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31 May 2010

NKorea accuses South of faking warship sinking

Gorshkov to be handed over to India by Dec '12

US to aid in S Korea naval defence

Navy's death ray takes out targets

Israeli navy storms Gaza aid ship

30 May 2010

John Finn, Oldest Medal Of Honor Recipient, Dies At 100

28 May 2010

Is the U.S. prepared to face midget subs?

'I saw it on the port bow and we began firing at it'

Iran Navy detects US nuke sub in Persian Gulf

Beijing suspects false flag attack on South Korean corvette

27 May 2010

Russia plans big naval exercise off North Korea

North Korea reacts angrily as Seoul's navy holds military exercises off coast

N.Korean Subs Ply East Sea with Impunity

Seoul on alert after losing track of North Korean subs

S Korea holds anti-submarine drill as tensions grow

Aircraft Carrier USS Condoleezza Rice Steams Towards Korean Waters

Captain Cook's War and Peace: The Royal Navy Years, 1755-1768

Fleet Week Arrives in Manhattan With Parade of Military Ships

26 May 2010

Military Commentator on Truth behind "Story of Attack by North"

N Korean subs go AWOL

South Korea navy searching for North Korean subs

South Korea, U.S. maneuvers threaten war on DPRK

North Korea tells military to prepare for war

Torpedo Sinks Inter-Korean Relations to Cold-War Depths

Few surprises in Naval Operations Concept

New Navy Sub May Cost $1 Billion More, CBO Says

25 May 2010

Jennifer Aniston Takes Navy Showers

INS Shivalik First Indian Navy Ship Powered by LM2500

N. Korea Threatens Military Action in Disputed Waters

South Korea To Hold Anti-submarine Drill Against North Korea Thursday

Navy plane drops sonobuoy on house

24 May 2010

Pentagon dials up pressure on North Korea for Cheonan sinking

U.S., SKorea To Conduct Military Exercises Following Torpedo Attack

Russia defers Bulava missile tests

Russian Navy on course to buy French ships

Aussie sailors rescued after submarine accident

Punches thrown as Ukraine port keeps Russian navy

U.S. destroyer shadows ship under pirate control

23 May 2010

The ‘Hunt for Rouge October’

North Korea's Statements on Ship Sinking

S. Korea takes ship sinking case to UN

U.S. Implicates North Korean Leader in Submarine Attack

Obama starts massive US Air-Sea-Marine build-up opposite Iran

Course correction in carriers’ future

Air Force and Navy forging “Air-Sea Battle” plan against China

Rebuilt submarine HMAS Dechaineux returns to service

Navy to get new course after loss of Cheonan

Seoul steps up pressure on North Korea

21 May 2010

Investigation concludes North Korean torpedo sunk the Cheonan killing 46

North Korea Responds to Cheonan Report

U.S. officials urge measured response in attack on South Korean warship

S.Korea, U.S. Plan Joint Anti-Submarine Drill

Up spirits! Canadian Navy marks centennial

Indian Navy On Receiver End of Surveillance Sat

Royal Navy guns down pirate ships

Submarine Texas deploys to 4th Fleet

Billions could be saved by scaling down Trident

20 May 2010

'North Korean torpedo' sank South's navy ship - report

Three months under the waves with 48 nuclear warheads

North Korea Threatens War Over Navy Ship Row

'Submarine detoured in West Sea'

19 May 2010

SKorea's top diplomat: 'Obvious' NKorea sank ship

Serial Number of Torpedo Traced to N.Korea

Israeli Navy Wants Stealth Corvettes

The Russian Navy won't attack you, Medvedev says

18 May 2010

Should We Nuke The Oil Spill?

Evidence of torpedo attack secured

Taiwan inaugurates 'stealth' missile boat squadron

Pirates' clash with Russian navy reveals a gap in rule of law

17 May 2010

Cheonan Investigators Find Pieces of Torpedo Propeller

South Korea freezes North Korea money ahead of Cheonan warship sinking report

China's forces lack strong naval tradition

Russian warship honors Battle of Tsushima

Iran And The Hormuz Booby Trap

Chinese Navy Obtains Illegal Aircraft

Two "20,000 Leagues" Films in the Works

South Korea Fires Warning Shots At North Korean Navy Boats

15 May 2010

Indian team inspects refurbishment of Gorshkov

How Hitler's 'invincible' wolves of the ocean were captured in secret on Scots sea loch

