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31 August 2009

Raytheon SM-6 Missile Completes Key Developmental Test

Playing Rough To Keep The Americans Away

Mesmerized by the French Navy

30 August 2009

French Nukes For Brazil

Japan Launches A Second Aircraft Carrier

U.S. Navy’s role in the Arctic may change as ice melts

U.S. Says Pakistan Made Illegal Changes to Harpoon Missiles

Pakistan rejects reports about buying French submarines


29 August 2009

NKorean arms headed to Iran seized in UAE

Old lessons used to fight new pirates

India's Scorpene project will cost more

Senators want check of Navy's shipyards

28 August 2009

Italian Sub Visits Groton

New manufacturer of Bulava missiles

Russia is breaking into the Arctic with new ship technology

Russia Scopes Fancy Imports in Weapons-Buying Spree

Submarine loses gangways in high winds

U.S. plans land-based UAV patrols to combat piracy

Captain Canada? Group wants Bill Shatner to be honorary naval chief

India's Navy Chief designate applauds performance of ships deployed overseas

Indian Navy comes out with revised maritime doctrine

Brazil's first nuclear submarine to be launched in 2021

Navy Historian Traces Rise of Piracy

27 August 2009

End military surveillance missions, China tells US

No action over submarine deaths

Indian Navy poised to be best fighting force

Gorshkov price to be finalised soon

I have never said China is more powerful: Indian Navy Chief

Is That a Russian Sub Lurking Off the Jersey Shore?

Submarines Not Named After Their Bases

USS Bremerton submarine welcomed to Bremerton

26 August 2009

Indian navy chief's warning on China

Debating the Navy’s ‘Plug-and-Play’ Warship

Russia to test troubled Bulava nuclear missile again

Russia Wants to Buy French Warship

New nuclear submarine to be named after Saint Nicholas

India grounds Sea Harriers after latest crash

24 August 2009

Indonesian Navy Stepping Up Sea Border Security

Navy creates a virtual world to test submarine design

23 August 2009

South Korea's Red Shark torpedoes

Electric Boat to fix sub's cracked hull

'The Marines sank my boat'

Viraat refit done, but where are the jets?

New Navy chiefs get peek at USS Wisconsin

First look at new USS Missouri submarine

22 August 2009

Fight to bring back Invincible

Patriarch meets submariners, wishes them strong willpower

Four subs examined for troubles with bolts

21 August 2009

Pirates facing tougher merchant ships

US Navy considering Aussie warship base

U.S. Navy Destroyer to be Sunk

20 August 2009

USS Scranton Returns From Deployment

Another nuclear sub for scrapping

Indian sea-based N-capability

Where There Were None, Now There Is One

19 August 2009

The Billion Dollar Death Match

Sweden Warns of Baltic Piracy

Russia hosts international meeting on Arctic security

Canada flexes military muscles in Arctic

'Second nuclear submarine on track'

China's Navy: Larger does not mean 'Better'

The Arctic Sea Mystery: more unexplained missing ships and crew

Lake Erie shipwreck at centre of U.S. legal battle

Pakistan to get US Naval frigate

Russian General explains submarines on the US coast

Malaysia's First Submarine Makes Port Call

18 August 2009

Shocker: Navy’s Stealth Battleship ‘on Time, Budget’

Submarine - the ultimate man's room

Information Useful To The Enemy

INS Viraat refit complete, gears up for golden jubilee

Russian Navy arrests eight 'pirates' who seized cargo ship

17 August 2009

Predator C At Sea

Indian Aircraft Carrier Back in Service Soon

India likely to get new diesel submarines

Ukraine says Russian navy pollutes Black Sea

U.S. Navy Readies The 'Green Hornet'

Russian navy finds missing ship

16 August 2009

Egyptian fishermen net their limit of pirates

"INS Arihant is an Indian design"

India releases $122 mn for Gorshkov modification

15 August 2009

Missing ship Arctic Sea spotted in mid-Atlantic

Confusion surrounds fate of Arctic Sea ship

F-35 COULD be obsolete before it even enters service

Russia sends another strategic nuclear submarine for scrapping

Indian Ballistic-Missle Sub Still Without Nuclear Reactor

14 August 2009

Flying on Bio-Fuels

Boeing's P-8I deal with India set to roll

Russian submarine designer certain of Bulava missile success

HMS Gannet gets ready to party with the girls

U.S. Weighs Arming Ships Against Pirates

Australian future submarine plans to receive a more distinct shape

Russia could scrap troubled sea missile

Indian Navy a big challenge for China

13 August 2009

Russia, India Continue Carrier Haggling

Australia explores home sub technology

US Navy Eyes New UAVs for New Missions

Detected Russian subs 'failed' their mission

Submariners scale new heights

Russia remembers the ”Kursk” tragedy

Kursk Submarine Disaster: No Clue Nine Years After

Kursk - Submarine Drama

Did a sub sink this trawler?

