World Naval News Archives

30 September 2010

German Navy Faces Painful Cuts

Gunning for Trident

Britain and France may share nuclear deterrent

U.S. May Disable Some Submarine-Based Nuclear Arms Capacity

U.K. navy medical journals describe heavy drinking, giant worms

29 September 2010

Anti-Sub Exercises Send Deterrence Message to North Korea

Northern Fleet workers on hunger strike

Army Apaches all at sea on Ark Royal

Exclusive photos taken of secret submarine in Liverpool

Boeing Gets U.S. Navy Order for 124 F/A-18s

28 September 2010

What's Long, Hard, and Wrapped in a "Wal-Mart Tarp"?

Russian Navy to get fifth generation carrier fighter

US, S Korea begin anti-submarine exercise

27 September 2010

South Korea Begins Anti-submarine Drills, Angering North

Removal of officer from Submarine cadre set aside

Proposed Ballistic-Missile Submarine Nears Pentagon Review

Cheesy Sharktopus Airs on SyFy

Russian Black Sea Fleet to Get New Warships

US, S.Korea begin joint anti-submarine drill

N. Korea rips the U.S. and S. Korea for holding war games

New Details From Choppers' Dip in Lake Tahoe

25 September 2010

Groton tower's sub-escape lesson sinks in

Russian navy buys French amphibious vessel

Weakened navy will put the UK at risk

Australia, China Conduct Live-Fire Naval Exercise in Yellow Sea

24 September 2010

Navy Pilots Investigated in Bizarre Incident (MUST SEE video)

You've shrunk our battleships

USS Enterprise: The aircraft carrier that changed everything turns 50

Chinese navy embarks on charm offensive

Seoul, Washington to hold anti-sub drills

Engine goes bad on new warship

23 September 2010

China launches new conventional submarine

22 September 2010

Senate Panel Again Cuts Funds for Conventional Trident Missile

Virginia Is Flayed Alive

China submarine build-up raises Pacific naval anxiety

Indian Navy to join U.S amphibious exercise in Western Pacific

21 September 2010

Russia and France clinch Mistral deal

Wartime enemies make contact 67 years later

Navy finalizes plans for U.S. military buildup on Guam

Coating on Virginia subs detaches

20 September 2010

Abraham Lincoln CSG Warships Participate in War Game

Russia to boost Arctic research efforts

Danger runs deep in submariner's tale

Global Hawk drones start Pacific mission on Guam

WWI Australian sub mystery remains unsolved

Tea Tastes Better in a Submarine

West all at sea over Chinese navy

Mystery Chinese SSK fuels Asia's submarine race

Pakistan eyeing joint construction of Chinese submarines

19 September 2010

Brazil's Navy Buys British

Expired ammunition cause of Ukraine warship incident

In Pursuit of Type-214

Peeling submarine skin prompts Navy inquiry

18 September 2010

Navy sacks three leaders in one day

17 September 2010

DoD details Russian buzzing of U.S. frigate

Russian helicopter carrier tender to be announced 'in near future'

Russia to overhaul Bulava production if tests fail again

Russia to sell Syria anti-ship cruise missiles

Russian aircraft buzzed U.S. warship in Arctic

16 September 2010

China delivers third F-22P frigate to Pakistan

15 September 2010

Virginia class submarines pass Navy hurdle; cleared for full-scale production

14 September 2010

British Officials Mull Reducing Nuclear Submarine Patrols

13 September 2010

Peckinpaugh says she supports sub base but not more funding

12 September 2010

Navy Searches for John Paul Jones' Ship

1.25bn already spent on navy carriers

11 September 2010

US navy eyes 'dial-a-blast' bomb

Indian Navy fishes to add subs

Virginia Class subs pass critical test

10 September 2010

US Marines seize ship from pirates

HMS Daring damaged after colliding with tug

Errant Navy drone near DC almost met by fighter jets

Navy defends early deployment of littoral combat ship

Upgraded Aegis passes Navy tests

09 September 2010

Super aircraft carriers may be axed

Company charged with selling faulty Navy sub parts

08 September 2010

Britain's got Talent (back)

Bulava tests to resume in late September

Indian Navy to get six new submarines

Feds: He sold inferior metal for Navy subs

07 September 2010

Doubts over China's 'wonder weapon'

Submarine USS Hawaii first of class to enter Western Pacific

06 September 2010

India building reactors for nuclear submarines

Russian, French warships to exercise in Atlantic

Indian warship foils Somali pirate attack

05 September 2010

BrahMos missile test-fired from Orissa coast

BRAHMOS Block-II test-fired with advanced supersonic dive manoeuvrability

Modernization of Russian Navy under way

Typhoon delays US-S.Korea naval exercise

03 September 2010

Swiss watch' hunter-killer formally joins Royal Navy

USS Hawaii arrives in Yokosuka

China and US stage Yellow Sea war games

Class of its own

On board the UK's newest attack submarine HMS Astute

02 September 2010

Littoral Combat Ships not up to snuff

Former first sea lord warns of 'anorexic' navy

High sea drama of sub crew

01 September 2010

Lord Nelson Turns Over In Grave, HMS Victory Takes on Water

D'ya Need The Aircraft Carrier Today, Honey?

Divers steal from submarine wreck

New warships have serious problems

U.S.-South Korea anti-sub drill set for Yellow Sea

China begins military exercises in Yellow Sea