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25 February 2011

Dutch MoD optimises use of infrared sensors

Russia sign $74-million contract on modernization of BMP-3 amphibious vehicles

U.S. Navy: Cost of Ohio Class Subs Down $1 Billion

Iran hails warships' mission in Mediterranean

24 February 2011

Newbury remembers the sinking of HMS Tigris 68 years on

Russian military to purchase 600 planes, 100 ships, 1000 helicopters by 2020

CFB Esquimalt gets sonar upgrade

Russia launches $600 bn defence spending drive

USS Lincoln Hosts Brunei Military Leaders

GB: MoD considers maritime patrol options

Cumberland prepared to rescue Britons from Libya

23 February 2011

U.S. Admiral Provides Details of Somali Piracy Killings

Iran’s naval warships enter Suez Canal first time in 3 decades (VIDEO)

22 February 2011

Super-stealth sub powered by fuel cell (video)

Admiral Says China’s “Carrier Killer” Missile Won’t Alter Navy’s Asia Stance

Iranian warships enter Suez Canal amid Israeli concern

Warship Shadowing Somali Pirates Who Captured Four Americans

Spain's Aircraft Carrier Begins Air-naval Certification Campaign

US military to boost naval fleet in Asia

21 February 2011

LHD Launch Paves the Way for Amphibious Transformation

USS Enterprise Strike Group Transits Bab el-Mandeb Strait, Enters Gulf of Aden

X-47B Sorties Ramping Up

Russian sold secrets for China’s first carrier

19 February 2011

U.S. Navy Focuses On Surface Ship Funding

US Navy's new laser can down cruise missiles in seconds

One of the world's largest aircraft departs Norfolk (video)

Egypt approves passage of Iranian warships through Suez Canal despite Israel's objections

18 February 2011

Conflicting reports as Egypt denies barring Iran ships

Iran deploys two warships to Mediterranean

Boeing EA-18G Growlers Deployed by US Navy

17 February 2011

Brazilian Minister of Defence views first P-3 Orion modernised by Airbus Military

U.S. Navy Destroyer's Mast Breaks Off

Sea Avenger UAS Completes Key Wind Tunnel Test

16 February 2011

Navy X-47B first flight music video

Navy to issue Rs 50,000 crore submarine tender this year

15 February 2011

Team of experts to plan way forward on Australian Amphibious Ships Fleet

First Pass Approval for Three Major Australian Defence Capability Projects

Do We Really Need More Submarines and Aircraft Carriers?

S.Africa Deploys Warship To Fight Piracy: Report

Ten Ships in U.S. Navy's Budget Request

HMS Cornwall frees pirate hostages after three-month ordeal

Colombia navy seize drugs submarine

PLAN escort taskforce rescues ROK merchant ship

U.S. Navy Begins Work on Fixed Wing Precision Weapons Platform

AUV, or Autonomous Undersea Vehicle

Babcock AWD torpedo launcher contract moves into next phase

Last sight of the Busy Bee at sea as HMS Manchester pays off

14 February 2011

Huge sections of the future carrier are joined

Indian Navy planning to induct four Landing Platform Docks

Nato seizes 'pirate mother ship' off Somalia

13 February 2011

Navy F-35C test flight over the Chesapeake Bay (video)

12 February 2011

Navy will design next generation of ballistic-missile subs to accommodate women

India Seeks More Cures For Chinese Subs

Navy Set to Celebrate Three-Decades of Service for USS Memphis (SSN 691)

Budget impasse delays scheduled ship repairs

Volunteers try to raise funds for USS Cavalla war sub's repairs

Upgrade to make New Zealand frigates more versatile

General Dynamics Awarded $60 Million to Produce More Affordable Virginia-Class Submarines
USS Verginia

11 February 2011

USS Torsk and Constellation to get renewal
USS Torsk

Iran starts Anti-Piracy Mission

Iran, Oman Wrap up Joint Naval Exercises

Naval Eurofighter: An Aircraft Carrier Version Under Development

Naval Eurofighter: An Aircraft Carrier Version Under Development

10 February 2011

Sailor lights flare inside submarine

Torpedo pulled clear of cross-Channel shipping lane

Canadian warships to hunt U.S. submarines

Turkish firm to recycle HMS Invincible

Chinese Succeed With SLBM Launch: The Week Ahead

A Sooner Boomer: DoD OKs SSBN-X

Iran Claims to Have Its Own Carrier Killer Missile

09 February 2011

New Generation of Narco Subs Could Carry Terrorists

America’s navy is developing an antenna made of seawater

Iran mass producing new anti-ship missiles

Royal Navy Merlins Fly to the Anti-submarine Exercise

08 February 2011

We'll need prefab subs!

U.S. Navy Bids Farewell To Trailblazing USS Los Angeles

RFA to conduct Caribbean patrols

07 February 2011

HMS Astute ordered to return to port after latest mishap.. the toilets won't work

Blank screens for Russia's Northern Fleet TV due to budget cuts

Experts: 'Nothing amateur' about narco submarine

DM Iran Stresses Key Role of Speedboats in Iran's Naval Doctrine

Unmanned subs making waves in undersea warfare

Navy’s X-47B Stealthy Combat Drone Makes First Flight

05 February 2011

U.S. Navy Looks To Expand Unmanned Systems

Japanese submarine blasted its way into Oregon history, twice

Electric Boat gets go-ahead on new ballistic missile sub

U.S. Navy Rejected Key Command's Specs for Next Nuclear-Armed Sub

Indian Navy to flex muscles in wargames

Damen Schelde launches second Multi Mission Frigate for the Royal Moroccan Navy

04 February 2011

Raytheon Awarded APY-10 Radar Contract for Boeing's P-8A Aircraft

Aircraft Carrier Makes First E-2D Advanced Hawkeye Launch

USS Constitution Public Lottery Opened

U.S. Navy, Pentagon Debate EA-18G Growler

Take a ride in a Navy F/A-18 Hornet

03 February 2011

Russia’s Navy Muscles Up and Looks East

Slipping back into the deep

Indian Navy to buy four more P-8Is aircraft

France: new generation of heavyweight torpedo F21

Aircraft Carriers Facing: Submarines & missiles

U.K., Canada Discuss Joint Frigate Development

02 February 2011

The Severodvinsk: stealthily prowling after aircraft carriers

Chinese bid for UK aircraft carrier fails

Australian Navy all at sea in rust buckets

Indian Navy Frigate Catches Fire and Sinks After Collision With Cargo Ship

USS Abraham Lincoln provides air support to Afghanistan
USS Abraham Lincoln

01 February 2011

Australia spent $40 million on small boats that do not fit on to its amphibious ships

Commander: Presence of Foreign Warships in Persian Gulf "Unacceptable to Iran"

Iran warns foreign warships in Persian Gulf

Russian Navy to receive new nuclear attack submarine by yearend

US Navy – Pacific Push!