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31 October 2010

French carrier returns to sea after repairs

India will soon have potential to launch N-warhead from land, air or water

30 October 2010

Search for Bonhomme Richard

Navy Rescue Mission For Stricken Tall Ship

Russian navy to get new frigates

29 October 2010

Russia closes sensational deal at Euronaval-2010

Japanese destroyer shoots down ballistic missile in test off Hawaii

Russia successfully tests much-hyped Bulava ballistic missile

US Navy rolls out eco-friendly ship

28 October 2010

French warship to join US fleet

UK, France to discuss carrier sharing deal

RAF jets could fly from French carrier

Decision to axe Harrier jump jets branded 'bonkers'

Astute rudder is being inspected

Russian navy favors French warship

Indian Navy to acquire three aircraft carriers in 5-7 years

Royal Navy shows off its versatility as Solent is turned into 'warzone'

Sinking Royal Navy Shifts Burden to U.S. Fleet

Prince William lifts submariners' spirits

Russia Fires Sea-, Land-Based Missiles

27 October 2010

French Carrier Design Work Continues

U.K. Move Could See French Aircraft on British Carriers

The Aircraft Carrier That Had No Planes

Saudi naval expansion examines LCS variant

26 October 2010

Russia's new-generation frigate to be launched Friday

Indian Navy to buy 6 Maritime Reconnaissance aircraft

iRobot gets Seaglider contracts from the Navy

Japan, worried by China, may boost submarine fleet

25 October 2010

Russia to beef up its Black Sea Fleet

Acid gargles, amputations aboard 19th-century navy sailing ship

Submarine accident 'could cost millions'

Astute's commander admits he is 'getting too old for the job'

24 October 2010

More than piracy drives naval buildup

Boeing P-8A Poseidon launches first sonobuoys

Grounded nuclear sub HMS Astute returning to Faslane

23 October 2010

Grounded Nuclear Submarine Is Towed Free

Grounded nuclear sub HMS Astute docked for tests

Royal Navy chiefs left red-faced after brand new nuclear submarine is left high and dry off the coast of Scotland

22 October 2010

Nuclear submarine HMS Astute runs aground off Skye

HMS Astute: world's most advanced nuclear submarine runs aground

Tireless takes aim at the Aussies

Navy picks submarines that will carry first women

21 October 2010

Anchors away: Britain’s once-proud navy falls prey to budget cuts

Littoral Combat Ship Competition Rife With Rumors

Sonalysts wins $17M Navy work

Japan to expand submarine fleet

Royal Navy chief speaks out on cuts to his service

20 October 2010

Russia's navy marks anniversary

S'pore's 2nd Archer-class submarine launched in Sweden

HMS Ark Royal a gift for the WAG who has everything

UK defence review focuses on single carrier operations

New attack sub docked at China's navy base in Hainan Island

Inferior metal used on Navy subs

19 October 2010

U.K. Cuts Aircraft Fleets in Strategic Review

HMS Ark Royal to be scrapped

U.K. considers dropping STOVL version of F-35

Royal Navy aircraft carriers not operational for 26 years

British navy says it forced pirates to row home in shame

SKorea to Boost Naval Defenses

Trident to be delayed for up to 5 years

18 October 2010


The Continuing Misadventures of the de Gaulle

Argentina warned: “Falklands’ defences remain strong

Seems everybody's on the hunt for the USS Bonhomme Richard

Does it matter that Britain lost a Russian nuclear submarine?

17 October 2010

Planes axed for aircraft carriers

‘Lords of the Sea’

16 October 2010

US, China hold maritime security talks

Navy takes anti-submarine tracking to next level

Britain refuses to increase naval presence around Gibraltar

15 October 2010

Russia postpones Bulava test launch

Russia main contender in Indonesia submarine bidding

Diving in at the deep end

Troubled ship San Antonio won't deploy next year

14 October 2010

Happy 235th Birthday, U.S. Navy

French aircraft carrier returns to port for repairs

'Navy Wins Fight For Carriers'

Indian Navy fleet tanker “INS Shakti” launched

Man pleads guilty to defrauding Navy on metal for subs

13 October 2010

China to stage war games in Yellow Sea

Pentagon chief asserts US “national interest” in China seas

American Builder Might Have Solved The UK Aircraft Carrier Problem

S. Korea Investigates Malfunctioning Missiles

Climate researchers to study WW1 warship voyages

Talks on where to slash the navy go down to the wire

Navy birthplace in dispute; 5 towns lay claim

12 October 2010

Attack on the Cole, 10 years later

10 years after USS Cole attack, justice sought

U.S. failure to retaliate for USS Cole attack rankled then — and now


Argentina protests against Britain's war games near Falkland Islands

11 October 2010

Bulava missile: the bitter taste of success

Successful Bulava launch opens door for new submarine

10 years after Cole bombing, a different Navy

10 October 2010

Five days aboard one of Britain's silent warriors, the submarine HMS Talent

Royal Navy are pirates, says Argentina's president

N.Korean Propaganda Poster Hints at Cheonan Sinking

09 October 2010

Russia to test-launch more Bulava missiles

Bulava's new launch: 13 proved to be a lucky number

Chinese Missile Test Shrouded in Secrecy

Navy 'will get' new carriers

07 October 2010

Achtung! U-Boat Spotted On British Canal

Give submarine das boot, say canal users

Navy fury at 'underhand' Army tactics in defence review

Russia's Bulava missile: 13th time lucky

06 October 2010

Russian navy base in Vietnam may be restored

Indian Navy to upgrade air reconnaissance capability

'Submarine Killer' helped fire first shots at Pearl Harbor

05 October 2010

US navy to battle Iranian mini-ekranoplan swarms with rayguns

Always The Weapon Of Tomorrow

French Navy receives SSBN Le Terrible

Type 45 destroyer tests Sea Viper missile system

Russian navy boss warns of China's race for Arctic

Brits plan private navy to fight pirates

04 October 2010

China, S.Korea Flex Naval Muscle as U.S. Wanes

Lincoln Strike Group Trains With Silent Partner

Has China Built a New Stealth Submarine?

Spanish Navy receives its largest warship

Royal Navy to lose new carrier

Navy knew of N.K. movements on day of warship attack but failed to respond

03 October 2010

Russia increases combat capabilities in Arctic

01 October 2010

Israeli subs banned from Norway's waters

Navy Bombs Guam With Dead Mice

India to get Russian nuclear submarine in March