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31 December 2011

Hundreds of workers needed to put out daylong fire on Russian submarine

Iran drill showcasing newest submarines

South Korea Exports Their U-Boats to Indonesia

30 December 2011

Russian nuclear submarine fire 'contained' as crew remain inside

White House announces Saudi Arabia order for F-15 combat aircraft

Russia says nuclear submarine fire is finally extinguished

29 December 2011

U.S. says it would use force to keep Hormuz Strait open
War with Iran
Blocking of international waterway will not be tolerated, American navy vows after Iran's threat

Nuclear Sub Equipped with Cruise Missiles Bound for Iran

U-boats may be on Aussie navy's shopping list

Iran-U.S. row over Strait of Hormuz worsens

28 December 2011

China’s Noisy Subs Get Busier — And Easier to Track

Australian Navy targets UK recruits

Helicopter, submarine spotted during Iranian naval drill

Iran threatens to close key Gulf oil route over nuclear sanctions

27 December 2011

Military, submarine experts reject $18bn estimate for new Aussie fleet

Navy preparing to launch kamikaze drone from submarine

26 December 2011

Israeli Jets, Sub Strike in Sudan

Navy Lakehurst blimp veterans recall Cold War submarine hunts

25 December 2011

American nuclear submarine nearly rammed ship near Canada coast


24 December 2011

USS Texas returns
USS Texas submarine

Navy Marks 25th Anniversary of USS Chicago

U.S. nuclear sub nearly hit freighter near British Columbia

23 December 2011

Navy readies Switchblade UAV for submarine missions

Decrepit Dolphin Secretly Repaired

'Military First' for North Korea May See Submarines as Top Risk

22 December 2011

Argentina’s president Kirchner
ban on UK ships

UK: Nuclear submarine should
be sent to Falklands

2 women share 1st kiss at US Navy ship's return (video)

Indonesia Orders 3 Submarines from S. Korea

Falkland Islands: timeline of tensions since the war

South American trading bloc bans ships with Falklands flags

21 December 2011

Lesbian couple share Navy's 'first kiss' homecoming honors

USS Olympia Finishes Magnetic Silencing Treatment

Call to send nuclear submarine after ban on Falklands ships

20 December 2011

Israel secretly upgraded submarine

Japan orders four F-35 Joint Strike Fighters

Taiwan Brings It All Back Home

19 December 2011

Adapting UK submarines so women can serve on them will cost Navy Ł3m

Israeli Navy completing secret 2 year submarine upgrade

17 December 2011

Lockheed delivers sixth C-130J to Indian Air Force (video)

Submarine Asheville returns from deployment

16 December 2011

17-year-old Jakob Bartels designs USS Minnesota logo
USS Minnesota

India to get Russian Akula nuclear submarine by month-end

15 December 2011

U.S. satellite firm says it has first image of Chinese aircraft carrier

Dutch firm targets super-rich Arabs with $1m submarines

Russian nuclear submarine set to join Indian Navy

Philippines activates warship

French submarines graft case resurfaces

Near miss with merchant ship led to submarine commander's firing

14 December 2011

Canadian submarine visiting Bangor base

Taiwan giving up on US subs, eyeing local plan

13 December 2011

Collins fleet damned as unfit, safety risk

Nuclear submarine rapist stalked woman after rejection at pub

Australia seeks European designs on $36 bln submarine fleetý

Submarine service shortcomings putting lives at risk, inquiry finds

12 December 2011

Brunei Ministry of Defence finalizes order for S-70i Black Hawks

"Playing a dumb submarine computer game at 3 a.m., in our bedroom..."

German submarines for Israel torpedo nuke-free ME plans

Military aircraft modernization market to reach $12.4 billion in 2011

10 December 2011

Russia sends warship to Somali coast

5 Submarine Movies That Can Make Anyone Claustrophobic

We've found your submarine

09 December 2011

Submariners keep vet organization numbers high

Guan Eng gives submarine the thumbs-up

TV Tropes: Sub Story

08 December 2011

Mush Morton is an undersea warrior and hero

Women To Be Allowed on Royal Navy's Subs

Defence Secretary: women to serve on UK subs from 2013

07 December 2011

Upgrading of Dutch submarines a step closer

Orthodox submarine: In nukes we trust

Pearl Harbor Still a Day for the Ages, but a Memory Almost Gone

06 December 2011

Indian Navy to double orders for P-8I maritime reconnaissance aircraft

USNS Cesar Chavez? Navy asked to explain policy for naming ships

05 December 2011

Cofferdam helps preserve the only surviving WW II era Royal Naval Sub

Singapore commissions first Archer class submarine

Navy's Newest Submarine Christened the Mississippi

04 December 2011

Israel concession on Palestinian funds forced by German submarine deal

03 December 2011

Continued uncertainty in development of F-35 fighter

Singapore's first submarine goes into operation

Worth a Thousand Words: USS Nevada Underway

Navy secretary to preside over sub's christening

02 December 2011

Submarine escape: A WWII survival tale

Singapore's most advanced submarine declared operational

Chinese submarines a concern: Indian Navy Chief

Berlin 'will sell Israel sixth submarine'

Submarine Mississippi ahead of the game

01 December 2011

Did Hollywood Starlet Hedy Lamarr Really Revolutionize Anti-Submarine Warfare?

Brazil's nuclear program, including its ambitious moves to develop a nuclear-powered submarine with French help, stirs up debate.

Accomplishing a dream

Wilson High School female grad begins submarine officer training

No votes for United Russia from submariners