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31 January 2011

Inquiry ordered into procurement of 98 heavyweight torpedoes for India’s Project 75 submarines

China Publicizes Submarine Missile Launch

Aegis Guided Missile Destroyer William P. Lawrence (DDG 110) Completes Super Trial

The forgotten sea frontier

Lockheed Martin to build sonar system hardware for U.S. Navy guided-missile and fast-attack submarines

Drops idea to rebuild Typhoon subs for cargo transport

The Wrong Ship at the Wrong Time

28 January 2011

Lockheed Receives $48 Million for Undersea Warfare System

ROUD MANTA 11 Largest NATO ASW exercise: starts april-17

Defence cuts threaten Trident nuclear safety, warns MoD

27 January 2011

Navy embarks on replacements for Trident submarines

Habibollah Sayyari: "Iran Intl. naval presence conveys peace"

China’s Project 022 Fast Attack Craft

Russia will be delighted by Nimrod decision

Nimrod loss ‘leaves massive gap’

26 January 2011

Russian Parliament Approves New Arms Control Treaty With US!

ManTech Awarded $45 Million Task Order by Naval Surface Warfare Center

Submarines could become invisible to sonar

Stopgap budget creates problems for sub work

Ten in Portuguese submarine fraud case to stand trial

France-Russia sign Mistral warships deal

Navy inks $1.6B contract for initial P-8 Poseidon production planes
P-8 Poseidon

25 January 2011

Ukraine reportedly helping China build aircraft carrier

HMS Victory's future to be secured

Found: Lord Nelson and Lady Emma's locks of love

U.S. Navy Foresees Ice-Free North Pole by 2035-40

Great War U-boat discovered off Irish coast

Navy ships conduct missile defense exercise in Atlantic

24 January 2011

Ark Royal says farewell to her home city

Avatar plumbs new depths

U.S. Navy Underwater Training Range Refurbishment Complete

Navy considering big changes for LCS

Sub-killer Boeing Poseidon, 737’s ‘lethal twin,’ passes key test

Navy: Submarine Skin Mystery Solved

Royal Navy Moves Iraqi Navy Step Forward

Submarine Market Projected Worth $106+ Billion Through 2011-2020

23 January 2011

Vet Recalls U-boat Hidden In Bermuda

Iranian warships coming to Mediterranean and Red Seas


22 January 2011

China near restoring Soviet-era aircraft carrier

When the Navy proved its might

Thai Navy wants to buy 2 subs

Hey China: U.S. is Prepping New Ship-Killing Missiles, Too

Indian Navy strenghtens far-reaching capability

Navy missile exercise off Virginia Eastern Shore (video)

21 January 2011

British Anti-Submarine Warfare Force In Flux

Pentagon Questions LPD-17 Survivability

Breakthrough reported in Navy laser weapon technology

Navy Uses Railgun to Launch Jet Fighters

K-15 test rescheduled to Jan 31

Second Round in Future US Anti-Ship Missile Programme

'Mutiny' scuppers German navy's tall ship

Indian Navy strenghtens far-reaching capability

S. Korea navy 'kills Somali pirates, saves crew'

20 January 2011

Breakthrough Laser Could Revolutionize Navy's Weaponry

Indian Navy's UAVs to keep an eye on intrusion

India will have two aircraft carrier strike forces by 2015

19 January 2011

China has restored aircraft carrier ready

WikiLeaks: US attempted to purchase KH-31 missiles in Belarus

The most perfect submarine

Justices review Navy's cancellation of aircraft contract

18 January 2011

Happy 100th Birthday To The Aircraft Carrier

Chinese wonder missile to test US supremacy

Indian Navy commissions 2nd UAV squadron

US fleet chief voices doubts on Chinese navy

17 January 2011

Breakthrough needed on S. China Sea talks

Indian, Russian navies to expand cooperation in Indian Ocean Region

Rolls-Royce to power Littoral Combat Ships

Nuclear sub Astute is accepted by MOD

16 January 2011

Perilous Fight: America’s Intrepid War with Britain on the High Seas, 1812-1815

India plans use of Israeli spy sats for coastal surveillance

Taiwan's Submarine situation dire

1811 wreck of Commodore Oliver Perry's ship discovered off Rhode Island coast

15 January 2011

Enterprise Carrier Strike Group Deploys - (Video)

