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30 June 2011

France Confirms Order of 3rd Barracuda Sub

29 June 2011

A few less pirates. Job well done by the Royal Netherlands Navy

India to buy 32 lightweight torpedoes from US

Russia's Bulava: launch successful

28 June 2011

India to get anti-submarine torpedoes from US

Boeing Begins Final Assembly of India's 1st P-8I Aircraft

Rub a dub dub, my trip on a nuclear sub

27 June 2011

Longtime submariner will be next Navy leader

Britain’s last carrier returns to sea

China’s aircraft carrier to begin sea trials next month

Bulava to be launched for the first time from nuclear submarine Yuri Dolgoruky

Chinese Navy Mission Reveals Secret Drone

Foul-mouthed Russian submarine captain gets desk job

26 June 2011

Bulava launches to resume

25 June 2011

Pictures: First True Cocaine Submarine

Navy ship back at sea after 2009 grounding

Scientists complete rotation of Hunley submarine

Confederate sub upright for first time since 1864

24 June 2011

Video: Royal Navy shows off its battle skills

British nuclear submarine commander accused of killing French fishermen

Pak warship damaged part of Indian vessel: Naval chief

US Navy says no S.China Sea link to Vietnam visit

Builder Blames Navy as Brand-New Warship Disintegrates

23 June 2011

Historic submarine lifted for new museum

Italian Navy Takes Delivery of Its First NH90 NFH

Confederate sub

Submarine makes first dive to 1921 SS Governor wreck in Admiralty Inslet

22 June 2011

Russia delays delivery of nuclear attack submarine to December

Ceremony honors American and Japanese servicemen

Lockheed Supporting Navy Submarines

Submarine exploring sunken ship near Port Townsend

21 June 2011

Das Boot (Blu-ray)

Get your sea legs on Wisconsin's Schooner Coast

India to get Nerpa Akula-II N-submarine this year

U.S. Navy Selects Lockheed Martin to Provide Submarine Technology Upgrade

US submarine 'close to grounding'

20 June 2011

Veteran volunteers to rebuild submarine

France eyes sea-launched cruise missiles

Russian super-subs in Swiss waters (YouTube)

Confederate submarine H.L. Hunley hull being revealed after almost 150 years
Hunley sub

Philippines sends navy ship to disputed waters

Chinese navy flexes muscle

Scientists Closer To Knowing Why Confederate Sub Sank

19 June 2011

Navy Plans to Scrap First Experimental Stealth Ship

China’s fortress on water

India, Pakistan accuse each other's Navies of aggression on high seas

18 June 2011

Chinese navy flexes muscle

China holds 3-day military exercises near Spratlys

HMS Illustrious starts sea trials

Senate Zaps Navy’s Superlaser, Railgun

16 June 2011

USS Helena arrives at new homeport in Norfolk

Red storm rising or storm in a teacup?

World War II submarine veterans returning to Mobile and USS Drum (videos)

Women, men to share living quarters on Oz submarines

15 June 2011

Royal Navy takes part in largest submarine rescue exercise

No more sleeping apart in Aussie subs

Hunley submarine raised (again)

14 June 2011

First Chinese carrier almost completed

Britain cannot defend Falklands: Admiral

New submarine preparing for missile launch

Vietnam navy drills amid China tensions

Taiwan navy prepares missions to contested waters

Australian sailors use 3-D ship simulators

13 June 2011

Ocean's Apaches scrambled to destroy Gaddafi's gunboats

China stages massive-scale navy drill

Vietnam Holds Navy Drill Amid China Spat

Prolonged Libya effort unsustainable, warns Royal Navy chief

U.S. Navy Needs Diesel Submarines

US Blocks Ship Suspected of Carrying North Korean Arms

U.S. wanted to board North Korean merchant vessel, Pentagon says

Revealing the Hunley's hidden side

12 June 2011

Royal Navy pilots forced to learn French

"Baise-moi! Bandits ŕ neuf heures, Pierre!"

Russia protests entry of US anti-missile cruiser into Black Sea

Military jets intercept plane near Camp David

11 June 2011

Potential DDG-51 Flight III Growth Alarms

US destroyer sent to South China Sea

Tensions grow in South China Sea

10 June 2011

'Urgent' sub defects shame navy

Submariners from HMS Talent win trophy

Pilot sank secret submarine

09 June 2011

China navy to stage drills in western Pacific

China has joined the club with its first aircraft carrier

Not a single submarine seaworthy

Iran expands submarine fleet

08 June 2011

Russians join Nato submarine rescue drill (video)

Russian sub joins rescue exercise

07 June 2011

Iranian Navy Deploys Submarines in High Seas

Pentagon 'Not Concerned' About Iranian Submarine Movement

Israel's new battlefield: Iranian submarines

06 June 2011

2 sailors hurt in Canadian navy sub exercises

PAV (Vietnam): 6 Kilo submarines for self-defence only

Nimrod U-turn blunder set to cost UK hundreds of millions


RCN - Two hurt as submarine hits bottom off BC coast

05 June 2011

USS Constitution Gets Underway for Battle of Midway

HMS Ocean's gunships strike at Gaddafi's forces

U.S. Warns of South China Sea Clashes Without Code of Conduct

04 June 2011

UK & France To Share Aircraft Carrier

HMS Trenchant rejoins fleet

Beijing's Blue-Water Navy

03 June 2011

Chinese Boomers That Don't

Coyote And The Klub Killers

Russia to resume Bulava missile test launches

India regrets cancellation of naval drills with Russia

02 June 2011

Digging a Submarine Out of the Frozen Sea Looks Tough

U.S. Navy's AMDR Program Sets Big Goals

U.S. Navy Calls on Video Gamers for Strategic Help

01 June 2011

U.S. Admiral ‘Concerned’ About Rising Tensions in South China Sea

Indian navy receives MiG-29s

CASSIDIAN to protect Canadian Naval Vessels against laser-based attacks