Cup of coffee leads to submarine duty

Navy gives Boeing multiyear contract to build F/A-18 jets

Canada's Navy dodges budget bullet

14 May 2010

Ukraine Doesn’t Plan to Renew Submarine Base

China angry with Japan monitoring its Navy

Submarine California Celebrates Pressure Hull Complete Milestone

13 May 2010

South Korea closer to blaming North for sinking ship

Investigators compare blast fragments to NK torpedo

US Navy's plane-hurling mass driver in tech hiccup

China's navy changing the game

Iran's Navies Flex Their Muscle

Quiet Resistance to Women on Subs

12 May 2010

Nelson’s Ship in a Very Big Bottle

LCS Price Gives Navy Pause

Iran wraps up navy drill

Australia's submarine top secret service to be recognized

11 May 2010

Women submariners: Trailblazers by timing, sub sailors by choice

Japan to build navy base in Gulf of Aden

Now, no record of sinking Pakistani submarine in 1971

Iran tests cruise missiles in southern waters

US Navy Ships Stay far from Iranian Wargame Zone

US Reconnaissance Plane Shooed away from Iranian Airspace

Australian Navy fears being left high and dry

Raytheon's Standard Missile-6 Program Begins Sea-Based Flight Testing

Students dive into mystery of Civil War submarine

10 May 2010

Iran’s Navy Already a Threat to Oil Tankers, Moscow Analyst Concludes

Iran's Heavy Submarines Test-Fire Torpedoes Successfully

Russia honours Arctic convoy veterans

Hats off to 100 years of Canada's navy

Second Scorpene submarine sets sail for Malaysia

Russian Navy to retain Akula class nuke subs till 2019

Defense chief confirms explosive residue found

09 May 2010

When the road parted for Albacore

Royal Navy's nuclear sub stranded in port after fire

Iran tests anti-submarine torpedo

Clues suggest NKorean sub behind warship attack

08 May 2010

Japan, U.S. to back Seoul over warship's sinking

Political push afoot to rename the Canadian navy


Navy launches newest 'San Diego'

07 May 2010

Rule the waves on World War Two British battleship

PACOM: China is America's biggest threat in Asia Pacific

Scorpene submarine leaves France for Malaysia

Bulava missile designer blames industry for test failures

Results of Bulava probe due May 20 - Russian Navy

Submarine Sneaks into Beirut?

Probe concludes torpedo sank South Korea ship

Torpedo Gunpowder Found in Cheonan Wreckage

Oh Boy, Russian Navy Gives Hell To Somali Pirates

Gates raises uncomfortable questions for naval aviation

Navy to Gates: Yes, we need 11 aircraft carriers

First Female Submarine Officers Graduating From Naval Academy

06 May 2010

Traces of explosive found on wreckage of South Korean warship

Yo-Ho-Ho and a Bottle of … Mao Tai?

China Set for Naval Hegemony

Korean Military to Strengthen Anti-Submarine Drill

Air France Black Box Zone Identified by Submarine

Iranian Naval Exercises 'Designed To Show Military Might'

Iranian navy begins eight-day war games in Gulf

Russian navy retakes pirated oil tanker

05 May 2010

Astute goes down, down, deeper and down

'Japanese SuperSub' explores how submarine could have altered course of WWII

Iran begins new military maneuvers in Persian Gulf

04 May 2010

Navy Policy Will Allow Women To Serve Aboard Submarines

Blocked valves put nuclear subs at risk

North Korea claims U.S. responsible for ship sinking

Iran's navy to start eight day-war games in Gulf, Sea of Oman

Gates warns of emerging threats to U.S. Navy

More drones, smaller Navy

03 May 2010

Did North Korea target Deepwater Horizon oil platform?

Secrets of the Dead: Japanese SuperSub

UK nuclear submarines 'in service despite serious safety flaws'

Navy ship sinking puts Beijing on the spot

Gates suggests big changes coming for Navy

02 May 2010

President Lee to preside over meeting of top military commanders

South Korea to retaliate over warship sinking

Origin of metal fragments from ship sinking site undetermined

Dive Dive Dive Review: The Submarine Oscars

French Navy destroys Somali pirate base

01 May 2010

Commander: Navy Ready to Safeguard Iran's Territorial Waters

Did a U.S. Navy sub sink a French trawler in 2004?