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30 September 2011

China looks to deny American access to “territorial seas”

Navy's first stealth drone one step closer to aircraft carrier landing

US Navy still vigilant on Pyongyang threat

Russia test-fired new submarine missile

No plans to retire Typhoon class subs soon - Russian military

Boeing flies sub-hunting plane destined for India's Navy

US Navy 2nd Fleet disestablishes, merges with Fleet Forces Command

Russia acquits nuclear sub captain over gas deaths

Navy explores extending submarine deployments

29 September 2011

Why was there a submarine in our harbor?

Antoine Fuqua Could Helm Submarine Thriller Hunter Killer

28 September 2011

Treasure hunters eye huge silver haul from WWII ship

Drug Dealers Have Submarines. Where Can I Get One?

27 September 2011

Phuket Sub Ho! US Nuclear Visitor Sneaks Close for an Exclusive Peek

Indian Navy's first Boeing P-8I maritime recce aircraft to fly soon

Boeing, Navy offer Japan F/A-18E jets

Colombian police seize high-tech drug sub

26 September 2011

Plan to boost India's naval might

Trawler That Rammed Nuclear Sub Tried to Flee

Russia's Submarine Woes

24 September 2011

India flight-tests Shourya missile

Canada's submarines high and dry

Senate Panel Proposes Cutting Next-generation Aegis Missile

Submarine force facing ‘serious challenges,' retired admiral says

23 September 2011

The return of Peter the Great's counterparts

India to get ex-Russian carrier in December 2012

German Navy receives new anti-ship missile

Navy fires 45-mile gun for DDG-1000

22 September 2011

Russian nuclear sub damaged in collision with fishing ship

The unsolved mystery of lost 19th century 'ghost ships'

SM-3 Setbacks

Russia to step up its military presence in World Ocean

German navy tankers restricted to home waters by labour dispute

Assembly of first Elizabeth-class carrier begins

Iran to Widen Naval Deployments to Protect Shipping Lines

21 September 2011

Japan Worries About China Nukes

Zumwalts Get Seawolfed

20 September 2011

‘Aircraft carrier killer’: Aboard Russia's flagship Varyag

Thai submarine plan torpedoed

Navy prepares destroyers for 35-year lives

Navy begins effort to build two submarines a year

19 September 2011

Today is Talk Like A Pirate Day

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