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30 June 2009

NKorean ship reverses course

Second Thoughts on North Korea’s Inscrutable Ship

Drawing-up of NK Ship-Interdicting Plan Underway

Navy Marks 7th Anniversary of Naval Battle

LCS trials delayed by propulsion system problems

Corvette ZR1 against Blue Angels F/A-18

Russia to offer Amur Class subs to Indian Navy

29 June 2009

U.S. Nuclear War Gambling Disclosed

Typhoons will come back in service

2002 Yeonpyeong sea battle remembered at memorial

Royal Navy carriers face £1bn cost increase

Canada is 'Arctic superpower'

US war games signal intensifying tension over Arctic

Submarines: Up And Out

Navy Drops US Warship for Made-in-Israel Option

28 June 2009

S. Korea to acquire new missiles for Aegis destroyer

N. Korean ship to Burma: What gives?

Typhoon class submarines to stay in service

HMS Invincible totally out of action

Restored vessel Canada's only submarine museum

27 June 2009

Iran Navy to fight pirates off Yemen

Submarine Race Tests Students' Engineering Acumen

26 June 2009

China, US to hold sea consultations in July

'Tophatters' Tip Their Hats to 90 Years of Success

N.Korean Cargo Ship 'Approaching Moment of Truth'

US will not use force to inspect NKorean ship

Russia to send a fleet to the Gulf of Aden

Submarines: Banned in Columbia

France Orders 2nd Nuclear Attack Sub

25 June 2009

Russia to lay down 2nd Graney class nuclear sub in July

Forrestal to be scrapped or sunk

Family of lost submarine crew demands answers

I Hear You, Yes I Do

Looks Like A Torpedo, Acts Like A Robot

Virginia-class Submarines Receive the Highest Ranking of Operational Test Agency

24 June 2009

U.S. Massive Deployment of Forces in Waters around Korean Peninsula Flayed

U.S. sees multinational approach to North Korea ship

Russia may export up to 40 diesel subs by 2015

India to build 7 stealth frigates

Construction of 2nd Adm. Gorshkov class frigate to start in 2009

EPA delays USS Wisconsin donation

India's Defense Modernization Highlights Naval Designs

UK’s Type 45 destroyer: late, expensive and naked

US-China disputes at sea float to surface

23 June 2009

U.S. Keeps Close Eye On North Korean Ship

N. Korean cargo ship could test U.N. sanctions

NKorea ship suspected of holding arms passes China

Russia launches first nuclear submarine since USSR's collapse

North Korea Bans Shipping Off East Coast

Navy Wants ‘Bots to Outsmart Mine-Hunting Dolphins

Canada's top sailor defends navy's role in Arctic

Royal Navy destroyer put to sea without missiles a 'disgrace'

Baltic bombing

Alternatives to Trident replacement

Russian nuclear subs for India - one or two?

Swedish-Singaporean submarine ready to dive

Warship Delivery Delays Harming U.K. Defenses

22 June 2009

Suspicious N. Korean Ship to Dock in Burma Soon

Whither the Kang Nam?

McCain for Boarding North Korean Ship

North Korean Missle Ship Refuses to Leave Hawaii

Royal Navy targeted for more cuts

Navy completes final LCS 1 trials

U.S. Deploys Battle Group near North Korea

S. Korea Develops New Anti-Submarine Torpedo

Russia to Lease Only One Nuclear Sub to India

Without Trident, the second division awaits

A T-34 and the mighty Missouri

21 June 2009

U.S. Destroyer Shadows N. Korean Ship

Colombia out to sink cocaine barons by banning 'drug subs'

USS Constitution's custodians fend off the ravages of time

20 June 2009

'Hula blessing' greets dive bomber pulled from lake

Russian WWII sub found off Nordic coast

30 Ships 'Battle' in Baltic Sea

Human-Powered Subs Start Your 'Engines'

Russian navy takes delivery of new frigate

19 June 2009

Sources: Navy was tracking Chinese sub

Navy Positions Destroyer For Possible Intercept of NKorean Ship

Defence cuts may put Trident replacement plan on scrapheap

Yury Dolgoruky has left Severodvinsk

State-of-the-art nuclear submarines for the Russian Navy

Submarine hunts for Tsarist gold ‘worth billions’

Indian summer on England's south coast

Suspect N Korean Ship Detained Several Times for Maritime Violation

US Monitoring Suspicious NK Ship, Cash Transaction

Frenchmen killed in Karachi ‘over submarine money’

NATO Targeting Russia in Baltic War Game?

Japan navy gets more powers to fight pirates

Russia's Bulava missile 'will fly' - Navy chief

18 June 2009

You should have seen the one that got away!

U.S. Tracking NKorean Ship Suspected of Proliferating Missiles, Nukes

Germany Poised to Sell Subs to Pakistan

The Navy strikes back

House committee OKs new submarine

”Kursk” sail put in place

Baltic Mine Exercise Leads to Torpedo Discovery

Sailors steal McDonald's statue

Bill in Congress would set cost ceiling for littoral combat ships

17 June 2009

Navy Admiral Wants Do-Good Battlegroups

'Devil's vegetable' banned from Royal Navy warship

Kockums launches the first submarine in the Northern Light project

James Calvert; led historic polar sub mission

New subs not sign of regional arms race

Russia to give India nuke sub where 20 died

Navy Secretary: Subs Must Play Key Role For U.S. On High Seas

Playing Tag With the Chinese

North Korea threatens merciless attack if it is provoked

16 June 2009

Navy Mourns Loss of Former Academy Superintendent, WWII Submariner

United States To Order Navy To Seek Out North Korean Ships

If US Navy confronts North Korean ships on high seas, what next?

