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30 September 2009

Ark Royal fire after £12m refit

New missile defense plan bets on Navy interceptors

And the Ark went upon the face of the waters

Russia to dismantle 191 nuclear submarines by 2010

US Concerned About China's Military Modernization

Russia tests fighter jets before delivery to Indian Navy

Women on subs? Bad idea, say Navy wives

Northrop moving forward on submarine investigation

29 September 2009

Pirate Attacks on the Rise off Somalia

Indian Navy opts out of US exercise

Israel gets two more German submarines

Iran navy launches high-tech missile boat

Inside the Navy's Command Center of the Future

Littoral Ships, Other Weapons Cut In New U.S. Navy 5-Year Plan

Transonic Hulls Could Add Stealth To Navy SEALs' Boats

Pak Navy chief denies modification of US missiles

Navy Secretary says it's time to let women serve on subs

Navy Considers Endangering Women to Appease Feminists

28 September 2009

China ahead in warship sprint

Russian navy to rehearse landing, coast defense operations

Russia must recreate Navy in 10 years: Medvedev

Group Cites Dangers of Submarine Air to Pregnant Women

Aussie navy thwarts pirate attack

USS Providence a Ney finalist

Report: Mullen Backs Women Serving on Submarines

27 September 2009

French Navy Loses 12 Percent Of Its Rafales In One Disaster

Gorshkov deal on "visual examination"?

Submarine Corp 'out of its depth'

26 September 2009

German yard withdraws from Greek contract for high-tech subs

Navy Seeks to Allow Women to Serve on Submarines


Commander describes expansion of Iran navy

25 September 2009

New fighter jets for Admiral Kuznetsov

Brit SSBNs On The Chopping Block

WW1 Russian submarine found

Thailand's submarine ambitions back on agenda

24 September 2009

Deep respect for Royal Oak

49 years ago, the USS Enterprise became the Navyís first nuclear-powered aircraft carrier

US Navy 5-year plan to cut littoral ships, other weapons

Ark Royal back to sea after refit

After 7 months, Port Royal to leave dry dock

Head of House seapower panel endorses Navy LCS plan

Let women work on subs, Navy secretary says

23 September 2009

Victory broadside announces new museum

China Army Parade May Give Clue to New Missiles

Canada acquires submarines to chart Arctic claims

Navy strategy changing along with Arctic conditions

Britain could cut nuclear sub fleet

Greek submarine force could go under

22 September 2009

China to project naval, air power further off shore

Terrorism from the sea

Russian billionaire installs anti-paparazzi lasers on super-yacht

21 September 2009

Melting Ice Caps Expose Hundreds Of Secret Arctic Lairs

Made-in-India 'INS Shivalik' to be inducted soon

US ships arrive in Israel ahead of joint drill

ThyssenKrupp cancels Greek submarine order

20 September 2009

Photo: USS Texas departs for Pearl Harbor

China, Russia hold joint naval military exercise in Gulf of Aden

19 September 2009

How freak wave hit secret submarine mission of HMAS Farncomb

Sailors washed off submarine as rescue kept quiet

Aircraft carriers may not be built, says navy head


Indian Navy Launches Stealth Destroyer

18 September 2009

WWII naval memorial unveiled

Scorpene boost for the navy

Town to honour WWII U-boat crew for saving 28 sailors' lives

17 September 2009

Kings Bay submariner awarded Bronze Star

15 September 2009

Raytheon Demonstrates Successful Underwater Launch of Air-to-Air Missile

Malaysia's first submarine fully operational by mid October

Navy goes green with new hybrid ship

Strike From the Sea

14 September 2009

Submarine captain lost at sea

New carriers to dwarf naval base

'Submarine graveyard' to become holiday spot

Supersonic missile planned for S.Korea's Navy

13 September 2009

US clears Hawkeye E-2D aircraft for India

Revealed: The awesome aircraft carrier that will be Britain's most powerful warship ever (if it is actually built)

12 September 2009

Stealthy Italian submarine will train with U.S. Navy

Pak Navy receives first of three Chinese F-22P frigates

11 September 2009

Indian Navy looking at E-2D Hawkeye

No relocation of Bulava missile production

Russia eyes French warship

Navy chiefs repair USS Batfish

Super-light sub has 'capability greater than U.S. Navy'

10 September 2009

Navy: No risk from bad welds

Scorpene Arrives In Southeast Asia

Underwater Lasers Change Everything

Navy insists underwater warfare range won't hurt whales

Russia denies mystery ship was carrying missiles to Iran

US maritime agency warns ships of increased piracy

09 September 2009

CIA Agent Led Effort to Recover Soviet Submarine

Indian Navy to induct MiG-29 Ks by Oct

Cold War Admiral Guided Navy's Antimissile Program

08 September 2009

In restive Med, U.S. ship eyes risk of missile war

Royal Navy's Most Advanced Attack Submarine Readies for Sea Trials

07 September 2009

US Navy boffins invent aircraft-to-sub laser phone

06 September 2009

Second Scorpene sub to sail for Malaysia in January

Youngest German U-boat captain

Japan Seeks Larger Aircraft Carriers

U.S. Boats Delayed Because Of Many Manufacturing Defects

Itís a tough life for submariners

James Bond-style 100mph Navy interceptor to take to the seas

Iran Navy prepared to block 'enemy' routes

04 September 2009

Ark Royal back after £12m refit

Enterprise finds Battle of the Atlantic victim

HMS Daring carries out ammunition trials

Amateur inventor's homemade submarine

Indian Navy crew to join Russian sub sea trials in Far East

Wayne E. Meyer - Father of Revolutionary Navy Weapons System

03 September 2009

Where There Were None, Now There Is One

Russia, India to sign new deal for Gorshkov overhaul

Where Have All The Sailors Gone?

Indian Submarine Fleet Fading Away

New Mexico's commissioning pushed back because of problems

Safety fears in toxic submarine scare

Malaysia's first submarine reaches home

02 September 2009

Malaysia's First Submarine Is Now In Melaka Strait

Malaysia Is Not Starting A Submarine Race

01 September 2009

Mirror, Mirror On The Wall, Who's Got The Fairest Ships Of All?

Turkey Specifies a Range of New Ships

Somali pirates using Pakistani arms: Indian Navy

India Struggles to Keep Navy Afloat

Iran Navy to Battle Somali Pirates

Philippines offers training for Somali coast guard

Pak's 'India-specific' nuke arsenal exposed

General Dynamics gets $30.9M Navy deal