

Russia came 'close to nuclear disaster'

14 February 2012

Armageddon averted? Nukes 'on board' blazing Russian sub (VIDEO)

Officer on Russian Submarine Commits Suicide

Russian Nuclear Submarine As Omen -- Will U.S. Continue To Disarm?

Rare submarine love token on display at Gosport naval museum

Should Canada scrap its fleet of submarines?

U.S. naval battle group crosses Strait of Hormuz

13 February 2012

Crest Ideas sought for USS North Dakota Submarine

Top enlisted fired from submarine Nebraska

12 February 2012

Going Nuclear Over the Falklands

11 February 2012

Only 32 people respond to plan to scrap nuclear submarines in Plymouth

Britain 'sent nuclear submarine to Falklands'

10 February 2012

Iranian Navy Receives
Two Light Submarines
Iran subs

Admiral praises role of Virginia class submarines

09 February 2012

Navy says autonomy is key to robotic submarines

Three tourists drown in Red Sea after submarine collides with coral reef

Report: Iran adds 2 submarines to naval fleet amid tensions over Strait of Hormuz

08 February 2012

Britain Puts All Its Eggs in Two Baskets: scrapped assets ha sorely missed in Libya

USS Mississippi commissioning ceremonies moved from Gulfport to Pascagoula

07 February 2012

Russia To Acquire 10 Borey Class Nuke Submarines

Nuclear ballistic missile command and control technology still a prime military concern

06 February 2012

Australia is ignoring sound procedure in its defence program

Russia to Deploy 7 Subs in Black Sea by 2017

RI submarines on par with neighbors after overhaul

Triton 3303/3 submarine commissioned

05 February 2012

Royal Navy sending nuke sub to Falkland Islands amid rising tensions
RN nuke sub to Falkland Islands

US Navy Revisiting Feasibility Of A Sub-Launched Global Strike Weapon

Subs, silos, UAVs: Rumors cloud Israel's Iran clout

UK downplays Falklands moves amid nuke sub reports

J’lem and Berlin sign contract for sixth submarine

04 February 2012

Russia to continue submarine patrols

03 February 2012

Submarines are being "decked out" with more strike power

Records suggest U-boat was buried under park

Pictures: Civil War Sub Finally Revealed

02 February 2012

New radar absorbing material for subs

IRON MAIDEN Singer Spends Three Nights On Nuclear Submarine