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31 October 2011

Go nuclear or go home

Germany threatens Israeli submarine delivery over settlement policy

Navy's Newest Sub Joins Fleet in Norfolk

30 October 2011

Iran building new submarine

Quantum technology allows secure submarine communications

The Secret War: How U.S. hunted al-Qaida in Africa

Germany could halt Israel submarine deal over settlements

Navy commissions nuclear submarine USS California

28 October 2011

Foreign Spies Target Underwater Drone Fleet, Military Spooks Say

Canada may buy nuclear submarines

Australian submarine springs gas leak during exercise

Russian submarine test-fires Bulava missile successfully

Submarine wreckage located in Rabaul harbour

27 October 2011

The great submarine rip-off

Navy unveils first airship in 50 years

25 October 2011

HMS Defender begins sea trials

Sub Force Competing for Shrinking Dollars

Submarines: Virginia Mutates

Canadian naval fleet renewal forges ahead

LCS Program Shies Away From Major Changes

Navy's Latest LCS Clears Critical Test

23 October 2011

Navy official hails subs' role in Libya operation

Submarine force is preparing for a changing landscape

F-16s intercept two civilian planes near D.C.

22 October 2011

U.S. Navy Seeks To Improve On LCS Designs

How the US Navy Is Making Its Virginia-Class Subs Even More Deadly

21 October 2011

Navy To Arm LCS With New Missile System

The Navy’s next boomer

Royal Navy captures pirate vessel, arrr!

19 October 2011

MolonLabe beats Navy Pro in ASW game

DARPA Uses Computer Game to Improve Submarine Tracking

18 October 2011

Navy Commander: Iran Rigid about Deployment in Far Seas

U.S. Shouldn’t Ignore Iran’s Speedboat Threat

17 October 2011

U.S. Navy considering dual-mission submarine

Collins class sub costs twice as much as US nuclear version

Gathering honors lost crews, Mare Island-built submarines

Construction begins on HMS Anson

16 October 2011

F-35’s neck on chopping block

Sea trials of aircraft carrier Gorshkov put off

Collins Class submarines most expensive ever to go to sea

Russian 'Stealth Destroyer' Just a Sales Gimmick?

15 October 2011

Subs would serve attack, guided-missile functions

Royal Navy told to stop aiming guns at Michelle Obama

14 October 2011

PCU Mississippi Takes Major Steps Toward Completion

Second stealth warship joins Russian Navy

The U.S. Navy Birthday – Generations of Maritime Service

Shipbuilders Batten Hatches as Navy Weighs Cuts

13 October 2011

Keel-laying ceremony for Astute-class submarine

India takes on ocean-cop role, tests China

12 October 2011

Navy marks 11th anniversary of USS Cole attack

Watch: Trailer For U.S. Navy Recruitment Movie ‘Act Of Valor’

Chavez Says Unidentified Submarine Chased From Venezuelan Waters

11 October 2011

Navy's UFO-like drone hits cruise mode

Indonesia to Buy Korean Submarines

10 October 2011

Russian Navy eyes dozen new stealth destroyers

New GPS III satellite program has power

09 October 2011

Inside HMS Ambush

Iran Dispatches Home-Made Destroyer to Far-Off Seas

08 October 2011

Navy Anchors European BMD Mission

Navy uses iPhone app to attract recruits

07 October 2011

Theatre-goers get the submarine experience

HMS Torbay attack submarine to gain improved comms

HMS Bangor destroys bombs off Libya

HMS Alliance submarine set for £6.5m restoration work

06 October 2011

Geek alert: Northrop releases music video for new Navy drone

India to get INS Vikramaditya by December 2012

Severodvinsk nuclear sub completes first sea trials

Service officials could decommission carrier

05 October 2011

Iran builds new semi-heavy submarine
Iranian subs

Russia to lease N-submarine to India in November

Sailor donates scrapbook of USS Wyoming history

Submarine HMS Ambush makes first dive off Cumbria
HMS Ambush

04 October 2011

F-35B first landing aboard USS Wasp aircraft carrier (video)

Royal Navy sackings 'will lose aircraft carriers skills forever'

03 October 2011

Deep Down Cowboys

Russia acquits nuclear sub captain over gas deaths

Navy explores longer sub deployments

02 October 2011

Submarine Developments in Asia

New Navy destroyer, USS Spruance, commissioned

01 October 2011

'US terrified of confronting Iran navy'

More MiGs, copters for Indian Navy