World Naval News Archives

31 January 2010

Royal Australian Navy lumbered with sub-par hardware

U.S. Navy: Time is now to prepare for ice-free Arctic

Indian Navy to induct Mig-29K fighter jets

Taiwan discovers Chinese submarine near top naval base

Navy denies Chinese submarine spotted in waters off Taiwan

30 January 2010

Lockheed Strengthening Fuselage in Navy’s F-35 Model

USS Constitution Museum hosts model ship exhibit

Pentagon Planning Document Eyes Navy, Air Force Programs for Cuts

29 January 2010

Ark Royal returns as the Vanguard of the Fleet

The Cursed Subs Of Oz

New submarine project warned of dirty fight

Virgin launches luxury submarine

US Navy confident it can meet any challenge in Pacific

U.S. Navy Sued Over Anti-Sub Training

28 January 2010

USS George H.W. Bush Departs for Sea Trials

Navy 'hamstrung by pirate laws'

27 January 2010

French submarine test-fires M51 missile for first time

Government admits serious problems with subs

Navy keeps carriers in draft QDR

26 January 2010

Navy pilots to get cutting edge software

Canadian navy to modernize ships without U.S. equipment

Updated WWII service dress khakis approved

25 January 2010

Submarine Los Angeles is decommissioned

Electronic warfare goes on the offensive

Australia's sub fleet dead in the water

24 January 2010

Indian Navy's Foxtrot submarines to be history soon

The day 45 Australians rowed off to fight those Yankees

23 January 2010

Russian Navy claims US weapon test aimed at Iran caused Haiti quake

Terror Threats Prompt Navy to Be More Tight-Lipped on Ship Movements

Ark Royal returns as flagship of the Royal Navy

Nuclear submarine the USS Los Angeles to be decommissioned

NOAA may prohibit Navy sonar testing

Navy finds faulty welds on Northrop Grumman ships

21 January 2010

Could an 80-Year-Old Tacoma

Drought Offer Haiti a Model for Recovery?

USS San Juan receives Battle 'E'

Russia Denies Baltic Fleet Boost Over Patriot Move

SUBMARINES: Things That Go Bump In The Deep

19 January 2010

Famed submarine USS Los Angeles to vist San Pedro

Naval Submarine Base medical staff headed to Haiti

18 January 2010

American spy goof-up: China navy report posted on web

Navy commander crashed £32m British submarine

India, Russia close to $1.2 bln deal for 29 navy fighters

Israel to station German nuclear submarine in Persian Gulf

US Navy Commissions Second Littoral Combat Ship

17 January 2010

Can the U.S. Navy Make Jet Fuel Out of Sea Water?

U.S. Navy fleet in high demand

DARPA pursues deep-sea sonar technology for advanced anti-submarine warfare

16 January 2010

More welding problems prompt another investigation on Navy subs

15 January 2010

Navy no-grog mutiny

Coping With The Great American SSN Shortage

Can't Get Enough Of Perry

Raytheon tests Standard Missile-6 for US Navy

The incredible shrinking Royal Navy

Japan ends refuelling mission to Afghanistan

'Warship Under Sail': a sloop of war on a hard-edged frontier

Navy plans to buy two more LCS ships

Israel in talks to buy 6th submarine from Germany

14 January 2010

Coast Guard and US Navy sending ships, aircraft to quake scene

US Navy Ships Bound for Haiti

13 January 2010

Barco Illuminates Immersive Navy Sub Training Prototype

Sub Cook Preps Torpedo on Chef Academy

Chinese Buildup Of Cyber, Space Tools Worries US

12 January 2010

Bounty hunters seeking $25 million in bullion from liner torpedoed by U-boat

New Russian Subs Await Missiles

India to rent Russian nuclear submarine

11 January 2010

India to get first indigenous aircraft carrier by 2014

U.K. Carrier Program, Mission Under Pressure

Russia to resume Bulava missile test this summer

09 January 2010

How the Royal Navy gave us the Bank of England, a civil service and tinned food (not to mention a global empire)

Scientists Clarify ‘Mini-Sub’ Role at Pearl Harbor

‘Sub gap’ will lead to longer deployments

08 January 2010

Video: PCU Independence Overview

Revolutionary Ship Readies for Commissioning

Fisherman nets a torpedo

US plays down threat to navy

07 January 2010

Jihadist threats to Navy increasing

Pearl Harbor to get new submarine

06 January 2010

Ballistic trajectory - China develops new anti-ship missile

Everyone With Sneaky Needs Does It

Germany to sell Israel another Dolphin submarine

NOVA: Killer Subs in Pearl Harbor

Iran prepares for major drill amid war speculations

'Jetski' warship set to tackle pirates

05 January 2010

Norwegian subs need northern base

Iran’s IRGC to hold war games in Strait of Hormoz

China Seeks A Naval Base West Of India

P-3s Pile On The Pirates

The Irreplaceable Burkes

04 January 2010

UK probes Sea Viper missile test failures

Warning over navy spending cuts

Royal Navy’s image suffers from having to operate over the horizon

Time runs out for ageing Royal Navy carriers

03 January 2010

U.S. Navy Juggles Ships To Fill BMD Demands

Obama to review nuclear strategy -- submarines in, bombers out

Navy faces lawsuit over submarine training range

Royal Navy to allow women in submarines

Pedal-powered submarine to go on the market

01 January 2010

Destroyer's production run sets Navy record

China rules out overseas naval base for now