World Naval News Archives

30 May 2009

Indian Navy warships set sail for exercises

Irish Navy to fight Somali pirates

American Heroes: Torpedo Squadron 8

Submarine USS Drum provides tight, but realistic quarters for movie crew

Navy Never Received Refurbished W-76 Warhead

Navy Investigation Targets Sub Welds

29 May 2009

Diesel Sub Commander Recalls Historic Soviet Sub Chase

Indian Navy war games with French, British in Atlantic next month

Combined Maritime Forces Works With International Navies to Counter Piracy

White Ensign lowered on the last Falklands veteran

Russia’s aircraft carrier problem

Inspector Falsified Submarine Weld Reports

Russian village hit by navy salvo during training

28 May 2009

Greek submarine deal set to surface

Soviet-Era Submarine Dismantled

Facing A New Missile Threat From China

German corvettes experience severe technical problems

Désolé! French Sub nearly sinks ship

27 May 2009

North Korea may face blockade by US Navy

A Singular Sensation

HMS Exeter: last Falklands ship retires from service

Iran, in first, sends warships to the Gulf of Aden

On This Day: British Royal Navy Sinks German Battleship Bismarck

Israeli submarine rescues swimmer fives miles offshore

26 May 2009

Superconductors At War

'Lost Boat' ceremony honors submariners lost in WWII

Swedish navy arrests seven pirates

25 May 2009

Ronald Reagan CSG Ready to Deploy

Lasers Could Find Friend or Foe Submarines Underwater

Iran Sends 6 Warships to International Waters in 'Saber Rattling' Move

24 May 2009

Close Calls, Lucky Breaks And Attacks From Above

An incident in the Sea of Japan

Super-destroyer to guard 2012 Games

23 May 2009

British warships dispatched as Spain invades seas around Gibraltar

Squalus submarine tragedy, rescue was 70 years ago

22 May 2009

Fleet Week celebrated in NYC

India's gov't set to clear ‘new’ Gorshkov deal by July-end

Fisherman finds sub in his path

U.S. Navy Plans August Test for Conventional Trident-Related Technology

Documentary spotlights Wisconsin-made submarine

U.S. Outreach On Rough Seas Off Western Africa

Hartford returns, a bit worse for wear

21 May 2009

Video: Sailors cope with living aboard USS Florida

Ukraine lets Russia return to naval pilot training facilities

Australian Navy in the dock over sidelined subs

20 May 2009

Nuclear submarine's nine radioactive leaks in 12 years

Navy's Newest Aircraft Carrier Lands, Launches First Aircraft

Australia expands navy as Chinese power grows

Navy examining data on possible fighter gap

19 May 2009

A 'Talent' for hunting

Vietnam to Buy Russian Subs as Message to China

Congress will make shipbuilding plan if Navy won't

Model Guardians of a Small but Proud Fleet

US, Royal Navy Hone Battle Skills

18 May 2009

Pentagon praises effectiveness of 'extraordinary' subs

Iraqi navy to take over oil platform security

Brazil may build nuclear powered sub within 12 years

Report says there are too few Royal Navy warships to guard coast

17 May 2009

Yanks intercept Colombia coke sub

U.S. Navy Satellites Hijacked

Cash-strapped Navy puts hold on transfers, goodwill visits by ships

15 May 2009

China proposed division of Pacific, Indian Ocean regions, we declined: US Admiral

US invites China to join naval exercises

India and US discuss modernisation, increased presence of Chinese Navy

Disconnect emerges in India-US military views

Russia to resume tests on nuclear sub for Indian Navy

14 May 2009

Chinese Carrier Goes Into Dry Dock

US, China in Talks on Naval Run-ins

Russia Warns of War Over Arctic Seabed

USS Hawaii on way to Pearl Harbor

Amphib New Orleans repaired after collision

Death To Little Boats

Russia to resume tests of troubled Nerpa nuclear submarine

13 May 2009

Mega Shark vs. Giant Octopus

Australian navy turns to obsolete submarine rescue vehicle

Navy Decommissions USS Kitty Hawk

12 May 2009

Two down, one to go for Torbay

Amur Shipyard Returned To State

Lockheed Martin says open to Indian parts in Aegis

11 May 2009

Navy Takes Delivery of Aircraft Carrier George H.W. Bush

USN Wants To Retire Carriers Early

Asia-Pacific steels itself for a new era of submarine superiority

Russia to deliver N-submarine to India by year-end

Warship of future revealed by US Navy

Not again: FAA stops military flight over Hudson

10 May 2009

USS Florida Returns from Maiden SSGN Deployment

‘Wrong-sized’ missile sends new Trident cost soaring

Korea Delays Submarine Program

08 May 2009

"100 years of incredible service"

USS Hawaii Earns Commendation for Disrupting Drug Traffic

07 May 2009

Obama requests increased submarine funding

U.S. Navy ship outruns pursuing Pirates

06 May 2009

China clears desks for carrier

Russia to build naval pilot training center

Navy is committed to new launch system for Gerald Ford carrier

Boeing Unveils US Navy Paint Scheme for P-8A Poseidon

Navy to Receive First F-35C Joint Strike Fighter This Summer

UK's entire nuclear submarine fleet to be based in Scotland

China says US naval vessel violated laws

05 May 2009

India, Japan, U.S. Foster Relationships During MALABAR

Chinese carriers - let them have them?

Pentagon Reports Naval Incident in Yellow Sea

04 May 2009

Sub's arrival part of Pacific plan

Shark Submarine Allows Divers A Close-Up View Of The Ocean's Greatest Predator

Fresh setback for £1.2bn nuclear submarine HMS Astute

03 May 2009

Russia to build floating Arctic nuclear stations

Britain’s special forces to have new weapon

More subs to mean big navy changes

Pirates seized after threatening French Navy ship

02 May 2009

Australia to Buy 100 Joint Strike Fighters, Double Submarines

Indian defense secretary to visit Moscow for defense deals

Drug traffickers move underwater

Third sub fire at shipyard

USS Constitution: A chip off the old block

F-35 Lightning II Brings 5th Generation Capabilities to the Navy

01 May 2009

Navy Restores Rare Artifacts From Looted Civil War Vessel

Admiral Wu Steams Full Ahead

Australia tries to placate China over navy expansion