World Naval News Archives

27 February 2010

Academy Women to Become First Female Submariners

Moscow yet to clinch deal on French warship

The Battle For the East Pacific

Fire on INS Sindhurakshak due to explosion in battery

26 February 2010

Training days finally over for Torbay

Kockums to Design Sweden‘s Next-Generation Submarine

Human remains found on 18th century Royal Navy wreck

25 February 2010

India, China pilots may train at Ukraine base

Pakistan Wary Of Indian Navy's 'Hegemonic Mindset'

Royal Navy intercepts Argentinian warship near British waters

24 February 2010

Royal Navy Introduces New Reconnaissance UUV

Submarine Keepsakes for Sale in Sweden

NZ Navy frigate Te Kaha back in action

How Us Navy rescued Tanzanian ship from pirates

Brazilian navy faults Canadian ship for sinking

23 February 2010

Pentagon announces end of ban on women on subs

New submarine completes dive successfully

Building a Special Ops Minisub, on a Budget

S. Korean Navy to Receive New Patrol Aircraft

22 February 2010

Falklands’ war tested modernized Super Etendard

Sub fire in Severodvinsk

Billion ringgit dive for new submarine

Iran Jamaran destroyer completes first mission

21 February 2010

Deep secrets: Former cold war agent gagged by the CIA

Iran’s Home-Built Guided-Missile Destroyer Starts Gulf Patrol

Navy gives new minisub a try

Iran And The Killer Klones

20 February 2010

Dispute deepens over Falklands oil plans

Submariners gunning for place in competition

No one hurt in fire aboard Russian sub

Requiem for a submarine

Canadian tall ship sinks off Brazilian coast, all rescued

Iran's navy to launch 2nd destroyer by 2012

19 February 2010

Spitfires of the seas saved

Russian Scientists Invent Pedal-Powered Submarine

U.S. Navy Plans Armed UCAS-D Follow-on

India-made stealth submarine to be tested next month

Royal Navy warships on standby in Falklands

Indian Navy inducts its most modern fighters

Iran navy launches domestically made destroyer

18 February 2010

Plea for Navy to break Argentine Falklands 'siege'

(Gun) busting makes York feel good

Colombian Navy Destroys Drug Sub

Akula nuke submarine to be delivered to India by May

Indian Navy to induct Mig-29K fighters Friday

Third F-35 test craft delivered to Navy

17 February 2010

Freedom Gets Underway For Maiden Deployment

X-47B Unmanned Combat Air System taking shape onboard carrier Lincoln

Russia to deliver aircraft carrier to India in late 2012

Astute sets sail for first diving trials

India Unveils Shaurya - Submarine Launched Missile

16 February 2010

Double Ds on show off Portsmouth

The Secret Submerged Service

U-Boat Worx: Caribbean base for private submarine rentals

Boeing’s Poseidon, 737’s ‘lethal twin,’ moves ahead

15 February 2010

France's valentine to Russia

14 February 2010

U.S. Owns Up to Secret Hunt for Sunken Soviet Sub

US admits salvaging sunken Soviet submarine

13 February 2010

Unmanned US Navy jet gets more punch

Navy sex claims inquiry `biased'

China some time away from aircraft carrier capability

Yanukovych opens door to Russian navy keeping base in Ukraine

12 February 2010

New airlock mini-sub for US Navy SEAL 'operations'

Russian Navy presence to continue in Horn of Africa

Navy's first littoral combat ship departing for maiden deployment

Malaysia's first submarine to be operational next week

11 February 2010

Submarine forces in the Northern Fleet reorganized

10 February 2010

Flying torpedoes get no respect

Aircraft carrier Kitty Hawk not for sale

Defect found on Royal Malaysian Navy sub

French-Russian Warship Deal Making Waves Among NATO Allies

China's anti-ship missile not a threat to India

Reputation of Collins class subs takes a further dive

MND denies Taiwan dropped request for US subs

09 February 2010

Taiwan drops request for U.S. military subs

08 February 2010

USS Freedom Readies for Maiden Deployment

Russia starts building 4th nuclear sub to carry Bulava missile

China, S.Korea Flex Naval Muscle as U.S. Wanes

China spurs navy fortification in Andaman

Submarine shaping up

France OKs carrier sale to Russia

Full Speed Ahead For Silicon Aviators

US Navy revises ship numbers downwards

Indian n-sub to be operational in two years

06 February 2010

"Stretch Armstrong" Movie No Longer Such a Stretch

Arab media: 2 Israeli Navy ships passed through Suez Canal

05 February 2010

Guns from Confederate raider Alabama restored

04 February 2010

BrahMos test flight in Baltic Sea

Raytheon introduces GPS-guided torpedo kit

02 February 2010

Trafalgar lives on

US plans crewless automated ghost-frigates

Submarines rate high in Obama budget

U.S. submarine, sunk in 1944, found