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30 October 2009

US Navy Facing Submarine Challenges

General Dynamics Awarded $25 Million for Nuclear Submarine Services by U.S. Navy

NAVAL AIR: Saudi P-8As

29 October 2009

New Aussie submarine fleet to cost '$36 billion'

Tasty sub -- for just $2 million at boat show

28 October 2009

$150,000 grant expands submarine simulation project for Hammond students

Former crew wants sub kept out of water

27 October 2009

Russian missile failure blamed on defect

Iran acquired submarines from N. Korea

Nuclear Submarines: Decommissioning

WWI submarine wreck found

26 October 2009

Torpedo attack survivor marks 70th anniversary

Russia Violating Treaty By Developing Missile

What role for US in China's next move?

25 October 2009

Dire straits at Patriots Point

Japan navy holds review

24 October 2009

USS Triton Submarine Memorial Park gets sub sail

PAC to debate tainted Scorpene submarine deal

23 October 2009

Researchers find sunken WWI sub

Submarine found after 93 years

22 October 2009

Video: Submarines Provide Survivable Nuclear Capability

A Look at the Birth of the Continental Navy

Hundreds Join Old Ironsides' Return to Sea

A new Defender of the realm is launched

USS Constitution successfully launched today in 1797

Final flag from Battle of Trafalgar sells for $636,300

Warship tops out at more than 50 mph

21 October 2009

A Tiffany Registry for the U.S.S. New York

Last Union Jack flown at Trafalgar 'must remain in Britain'

Australian Navy Submarines Face Engine Flaws

20 October 2009

China vows to save crew held by Somali pirates. But how?

Captain's log, star date 1791

Flying the Flag for Trafalgar Day

India Mulls Land-Based E-2D

Crew for new submarine Severodvinsk arrive

U.S. Navy Pushes Green Fleet

Chinese navy races to rescue ship from pirates

19 October 2009

Wuhan builds a cement aircraft carrier

U.S. Navy Isn't Just For America Any More

17 October 2009

China’s landlocked carrier

Russian Akula-II to be delivered to India in 2010

16 October 2009

India, Russia to continue negotiations on aircraft carrier

‘Rum, sodomy and the lash’

15 October 2009

DPRK warns of navy conflict with S. Korea

The first and last destroyers join forces

Why One Aegis Ship Means so Much More

Navy goes under the ice in the Arctic

Navy moving toward better planning after LCS debacle

Navy says Freedom will deploy 2 years early

Navy to begin LCS retests this week

Blueback celebrates 50th birthday

13 October 2009

MiG-29 Shuts Down The Su-33

USS Cole bombing 9th anniversary

Israel to join NATO Mediterranean patrols

South Korea to Build 6 'Mini-Aegis' Destroyers

12 October 2009

Yes, We Did It Again

USVs No Longer Improvised

General Dynamics To Build Extra Submarine Thanks To Congress

Aegis pioneer honored at commissioning of DDG

11 October 2009

India to Test-Fire Undersea Launched BrahMos Supersonic Missile

Sailors take aim at new recruiting slogan

Melting Arctic poses new challenges, naval powers say

10 October 2009

Iran's navy launches supersonic fighter jets

US 'to play key role' in new Aussie subs

09 October 2009

Illustrious leads Scottish war games

Fresh deal for ‘Gorshkov’

Russia Starts Ka-28 ASW Helicopter Deliveries to Chinese Navy

Russian nuclear subs shoot ballistic missiles

Russian Navy to buy 24 MiG-29K carrier-based fighters

08 October 2009

Women Will Serve on Subs, Navy Secretary Says

Navy to Commission Guided Missile Destroyer Wayne E. Meyer

The Battle of the River Plate: A Grand Delusion

Chinese spymaster complains about news leak

Israel, U.S. to hold manoeuvers as Iran talks simmer

Last surviving Trafalgar flag expected to fetch £15,000

India's Nuclear Subs Delivery Could be Delayed

India Navy names three additional Talwar class frigates

Farewell to Lionel the lobster: Blown up by the Royal Navy

Congress endorses new LCS buying strategy, with strings attached

07 October 2009

Italy's newest aircraft carrier like a son-captain

Neutrinos May Someday Provide High-Speed Submarine Communication

U.S. Navy vows focus on quality ships, affordability

Dismantling The Soviet Submarine Fleet

Israeli navy to deploy robot craft

Pirates attack French Navy ship

06 October 2009

Logbooks may yield climate bounty

Navy Looks to Stop Enemy Ray Guns

Navy to let women serve on submarines in 2011

India to order 29 more MiG-29Ks

US 'to play key role' in new Aussie subs

Fourth Borey-class sub in pipe

Russia’s new submarine completes tests at sea

Indonesia To Arm Patrol Ships With Guided Missiles

Navy sheds light on torpedo testing

05 October 2009

Gunships join HMS Ocean for trials

India clears North Korean ship after inspection

South Korea seized suspected North Korean ship's cargo

Navy to soon declare unmanned craft operational for patrols

Father of Aegis missile system remembered

04 October 2009

A massive "simulated war" involving ships, aircraft and submarines

MiGs Successfully Trapped

China's Phalanx

Israeli Dolphins Rule The Waves

Awesome Aegis Ascendant

Iran to build medium-size submarines

India detains North Korean ship for inspection

03 October 2009

'Growler' squadron ready to fly

US navy warns of poor China links

Russia's Arctic Circle claims worry NATO

India says nuclear submarine is geared to counter Chinese threat

US Navy mobilizes disaster relief across Asia

02 October 2009

Arctic Thaw May Lead to NATO-Russia Chill

Pak, China Navy collaboration to reach new strides

Oasis of the Seas: A Sneak Peek

U.S. Navy establishes new strike group

Russia on alert for Georgia Black Sea 'provocations'

01 October 2009

New LHD Is A Little Different


Chinese anti-submarine choppers inducted in Pak Navy

China sets its sights on US Navy, admiral warns

Indian Navy’s fighters pass carrier test in Russia

Video: Sailor airlifted from submarine

Naval parade highlights China's growing ocean presence