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30 April 2010

Scientists Say Heavy Torpedo Sank Cheonan

29 April 2010

Indian Navy gets 'invisible’ ship and added firepower

South Korea Vows to Avenge Sailors’ Deaths

New Threat from N.Korea's 'Asymmetrical' Warfare

Iranian navy plane flies near USS Eisenhower in Gulf of Oman

28 April 2010

South Korean warship was not sunk by old mine

Providence’s Soviet sub being dismantled

Chinese ambassador criticizes Japan for 'following' navy vessels

Chinese navy 'challenges regional order'

Russian senators ratify Navy base deal with Ukraine

Video of smoke bomb egg fight in Ukraine parliament

USS Hartford repairs to cost $92.1 million

27 April 2010

Video: U.S. Navy Undersea Warfare

Seoul faces limited options over sunken warship

Why Does South Korea Think That North Korea Sank Their Ship?

Iran shakes things up in the Strait of Hormuz

Deadly new Russian weapon hides in shipping container

Pakistan to get $65 million US warship ‘free of cost’

Delay in Scorpene subs will impact Indian Navy

China navy threatens east coast of Taiwan

China’s Navy an Emerging Global Force

Moscow to consult Kiev on upgrading Russian fleet in Crimea

26 April 2010

Cheonan Probe Focuses on Torpedo Debris

Robotic subs race to cap leaking US oil well

Now complete, submarine USS Missouri will launch in July

25 April 2010

Initial investigation shows S Korean warship sinking caused by close-range external explosion

Torpedo Likely Sank South Korea Navy Ship, Defense Minister Says

24 April 2010

China Opens Missile Plant In Iran

Iran to test new types of anti-ship missiles

Indo-US naval exercise ‘Malabar 2010’ begins

Piracy in high seas common concern for US, Indian Navy

Somali Pirates Charged in U.S. Courts

Chinese naval squad returns from successful escort duty

Korean Navy Wreck Raised After Mystery Blast

Chinese Military Plans to Extend Its Naval Power

23 April 2010

Iran war games begin with new 'ultra fast' speed boats

Lawmaker wants key submarine document

Drills in Far East to involve warships of three Russian fleets

Indo-US naval wargames begin in Arabian Sea

Russian navy tests supersonic missiles

22 April 2010

South Korean Military Report: Navy Ship Sunk by North Korean Torpedo

Report: SKorea warned of NKorean submarine attack

US, Taiwan should cooperate to thwart PRC: expert

INS Shivalik, a step towards making of a blue-water navy

Pak to upgrade and strengthen its naval fleet

Iran expected to begin Gulf exercises

Russia Wields $40 Billion to End Ukraine Gas War, Win Navy Deal

Plans to allow women and gays, ban smoking shake world of Navy submarines

21 April 2010

China: Scare Thy Neighbors

Japan increasingly alarmed by China's growing naval power

Russia To Build Submarine-Detecting Satellite

Israel builds up deep-sea navy

US Navy to launch Great Green Fleet

20 April 2010

'N.Korean Officer' Says North Sank the Cheonan

South Korea’s Lee vows answers on Cheonan Navy ship sinking

Navy Develops Battery that Runs on Mud

After many issues, the Enterprise is ready for battle

19 April 2010

Military Increasingly Convinced of N.Korean Sub Attack

Fifth Fleet ready for Iran attack, experts say

Royal Navy To Rescue Stranded Britons

India's first anti-submarine warfare corvette launched

18 April 2010

North Korea denies role in South Korean naval disaster

Retrieved stern of sunken S. Korean navy warship arrives in its home port

16 April 2010

U.S. Navy Helps S.Korea Search for Answers

North Korea Has Brazen Record of Attacking South

Why South Korea hesitant to blame North Korea in Cheonan ship sinking

South Korean Officials Say External Blast Sunk Navy Ship

Somalia pirates undaunted by navy patrols

Navy looks for ways other than armed patrols to fight Somali pirates

15 April 2010

China’s military buildup aimed at power past Asia: US Admiral

India moves to expand strategic Karwar naval base

Enterprise Completes Deceptive Lighting Drill

Royal Navy nuclear powered sub en route to be decommissioned

U.S. Navy 6th Fleet celebrates 110 years of the Submarine

NATO countries begin 'Brilliant Mariner' naval exercise

Chinese Navy expanding role

Soviet submarine turned into museum

14 April 2010

USS Virginia Returns From Maiden Six-Month Deployment

Arming Containers Ships With Anti-Ship Missiles

The Gorshkov Scam

U.S. military backs F-35, draws line on more F/A-18s

USS Virginia shipshape after first deployment

Japan says China subs, warships came near Okinawa

Navy Set to Raise Stern of Sunken Ship


13 April 2010

Nato forces gather for Exercise Joint Warrior

A Look at Britain's and France's Nuclear Arsenals

US, India military brass discuss China's rising power

Russia delays launch of new nuclear submarine

12 April 2010

Dram-atic end for HMS Sceptre

HMS Sceptre departs Simon's Town on final voyage

Taiwan developing 'carrier killer'

Carrier battle groups to add muscle to Indian Navy

‘N.K. navy vowed revenge on Seoul'

Pirate ship destroyed after firing at U.S. Navy

10 April 2010

One iPod, one submarine= $96 million damage!

09 April 2010

Fire Scout Scores First-Ever Drug Bust

Upgrading the Admiral: Russia’s Kuznetsov

US naval power 'ill-prepared' to confront China

Underwater Robot to Stake Canada's Arctic Claim

08 April 2010

Astute does town proud in sea trials

Ark heads off on flagship deployment

Bow wow as new carrier 'sails'

Sneak preview of the Royal Navy's biggest ever warship

Strategy review backs ballistic-missile subs

South Korea sailors describe mystery ship blast

07 April 2010

New ships wage battle to be Navy's new breed

Iran's speedboat of doom

Novel Ocean-Powered Underwater Vehicle Demonstrated

06 April 2010

Grounded submarine photographed with sonar

Repair cost for sub Hartford nearly $87M

Ark Royal to lead global exercises

India using navy to spread power, influence

‘N.K. submarine activity detected around time Cheonan sank’

US Rules Out North Korea's Involvement In Ship's Sinking

05 April 2010

"The smoking lamp is out aboard all submarines"

SAIC helps Navy scout out submarines

India's Scorpene submarine programme delayed

Women in submarines face health issues

03 April 2010

U.S. Navy Ship Grabs Pirates, Lets Them Go

India and Singapore begin naval wargames

02 April 2010

Navy: Photo shows warship destroying pirate mother skiff

Photo: Pirate skiff sunk after second Navy encounter

Norwegians to raise WW2 submarine

01 April 2010

'Monster bug' attaches itself to submarine

Sea Dog ale commemorates Canada's navy

Oops! French Spy Sonar Lost Overboard

US Navy captures suspected pirates after gunbattle

Birds or North Korean Midget Submarine?