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31 March 2011

HMS Liverpool joins Libyan mission after firing her main weapon

Campbeltown sails for the last time

US Navy P-3C, USAF A-10 and USS Barry Engage Libyan Vessels

Old Warships Never Die; They Get Recycled

Submarine accident indictments handed down

Indian navy eyes more Israeli UAVs

U.S. Navy to widen activity in Black Sea region

Chinese navy improves combat capability

30 March 2011

Unmanned aerial system platoon from Virginia trains in Mississippi (video)

Russia, Norway to hold joint naval drills in May

Refurbished US Frigate Transferred to Pakistan Navy

Russians Moving ‘Carrier Killer’ Cruiser to Pac Fleet AO

A-10s Tag Team with P-3s to Savage Libyan Coast Guard

Qatar Seizes Two Iranian Boats With Arms

EDA Seeks Refueling Solutions for Naval Ships at Sea

MFTA: The US Navy’s New Towed Array for Naval Detection

Vietnamese Navy Receives First Stealth Frigate

Thailand mulls buying used German subs

Russian Navy orders 12 new surface ships

29 March 2011

Indian Navy grows stronger

Navy laser will blast through 2,000 feet of steel by 2020

US forces fire on Libyan vessels

Thai Navy defends plan to buy used subs

27 March 2011

Scraps of Russian Sub Burn on Providence River

Navy Chief Warns Of 2020s Shipbuilding Crunch

Royal Navy blockades Libyan coast

U.S. submarines show force amid race for Arctic riches

25 March 2011

Navy Opens High-Tech Warship Simulator

NATO Undersea Research Centre Upgrades to Latest SeeTrack Software

US Navy Awards Austal LCS 8 Construction Contract

Navy missile shortage reports 'bollocks'

Putin Announces Doubling of Missile Production

S. Korea Launches 3rd Aegis-Equipped Destroyer

Royal Navy blockade forces Gaddafi's gunboats off the ocean

24 March 2011

Virginia-class sub on hold due to budget uncertainty

Submarine Action Film Sinks Competition

India, Singapore navies hold war game in China's backyard

Navy missile shortage reports 'bollocks'

Missiles Used in Libya Won’t Need Replacement Purchases

British submarine launches further strikes on Libyan air defense systems

Raytheon helps U.S. subs stay in touch

23 March 2011

Sub's oxygen generator fails in Arctic

Royal Navy to axe 'Fukushima type' nuclear reactors from submarines

Royal Navy running short of Tomahawk missiles

22 March 2011

Russia ready to equip Borey class sub with Bulava missiles

The New Weapons of Operation Odyssey Dawn

RFA Largs Bay Amphibious Ship For Sale

Cracks Turn Up in U.S. Navy's First LCS

U.S. Navy Orders Two More Littoral Combat Ships

F-35 flight test highlights (video)

Norfolk USS Kearsarge Harriers support Libya operation (video)

U.S. aircraft strike Libya from Norfolk Navy ships (video)

21 March 2011

Lockheed Martin Receives $376 Million to Construct Nation’s Next Littoral Combat Ship

UK: First Lynx receives a makeover

Russia to lease nuclear submarine to India

Warship deal with Russia losing support in France

MV HANNIBAL II Released from Pirate Control

Barracuda programme: DCNS completes first hull section of Duguay-Trouin nuclear attack submarine

UK: Amphibious Ship For Sale: RFA Largs Bay

20 March 2011

Northrop Grumman unmanned autonomous helicopter on target (video)

Lockheed Martin F-35 display at Avalon Airshow 2011 (video)

19 March 2011

US leads 'Odyssey Dawn' attack on Libya

First wave of allied assault: 112 cruise missiles

The Balloon Goes Up in Libya, With U.S. In The Back Seat

Seaplane makes rough landing in Virginia lake

Japanese Submarine Pulls Into Pearl Harbor

18 March 2011

Navy Announces ICEX 2011 Subs

US navy warned to prepare for Arctic struggle as climate changes

Iran sends Navy fleet to Gulf of Aden

Navy orders two more littoral combat ships

Lockheed Martin’s First Littoral Combat Ship Develops Cracks

17 March 2011

Russia to lease n-submarine to India by October

WWI submarine found off Dutch coast

16 March 2011

Libyan Rebels May Have Used a MiG-23 to Sink Two of Ghadafi’s Warships

Liam Fox wants new reactors for Trident

Critical Design Milestone For US Navy’s Surface Ship Electronic Defense

Radiation Forces US 7th Fleet to Reposition Ships

US Marine Corps buying 80 F-35C fighter aircraft

WWI German U-boat found sunk off Netherlands

Budget Impasse Could Impair U.S. Edge In Undersea Warfare

15 March 2011

Joint Plan Improves U.S. Navy, Marine Corps Air Capabilities

Crew Of Ronald Reagan Exposed To Radiation

HMS Northumberland to receive significant upgrades and improvements

Budget Impasse Could Impair U.S. Edge In Undersea Warfare

Navy and Marine Corps F-35 Purchase Plan Revealed

14 March 2011

Iran to start large-scale speedboat production

US aircraft carrier sails into radioactive cloud

Crew says goodbye to HMS Ark Royal

Indian navy captures 61 pirates

12 March 2011

Tsunami Waves Cause Guam Subs (SSN 713 & 705) to Break Free From Pier

USS Tortuga, Essex, Blue Ridge and USS Ronald Reagan carrier strike group heading for Japan

