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31 July 2009

U.S. Submarines Could Retain Nuclear-Armed Cruise Missiles

With Nuke Submarine Launch, India Displays its Growing Military Prowess

Victory for the tot

X-47B UCAS validated for Carrier Operations

U.S. Navy vows to sail steadier on shipbuilding

Indian Navy chief defends Gorshkov acquisition

Indian Navy to add 125 new warships and subs in the next ten years

Austranian submarine breaks down

Pakistani Navy Tones Down Criticism of Indian Nuclear Sub

New rules for Navy sonar

Video: Direct Hit! USS Hopper Shoots Down Test Missile

30 July 2009

Military Channel Mini-Series Features Navy's At Sea Operations

Schedule slips for India's Scorpene subs

China's navy develops fast attack craft

USS Port Royal Repairs Nearly Complete

Navy officials gather for Boeing P-8A Poseidon rollout

Russian aircraft carrier not overpriced: Indian Navy chief

S-5: No trace of panic or confusion

First F 22-P SHIP Delivered to Pakistan Navy

Pakistan looking beyond P-22 frigates

Navy Rolls Out Joint Strike Fighter

29 July 2009

Navy Reveals Details of Submarine-Based Drones

Long voyage ahead for India's new nuclear sub

New contract for Admiral Gorshkov not finalised

Iran to hold naval maneuver in fall

Submarine veterans an elite group

INS-Arihant no security threat, says Pak Naval Chief

Navy gets OK for sonar range but faces obstacles to use

28 July 2009

Hurtling Through The Sea At 115 mph

Commando Subs Sending Drones, Robo-Torpedos into Combat

Fifth Fleet warns calm seas means piracy surge

Lockheed Martin unveils F-35C for Navy

Navy kills mini-sub effort

Russian Navy Official: Aliens Like Water

Laura Bush To Attend USS Texas Ceremony

27 July 2009

Israel tests ship-borne anti-missile system

Top secret 11 yrs in making, submarine faces crucial tests ahead

N-submarine still wrapped in secrecy

Indian submarine is a 'danger to region'

26 July 2009

The White Elephant Called Bulava

Finally, India has an answer to Chinese nuclear submarines

Video: Russia marks Navy Day

Sevmash Starts Construction Of 2nd Advanced Submarine

Russia starts work on new nuke sub

'Indian naval orders help Russia maintain lead in warships'

Russia to have balanced nuclear missile navy by 2050

Russia to lay down one multipurpose submarine a year

India launches nuclear submarine

25 July 2009

Pearl Harbor Welcomes Multi-Mission Capable USS Hawaii Home - Photos: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14

Boeing Delivers 400th Super Hornet to US Navy

Prototype mini-sub shelved

PM to launch INS Arihant in Visakhapatnam tomorrow

24 July 2009

French firm given undue favours in Scorpene submarine deal

Sea trials of Russia's Nerpa submarine on schedule

Russian warship accidently fires on apartment block

Russian Navy Declassifies Cold War Close Encounters

Navy Warship Hits Nearly 50 Mph

Turkish navy commandos capture pirates off Somalia

USS Hawaii arrives at new home port

Day of Daring

Prius of the Sea

U.S. Army Builds Fast Ships

Another Sea Tigers submarine found

Israeli warships' passage through Suez Canal causes a stir

Indian Gov't, Navy slammed over Gorshkov deal

Governor proclaims USS Hawaii Day

23 July 2009

Delight as submarine museum sails nearer to its cash target

Experts Consider Navy Fighter Gap

Arrival of USS Hawaii heralds new era in Pacific

Breaking into the underwater boys’ club

Thirty Year Old SSG Refurbished

Russian Carrier Dreams Sunk

Designer Quits After Missile Failure

Ukrainian Police Stop Russian Naval Missiles

WWI submarine wreck found

Lockheed ready to introduce the F-35C

21 July 2009

Russia eyes Med naval base in Syria

Korean Navy will join U.S. ballistic missile drills

Malaysia's first submarine heading home

Cracks found in submarine Toledo's hull; Navy investigating

Pakistan Navy assumes command of CTF 150

France, Germany vie to sell Pakistan subs

Admiral Gorshkov price talks in last leg

Navy's synthetic training allows it to stay ready

New Personal Submarine Brings Airplane Tech Underwater

Indian Navy to be responsible for overall maritime security

Delay in Scorpene project to hit Indian Navy

20 July 2009

S. Korea mulls how to inspect N. Korean ships

All aboard for a Daring new insight

South Korean Navy to Create Mobile Fleet

India sees delay in French submarine delivery

Historic Navy hydrofoil in need of final home

19 July 2009

Australian warships in the Big Apple

$2.9 billion for Gorshkov (and that's my final offer)

The Next Naval Aviation Revolution

Russians Yearn For The Good Old Days

Over 5,000 pirates operate off Somali coast

Newest destroyer opens hatches to public

18 July 2009

Russia Navy must seek alternative to Sevastopol base

Middle East navies eye new submarines

US ship in ancient Tower of London ceremony

Bulava missile will without doubt enter service

17 July 2009

'Chinese Navy gearing to assume missions other than Taiwan'

Japan watching Chinese navy

India's intel centres to keep tabs on China's missiles, navy

Trident submarine deal delayed

Navy Wants High-Powered Laser for Fending Off Small Boats

Russia stunned by missile failure setback

Russia to continue Bulava tests after examining latest failure

Australian defense lobby calls for nuclear submarines

Cairo consents to Israeli warships using Suez

Peruvian U-Boat Stalks the USN

Clashes in China Sea reveal China's intentions

Tomahawk Being Re-tooled as Ship-killer

Fortitude, Vigilant, Spearhead: Military names first Joint High Speed Vessels

Failed test to delay Russia's newest missile

16 July 2009

LCS Independence undergoes builder's trials. Photos: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12

Indian indigenous nuclear sub to be unveiled on 26 July

New submarine USS Hawaii will get big welcome at Pearl Harbor

Russia strategic missile test fails

Pirates wreak havoc at sea

China Warns Oil Companies on Work With Vietnam

US Reaffirms Its Rights to Operate in South China Sea

China's Navy Patrol Mission Swaps Ships

Cannonballs really could sink ships, study finds

15 July 2009

Israeli navy prepares for potential attack on Iran

US warship in Georgia for joint exercises

The Fleet That Has To Die

Is the Gorshkov Aircraft Carrier India’s best option?