Lessons of the Yeonpyeong Naval Battles

Singapore's Navy welcomes new sub

Navy has few FFG options to fill LCS gap

Canada waters down plans for Arctic patrol ships

All Bark, No Bite? Navy to intercept but not board N. Korean ships

15 June 2009

USS Stewart Finally Back On Duty With The Submarine Cavalla

Russia's troubled nuclear sub to resume sea trials

EA-18G gets new nickname

India, France to hold joint naval exercise off Brittany

As tensions rise, ROK Navy celebrates victory

Submarine training tank springs a 300,000L leak

Russian Oil Magnate Launches $490 Million Luxury Yacht

First Littoral Combat Ship Successfully Completes Acceptance Trials

China-US naval incident part of a rising trend

Russian Boomers Bumble Along

Remote pilots take on the pirates

Chinese sub, US sonar collision accidental: report

14 June 2009

Navy confirms Chinese sub collision with US ship

Attack Demonstrates Pirates Expanding Reach

Gator fleet a likely target for QDR, cuts

Chinese Navy's "strategic nuclear submarine aircraft carrier"

Trident move 'prompts confusion'

13 June 2009

P8I aircraft to give Indian navy maritime patrol edge

N Korea warns that blockades by US are 'act of war'

Revealed: How North Korea Plans to Invade U.S.A.

China 'challenging' laws of the sea

Ministers accused of 'sea blindness' by Britain's most senior navy figure

Navy chief calls for harsh retaliation if N. Korea provokes aggression

12 June 2009

US will confront suspect ships near North Korea but not forcibly board them

House panel reverses cuts in aircraft programs

Chinese sub collides with sonar array towed by U.S. Navy ship

PLAN Officers to Train on Brazilian Aircraft Carrier

China accused of secretly salvaging sunken British submarine

U.S. to Respond to North Korea with 'Strongest Possible Adjectives'

The first and the last

Evidence of Mine Field Discovered During BALTOPS

India-Britain naval games in the Atlantic Ocean from June 20

Airbus search intensifies with submarine, extra surface ships, joining hunt

News Flash! U.S. Navy culture linked to drinking (Duh)

11 June 2009

Brit boomer back in action

Research dives planned on Holland submarine wreck

Raytheon Submits KillerBee Bid to U.S. Navy

Northrop weld inspections could be costly, time-consuming

Turbulent times in Norway

Royal Navy Learns To Talk Under Water

'Golden ears' on nuclear submarine listen for signals from Flight 447 black boxes

10 June 2009


Russia's Lada sub trials to be completed in 2009

Russian sub in which 20 died going to India

Navy officials explain growth in fighter gap

Luxury subs for the masses (Video)

French sub joins plane crash search

Navy gives Raytheon $150M for laser weapon

Indian Navy looks to Napoleon for coastal security lessons

U.S. Navy says pirates extend activity into Red Sea

09 June 2009

USS Ohio Crew Readies for Multimission Deployment

NATO launches another provocation against Russia

Building of aircraft carriers for Russian Navy will begin in 2012-2013

London stages play about Kursk submarine tragedy

A Time-Traveling Submarine From The Year 2100

Indian Navy’s sub project slips on time, climbs on cost

WWII Soviet Sub Wreck Found

The Threat From Below

Technicians light off LCS 2’s engines

08 June 2009

U.S. Weighs Intercepting North Korean Shipments

North Korea bans ships from coastal waters

Baltic Sea Exercise Begins in Sweden

Police fear disruption at NATO military exercise

More welding woes uncovered for Newport News shipyard

Singapore, US Deploy Submarines In War Games

07 June 2009


Submariners recall close encounters of Soviet kind

High-speed ship Stiletto Deploys to the Caribbean

Cartels stay afloat with narco-subs

S.Korea draws up N.Korea counter-attack plans

U.S. Navy's Fifth Fleet to Expand Bahrain Base

06 June 2009

Navy's Top Officer Marks Battle of Midway

Bush carrier is still a work in progress

Swine flu alert at Faslane nuclear submarine base

Commander of First Vessel to Surface at North Pole

05 June 2009

Remembering the Battle of Midway

India shells out more for Gorshkov aircraft carrier

Pak Navy to acquire 4 new warships

French nuclear submarine to help find missing airliner

04 June 2009

Royal Navy warship almost fires on UFOs

British Army, Royal Navy clash over ships

Submarine rescue system delivered to Australia

Waters along NLL cleared of fishing boats

NKorean navy boat crosses border with South

03 June 2009

Portland pounces on pirates

Photos: Iran's new homemade submarines

China ready to build aircraft carrier

France to honour U.S. Navy veteran 65 years after D-Day

India, Britain, France To Practice ASW

Russian nuke attack sub to join Indian Navy by year-end

Navy punishes former Port Royal CO

02 June 2009

India's nuclear sub to be launched August 15

Sexy sailor Megan Fox

Cost estimates rise for first LCS ships

N.Korean Navy 'Steps Up West Sea Activities'

Russian Navy to commission Nerpa submarine in fall

Royal Navy trials 'paging system' for submarines

S Korea boosts navy might in standoff

01 June 2009

Duncan Jones to Direct Submarine Thriller "Escape From the Deep"

Only 8 Russian SSBNs are combat-ready

Indian sending warships for combat exercises with over dozen nations

The U.S. Navy Comes Apart At The Seams

Home-Made Submarine Joins Iran's Naval Fleet

Documentary On World War II Submarine Brings Answers

Theatrical realism in "Kursk"

India agrees to allocate extra funds for 'Gorshkov' refitting

Japanese Midget Submarine declared historic shipwreck

U.S. Navy Satellites Hijacked

Navy looking at possible uninspected welds