Earthquake Didn't Damage U.S. Navy Fleet in Japan

11 March 2011

Nimrod R1 retirement delayed

NATO Sends Ships to Monitor Libya Arms Embargo

Release The Kraken!

Pakistan Navy seeks approval to purchase Chinese submarines

China Stakes Claim on Disputed Islands after Spats

U.S. Navy Keeping Watch on Libya

U.S. Navy Pauses to Correct Aircraft Launch System

10 March 2011

Flaws in nuclear submarine reactors could be fatal, secret report warns

Boeing begins assembly of its first production Navy subhunter

09 March 2011

Supreme Court slams Navy secrecy

Pakistan Navy seeks 6 joint-development submarines

Third Iran-Made Aluminum Crewboat Handed to IRGC

USS Robert G. Bradley (FFG 49) arrived in Freetown, Sierra Leone

Transmitting Data And Power Wirelessly Through Submarine Hulls

Little Silent Spies That Glide Underwater

China Naval Incidents in Disputed Waters Draw Mounting Protests

Pak Navy in process to purchase Chinese submarines

The £2million job interview under the ocean waves

Three Russian submarines to undergo sea trials in 2011

08 March 2011

Australian minister in UK for Largs Bay

Naval Undersea Warfare Center Forms Partnership with Portsmouth Foundation

Russia will sell Syria the SSN-26 Yakhont anti-ship missile

USS Memphis (SSN 691) to be decommissioned

US Navy SSBN 733 successfully test-fires Trident II D5 missile

China, Indonesia to step up defense cooperation

EU NAVFOR Disrupts Suspected Pirate Group off the Coast of Somalia

HMS Bulwark rejoins Royal Navy operational fleet

China challenges US predominance in Asia-Pacific

07 March 2011

How to command a nuclear submarine turned into TV series

Man sentenced for defrauding U.S. Navy

Mooring trails for Indian carrier

U.S. Marine Corps Begins EFV Replacement Process

Curtiss-Wright Awarded $66 Million Contract for Virginia-Class Submarine Program

Navy to upgrade 25-millimeter shipboard machine guns with electro-optical sensors and laser range finders

Navy looks to improve shallow-water performance of MK 48 torpedo

Iranian Warships Headed Home Via Suez

Stranded Egyptians sail home on German warships

Russian Mistral Procurement Stalled

First French FREMM Frigate Prepares for Sea Trials

Three Navies Order MASS Naval Countermeasure System

U.S. Navy Seeks New Landing Craft Proposals

Florida Nuke Carrier Base Could Cost Less

04 March 2011

Soviet Submarine discovered in Swedish waters

Military 'not interested' in Soviet sub wreck

Chef Blumethal takes to the seas with HMS Turbulent

Three Dutch soldiers & Lynx captured in Libya

03 March 2011

Canadian frigate headed to Libyan waters

Orbital Sciences missile defense target launched

Navy P-8A arrives at Patuxent River (video)

BAE Systems to Provide NAVAIR All-Quadrant Defensive Weapon System for V-22 Osprey

General Dynamics to build multi-level-security Common Display Systems for Navy ships and aircraft

US ship to ‘bolster’ Europe’s missile defenses

Aircraft Launch Bulletins Move into Digital Age with Cutting Edge Calculator

Raytheon to Provide Advanced Imaging Sensors to the US Navy

The Decline of U.S. Naval Power

HMS York nearing end of first mercy mission to Libya

02 March 2011

S. Korea, U.S. Start War Games Amid Threat From North

US Navy on the T-AKE As It Beefs Up Supply Ship Capacity

Iran seeks closer naval ties with Syria

Trident Nuclear Fleet Cuts Ruled Out by Liam Fox

What Does the PLAN’s Evacuation of Chinese Nationals From Libya Mean?

USS San Antonio’s Problems May Be In the Past

US Troops Re-Positioned to Provide Options on Libya

Construction Begins on Navy’s Newest Aircraft Carrier
CVN 79

Russia confirms plans to supply Syria with Yakhont missiles

Rescue submarine sent into action

01 March 2011

World's oldest aircraft carrier discovered rusting by the River Thames

Naval ships to bail out Indians stranded in Libya

Chinese navy frigate crosses Suez Canal for Libya evacuation

Iran Says Navy Ships in Mediterranean Not Aggression

U.S. deploys Air Force, Navy around Libya