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30 November 2009

Want a free PSP? Join the Royal Navy!

U.S. Navy Prepares for Militarization of the Arctic

S.Korea's 3rd 1,800-Ton Submarine to Begin Service

Iran 'strengthening' naval prowess

Iran Guards take over naval forces in Gulf

Pirates say ship crew to die if China tries rescue

Iran vows action against Somali pirates

Iran's Navy detains five British sailors in Persian Gulf

29 November 2009

India's hunt for new carrier-operated fighters begins

China's Subs Getting Quieter

27 November 2009

Test Drive in the World’s Fastest Personal Submarine

Russia floats out first frigate for Indian Navy

Royal Navy to train with Playstations

Russian Navy could be in dire straits by 2015

25 November 2009

U.S. Navy's X-47B UCAS to fly in 2010

24 November 2009

Log book’s discovery reveals how Royal Navy caught up with Bounty mutineer

Hunt on for fighters for aircraft carriers

Mistral: A Cold French Wind Blows East

Submarine accident reflects crisis in Russian navy

Russia delays test of troubled Bulava missile

23 November 2009

Commandos enjoy fin-tastic voyage on HMS Sceptre

Submarine Collisions And The Curse Of The 1930s

US, Iranian naval Red Sea buildup off Yemen. Debut for Iran's midget subs

British nuclear expert to head Australian Submarine Corporation

India bolsters anti-piracy operation off Seychelles

Advanced submarines to join Iran Navy

Iranian Navy exercises control over 20% of Caspian Sea

Submarine USS Texas due to arrive at Pearl Harbor

Navy Eyes 2010 Deployment For Growler

French ship Russia wants to buy in St Petersburg

22 November 2009

First Supercarrier Of The Future Ready By 2015

Female mids eager for submarine duty

Iranian Commander: Enemies' Targets in Persian Gulf within Navy's Gunshot

Indian Navy keen to buy new generation aircraft

Saudi navy blockades Yemen's Red Sea coast

Russia submarine returns broke

21 November 2009

Video: Hi-tech combat ship on show

Canada, US seek warmer ties on Arctic

It’s sub-thing special

20 November 2009

Photos: USS Connecticut at sea - 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7

LCS 2 Completes Acceptance Trials

US navy braces for Arctic resources fight

Navy to use dolphins to defend sub base

Captain freed from pirates thanks Navy 'heroes'

19 November 2009

Unique homecoming to Vietnam for US commander

US ship repels pirates

IDF to join NATO Mediterranean force

In Nod to Global Warming, Navy Preps for ‘Ice Free’ Arctic

18 November 2009

Navy finds lax behavior aboard sub in collision

Curtain call for HMS Trafalgar

Latest Navy carrier madness: 'Sell 'em to India'

Russia, India close to resolving Adm. Gorshkov impasse

China to build anti-ship BMs

Chinese missile threatens US Navy’s Pacific fleet

Britain will not be protected round the clock without four new Trident submarines, warns Navy chief

Russia to float out frigate for Indian Navy Nov 27

17 November 2009

Royal Navy aircraft carrier may be sold to India

Supersonic stealth jumpjet starts hover tests

Tomahawk Block IV Cruise Missile Test Demonstrates Time-Critical Use

PICTURES: The Hunt for Lost WWII 'Samurai Subs'

New nuclear sub begins sea trials

16 November 2009

India's sole aircraft carrier turns 50

U.S. submarine's trip to Arctic should sound alarms for Canada

S.Korean Navy on High Alert in West Sea

Farewell to Astute - pictures

New Hunter Killer Nuclear Submarine Takes To The Seas

Medvedev Plans 'Fundamental Refit' of Navy

15 November 2009

Russia, India agree to sign new deal on aircraft carrier overhaul

MoD may sell aircraft carrier to India

Final trials of Russia's Nerpa sub to start next week

Shipyard lays keel of carrier in solemn tribute to Gerald R. Ford

BAE hands new nuclear submarine to the Royal Navy – four years late

13 November 2009

Researchers hunt for 'Samurai Subs'

Keel to be laid Saturday for USS Gerald R. Ford

China to boost efforts in fighting Somalia piracy

Boeing Wants The Navy To Find That Sub

Royal Navy watched helpless as pirates kidnapped yacht couple

Defense Minister Says Securing India's Coasts Is Of Utmost Importance

HMS Astute set for home on the River Clyde

12 November 2009

First sea trials soon for submarine Astute

Video: North Korea warns South that it will 'pay' for sea clash

North Korea Issues Threat After Naval Skirmish

Russia’s modernised nuclear submarine begins trials

Japanese subs found off Hawaii could have changed World War II

11 November 2009

Royal Navy could be forced to build aircraft carrier which doesn't carry planes

Navy surrenders aircraft carrier in budget battle

How to fend off a pirate attack

Rushing The Robots Into The Air

'Grand old lady' sails into Plymouth for the last time

Submarine's final sailing to base

SKorea on high alert after navy skirmish

10 November 2009

15 holes on S. Korean boat after clash with N. Korean navy

Scorpene beefs up Malaysia's navy

Assert Arctic sovereignty or lose it, says navy commander

Indian Navy comes up with a power spectacle on high seas

Pakistani president suspected of graft in submarine sale

Navy sub vets share a model experience

09 November 2009

US Navy Ordered to Listen for Martian Radio Broadcasts in 1924

BAE seeks international warship orders to remain buoyant

Australian Navy remembers first sea victory

08 November 2009

A Personal Sub Built Like A Plane

Russia grounds naval planes after crash

Russia remembers victims of Nerpa nuclear submarine tragedy

07 November 2009

A Fitting Tribute to the Newest Navy Warship

USS New York Joins The Navy Fleet

06 November 2009

Iran building state-of-the-art battleship

Navy subs 'could cost $100 billion'

Rand Corp. wins submarine design study

05 November 2009

US SSN to exercises with South African Navy

WW1 submarine found after 93 years

Australia’s Next-Generation Submarines

04 November 2009

Enormous Jellyfish Sink Japanese Fishing Boat

Allons Enfants de la Russie in the Black Sea?

Deck Guns Gain Range

New subs to replace Collins Class fleet

Opposition questions high-tech subs plan

Taiwan says China starts building first aircraft carrier

Israel navy captures arms ship

03 November 2009

Letters illuminate first search for the Hunley

Australia: Future Submarine Project Design capability study

US Navy chief favors speeding up unmanned programs

Can Killer Drones Land on Carriers Like Human Top Guns?

Submarine to hitch ride inside giant ship

The USS New York returns some of 9/11 to the city

02 November 2009

Next Bulava missile test-launch slated for November 24

France, Russia move on ship sale


USS New York, built with steel from Twin Towers, sets sail on maiden voyage

Indian Navy to procure five midget submarines

01 November 2009

Trafalgar has her eyes on Portland

New Russian Carrier Killers

Russian Admirals Told To Forget About Carriers

‘Forgotten Weapon’ fills void in WWII history

Test-launch of ballistic missile in the Barents Sea

Indian Navy to purchase midget subs for secret missions