14 July 2009

Russia test launches second Sineva ballistic missile in two days

Details on India's nuclear submarine project break surface!

Russia eyes submarine exports

Russian navy withdraws from Crimean Sevastopol

Israeli warships make rare Suez crossing

General Atomics to Demonstrate Electric Drive for Navy Ships

13 July 2009

India joins the exclusive club of nuclear submarines

India, Russia in final lap of talks on carrier price hike

Not your average Wasp-class ship

Russian Navy facing 'irreversible collapse'

French horror as Joan of Arc to be 'killed' by English again

Russia launches ballistic missile from strategic submarine

Now that's what I call a fly-past

Time for an All-Navy Missile Shield?

12 July 2009

Boeing eyes $10 bn Indian contract with Super Hornet

India Defeats Russia In A Costly Victory

X-47B scheduled to launch at sea in 2011

USS Hawaii nearing new Pearl Harbor home

Pakistan navy needs submarines, aircraft, says Naval Chief

Navy ship grounding detailed

Tomahawk may get ship-killer role

11 July 2009

Peruvian Sub Departs San Diego

War-time alert in the Indian Ocean

India's home-built nuke sub

Can a University of Texas professor neutralize the Nazi sub threat?

The Untold Story of Israel's Deadly 1967 Assault on a U.S. Spy Ship

EB To Repair Sub Damaged In Strait

10 July 2009

Build a Super Hornet in less than 4 minutes

Keel to be Laid for Third Littoral Combat Ship

Iran sends second fleet of warships to Gulf of Aden

Russia's new nuclear sub completes first round of sea trials

Baltic Sea divers find wreck of Soviet submarine

Naval Supremacy Without Ships

Remembering the Kursk in Murmansk

Ukraine cops ticket Russian cruise missiles

Russia resumes sea trials of nuclear sub for India

09 July 2009

Submarines add depth to Singapore defence arsenal

Aaooga! Aaooga! U.S. Navy cruiser makes like a submarine (photo)

"The carriers cannot be put at risk"

Malaysia's First Submarine Begins Journey Home From France

Royal Navy's nuke subs won't be cut

Hybrid robot vehicle undertakes record-breaking dive

India to pay around $2.2 billion for Gorshkov's refit to end wrangling

Indian navy will be training in the Barents Sea

India set to launch nuclear submarine

Suspected North Korean weapons ship returns home

08 July 2009

Sail softly, but carry a big stick

New cloud over future of navy

Florida team wins submarine race

07 July 2009

Baby Sub To Protect Coastal Waters

Iran wraps up 1st patrol mission in Somali waters

Hawaii-based ship's grounding detailed

Australian Navy goes high-tech to attract submariners

Japan cabinet to back searching NKorea ships

China's new-style missile boats reach combat capability

Chinese Develop Special "Kill Weapon" to Destroy U.S. Aircraft Carriers

New carriers at heart of defence debate

06 July 2009

US navy will continue to track N. Korean ships

A USS Michael Jackson?

Israel abandons LCS plan and eyes MEKO A-100 design

Sub’s voyage through Suez Canal message to Iran, Gulf states, and US

Japanese navy ships leave for anti-piracy mission

05 July 2009

Sailors sent home amid sex scandal

Israel won't base submarines in Red Sea - official

Will Israel help NATO police the Mediterranean?

Sub damaged in fatal crash rejoins fleet

Turkey, Germany sign submarine deal

Sub hears signal from Yemenia black boxes

Why we need better ships

N.Korean ship sails home after being tracked by US

04 July 2009

Yasen The Carrier Killer

Zombie Boomers Roam The Seas

"Fat Albert" flies IndyCar drivers around The Glen

Italian company uses RC toy submarines to run cables through sewers

Sub Dolphin surfaces as museum piece

03 July 2009

S. Korea Mobilizes Maritime Unit Against North

Turkey Inks Sub Deal With German Consortium

LCS 2 begins sea trials

Brothels staff up for US Navy

Israeli sub sails Suez, signaling reach to Iran

Israeli conducts 'nuclear' sub maneuver

02 July 2009

Virginia-class subs receive high ranking

Gorshkov 'sole' irritant in Indo-Russian ties: Medvedev

Russian leader angry over Indian aircraft carrier

Is N.Korean Mystery Ship a Trap for Obama?

China, US to discuss naval confrontations

Israeli Navy mulls building ships locally

Sea lord defends navy spending

NKorea warns Japan against inspecting cargo ships

01 July 2009

Wrong decisions could sink Canada’s navy

Canada needs sailors

N Korea issues new coastal warning to Japan

N Korea warns Japan of action against ships' inspections

Student-created submarines make a splash

Sea Trial Proves Tough Test for New Destroyer

New Russian Boomer Is Ready, Again

US Navy encouraged by cost trend on LCS