China's war machine in the making

Britain wants to cooperate with India in Navy ship building

14 January 2011

U.S. Navy Upgrades P-3C Orion Aircraft

Israel Navy readies for its two new German subs

US Navy may choose Griffin missile for LCS

Iran to manufacture new generation of destroyers

Father of modern Chinese navy, Liu Huaqing, dies at age 95

13 January 2011

Foreign states eye China's growing naval clout

German Submarines Make Their Way to the IDF Navy

British warships get radar upgrade

12 January 2011

Chinese J-20 Stealth Fighter Takes Flight

China’s anti-ship ballistic missile operational

Modernizing The Aegis Fleet: Smart Move By The U.S. Navy

Loan salvages Turkish submarine deal with Germany

A Submarine to Combat Piracy

Electric Boat Recruits Engineers For New Sub

11 January 2011

Japan to hold naval drills in East China Sea

US puts F-35 STOVL variant on two-year probation

Iranian Navy receives new coast-defence missile systems

US defence secretary warns China not to “underestimate” US military power

10 January 2011

Antarctic submarine to explore Lake Tahoe in March

09 January 2011

HMS Nightclub: Pride of the Fleet may become a Chinese disco

Unique pool, suit system teaches sub escape

Gates Says China Military Has Potential to Put U.S. ‘At Risk’

U.S. carrier deployed near Japan

Persian Gulf, Oman Sea within range of IRGC missiles: commander

France transferring submarine technology to India

08 January 2011

Chinese Air Force Could Overwhelm Opponents

IRGC to Stage Joint Drills with Persian Gulf Littoral States

Iran's Navy Commander Highly Opposed to Foreign Military Buildup in Region

Indo-French naval exercises begins

07 January 2011

Dragon roaring to life

Wreck of USS Revenge found

Submarine Ambush makes maiden voyage

China's New Fighter Jet Could Pose 'Terrifying' Challenge to U.S. Fleet

Chinese businessman bids £5m for HMS Invincible

S. Korea seeks to double number of anti-submarine drills with U.S.

Navy intel chief discusses China's military advances

06 January 2011

China Has Plans For Five Carriers

China's Ballistic-Missile, Stealth-Fighter Advances Draw Attention of U.S.

Navy intel chief: Chinese missile is effective

Navy Has No Silver Bullets to Defeat Mini-Submarines, Underwater Mines

DARPA takes deep-sea sonar to the next level

Internet site sees 'several bids' for HMS Invincible

Navy launches first aircraft using EMALS

French carrier in India for joint naval drill

05 January 2011

China 'leaks' sneak peek of first stealth aircraft going for a test run

DOD Report Says Spying Focused on Naval Technology

Iran Vows to Boost Missile Arsenal

Navy’s New Warship: Bargain, Death Trap or Both?

04 January 2011

World War II vet receives Purple Heart at last

Capt. Owen Honors Says Superior Officers Were Unaware of Crude Skits

China's carrier killers

India's Indigenous Aircraft Carrier will be ready in 2014

03 January 2011

Nuclear sub reactor being cut up at Devonport

US submarines smoking ban comes into force

Navy probes carrier officer's lewd onboard videos

Female Navy Flier: "Videos Taken Out of Context"

02 January 2011

Dutch navy crew supplies French in Ivory Coast

Capt. Owen Honors Produced Anti-Gay Videos Aboard USS Enterprise

Navy opens investigation into raunchy videos

01 January 2011

2011 brings smoke free submarines

Battleship NC Celebrates 50th Anniversary in 2011

Commanders praise 'outstanding' Airman Matthew Thomas-Carcamo

Navy rescue ship to become artificial reef