World Naval News Archives

31 December 2009

U.S. Navy war heroes to be featured on new postage stamps

Submarine New Mexico Delivered to Navy Four Months Early

China's navy mulls push into Arabian Sea

30 December 2009

Despite naval forces, Pirate attacks off Somalia nearly double

Spectacular Air Rescue Of Crewman From US Navy Submarine

Iran subs get boost from North Korea

Indonesia ready to modernize warship fleet

In Pursuit Of Silence And Superiority

Powering Up Arihant

India Prepares For The Worst

Cursed Boat Heading For India

China may build Middle East naval base

Sub New Mexico delivered to Navy

Submarine for sale

29 December 2009

Deck not ready yet, Indian navy scouts for aircraft

India step closer to getting N-sub

Combat stores ships near end of the road

Trident II missile completes 130th test-flight

Ark Royal becomes first Royal Navy ship to sign up to Twitter

Indian Navy issues RFI for carrier-based fighter aircraft

28 December 2009

North Korea Declares ‘Firing Zone’ in Disputed Ocean Territory

China's escort fleet completes 150 missions in Somali waters

Nerpa nuclear attack submarine enters service with Russia's Navy

India to receive Nerpa submarine in May 2010

27 December 2009

Submarine Enterprise Going Where No Speedos Have Gone Before

26 December 2009

Mayor UK warfare exercise in the Falklands to repel “enemy invasion”

Torpedo boat's beer surprise

‘Narco-sub’ that got blown out of the water

Indian Navy plans to acquire multi-role fighter aircraft

25 December 2009

Full road test - HMS Diamond

Australian navy fires first upgraded SM-2

Indian gov't committed to modernizing navy

Navy gets shipyard to build new subs

24 December 2009

Faulty contract jeopardises Indian Navy's submarine projects

India's President sails in INS Viraat

Astute comissioning date put back

Navies too stretched on piracy in Indian Ocean

Gifts from 'Saint Nick': New sophisticated sub for launching ICBMs

Russia sticks with Bulava missile

Is the Chinese Navy Reluctant to Use Force Against Somali Pirates?

22 December 2009

Illustrious is fantastic in plastic

China wary of Russian naval repairs

In Defiance of Sea Border

Koreas spar over Northern Limit Line

Indian Navy sends SOS on ageing submarines

21 December 2009

Seized North Korean arms 'bound for Iran'

North Korea Threatens to Open Fire in Disputed Sea Area

Pakistan navy chief hails co-op with China

New ships being readied for service

Russia, Vietnam ink submarine deal

S. Korean navy regrets over DPRK's warning

20 December 2009

Piracy pushes up cost of crude oil transport

Commissioning of Pak's F-22P frigate held in China

Indian Navy foils piracy attempt

18 December 2009

Vietnam aims to counter China with subs

Development of strategic nuclear fleet under threat?

Iran protests reported 'unlawful attack' by US Navy

Suspected Somalia pirates freed by Dutch navy

17 December 2009

Aegis Upgrade Successfully Tracks Sophisticated Missile Targets

An Important Varyag Update

Controversy around sunken WW2 submarine

U.S. Navy v. Iran

Gorshkov price is settled at $2.3 billion

16 December 2009

Ships and aircraft axed to pay for war against Taliban

Royal Navy's fleet is cut but carriers stay

15 December 2009

USS Michigan Returns from Its Maiden SSGN Deployment

RAF's Nimrod plane fleet withdrawn in defence cuts

‘Target Drones’ Used In Counter-Piracy Training

First Navy Test Pilot Flies P-8A Poseidon

Russia delays construction of 4th Borey-class nuclear sub

Next Bulava launch can take place in January

Russia to continue testing Bulava missile despite recent failure, says commander

14 December 2009

HMS Trafalgar's sailors march through city

Trident Program Intent On Avoiding Past Shipbuilding Pitfalls

Submariners Going ‘Back to Basics’

Final freedom for submarine crew

Gorshkov’s final price decided

Dhanush shoots to success

Indian Navy to build four amphibious warships

11 December 2009

F/A-18G Cleared for Full Rate Production

Why China Really Wants A Big Navy

Behind the scenes on a nuclear submarine

10 December 2009

Russian missile test launch fails (with video)

Russia, U.S. to discuss prevention of incidents at sea

General Dynamics ship succeeds in trials--US Navy

09 December 2009

Farewell to 'marvellous' HMS Trafalgar

MIG confirms delivery of naval fighters to India

Royal Navy destroys 2 boats

S. Korean sailors recount gunfight with N. Korean Navy

Indian Navy Deters Attack On U.S. Owned Tanker Vessel

08 December 2009

Heroes Remembered During the 68th Pearl Harbor Day

India, Russia end stalemate over Gorshkov's price

HMS Dauntless is delivered

Russia tests nuclear submarine in Arctic waters

U.S. Navy Preps For First LCS Deployment

07 December 2009

'NOVA' looks at Japanese midget sub in Pearl Harbor attack

Pearl Harbor mini-submarine mystery solved?

Recalling the origins of the U.S. Navy

Russia, India finalize deal on warship overhaul

Still a long wait until Navy can operate more submarines

Royal Navy destroyers at sea with faulty weapons systems

06 December 2009

Diary details attack on Pearl Harbor

Japan’s Covert Moves to Save The Endangered Tomahawk

Flipper Can Find It: US Navy Uses Dolphins to ‘Sniff’ for Mines

Fifth USS Missouri christened

Missouri a symbol of sub success

05 December 2009

HMS Trafalgar retires from the submarine fleet

Indian Navy to deploy fast crafts on eastern coast

Pirates warn against navy raid on Greek tanker

04 December 2009

Old Warships Never Die, They Just Fade Away

INS Vikramaditya will be ready by 2012

The War of 1812's unsung hero

Iran can shut down vital oil route: US Navy

Virginia Class Submarine New Mexico nearing delivery

Navy to Christen Submarine Missouri

Lawmakers: Cost looms too large in Navy's LCS competition

03 December 2009

COMSUBPAC Announces Changes of Homeport

Ageless Tomahawks

In Pursuit Of Silence And Superiority

Seaborne Intelligence Comes Aboard

Poseidon Is No Longer Mythical

Giant warship dwarfs town

HMS Dauntless joins Royal Navy fleet

Aliens in "Battleship," and Much More!

India's home-made nuke sub to be inducted in 2 years

02 December 2009

Royal Navy's £1bn+ destroyers set to remain unarmed for years

Free To Good Home: Navy Aircraft Carrier

Virginia Class Submarine New Mexico nearing delivery

Eyeing China push into Indian Ocean, India boosts navy

01 December 2009

In Pictures: 'World War II Fighter Recovered'