U.S. Navy Plans Worldwide Basing Of UAVs

Russian Navy Joins Search for Freighter

12 August 2009

Video: SSGN cruise missile attack

PCU New Mexico's Crew Moves Aboard, Eats First Meal

Vikramaditya is a 'she'

Chinese Ski Jump Spotted

All fired up for torpedo deal

HMAS Sydney inquiry blames captain for worst naval disaster

Canada tracking Russian subs off East Coast

11 August 2009

Russian Sub Patrols Cannot Conceal Fleet's Decline

China will be one of our primary challenges: India's Navy Chief

U.S. Navy Pushes Back First Flight On UCAS

China Builds Big Floaters

Russians Again Hustle Indians For More Money

Providence's Russian sub to be dismantled from stem to stern

Russia shortlisted for submarine contract with Indonesia

10 August 2009

India should have minimum deterrence: Navy

U.S. Navy trying to remove pirates from ships off Somalia

Navy submarine trades nukes for SEALs

09 August 2009

India fires on North Korean ship but finds no illicit arms

Chinese F-22P frigate to arrive in Pakistan on 19th

Two new submarines for Indonesia to arrive soon

History in a torpedo tube

Russian Carrier Dreams Sunk

Russian Navy Joins Search for Freighter Attacked by Pirates

08 August 2009

Canada planning anti-sub exercises in the Arctic

Abe Lincoln, a she at sea

'Attacking Iran is feasible and credible'

Ukraine military hovercraft to equip Chinese navy

Russia's delay of stealth frigates mirror problems with Gorshkov deal

India, Russia close to testing air, sub-launched BrahMos

India detains "suspect" North Korean sugar ship

Navy: Nuclear cruiser could be cost-effective

07 August 2009

Indian Navy to acquire Ka-31 early warning helos

Pirates eye off cruise ships

India Russian Gorshkov deal dead again?

Australia Begins Search for Submarine Designers


06 August 2009

Georgia Departs for Maiden Deployment as Guided Missile Sub

Putin, Russian subs flex muscles in Siberia and off U.S. East Coast

Russian subs were tracked for days, U.S. military says

Air Force urged to consider F-18s

F-35C variant has the MoD's eye

Laura Bush honors USS Texas

India could agree on extra $1.2 bln for Admiral Gorshkov

U.S. to transfer frigate to Pakistan

Former Royal Navy man fights off armed robbers with war cry

Star of 'McHale's Navy' honored

05 August 2009

Why Are Russian Subs Patrolling Off East Coast of U.S.?

Sea changes ahead for India's Navy

Droids For Bottom Dwellers

Aegis Hits Another One

Nuclear submarines off US coast 'nothing to worry about' says Russia

Mexican Navy Increases Patrols Off Calif. Coast

Russian general confirms submarine patrols near US

04 August 2009

Russian Subs Patrolling Off East Coast of U.S.

Russia may buy French helicopter carrier

India says will renegotiate Russian carrier deal

French Aircraft Carrier Sails Without Nukes

India can make N-powered aircraft carrier

Australian submariners to be trained in native country

Underwater warfare range to be built on Fla. coast

New generation missile fails, again and again

03 August 2009

Navy Announces Decision on Undersea Warfare Training Range

Royal Navy JSF could be delayed by a year

Navy tests online simulation environment for sub design

India's launch of nuke submarine aims at stronger deterrent capability

The World's Biggest Military Boondoggles

Russia to resume Bulava missile tests soon

Pakistan must counter India's growing power

PWR building shows indigenous capability

Action man Vladimir Putin turns submariner

02 August 2009

Nautical superstitions that seem bananas

Submarine reactor was built from land-based prototype

01 August 2009

Putin dives to new depths

Nimitz Strike Group Underway in Support of Maritime Strategy

Rig For Depth Charges

India's navy build-up shows regional ambitions run deep

Soviet warship turns into India's white elephant

Akula-II class sub for India commences second stage of sea trials

Report: N. Korea captures S. Korean boat

Stranded sub 'will sap morale'

Indian Navy on alert over 'suspicious ship'

Turkish Navy Commandos Seize Pirates Off Somalia