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30 April 2009

Chinese Carrier Goes Into Dry Dock

Submarine Piggybacked To Victoria

Northrop to lay keel of submarine California

29 April 2009

Russia against increasing military presence in Arctic

Russia to conduct five tests of Bulava missile in 2009

PLA Navy expands its horizons

Russian ship seizes 29 suspected pirates

SUBMARINES: A Six Pack For Vietnam

28 April 2009

Chinese Navy Requires Supercruising Fighter

China may build up to six aircraft carriers

Report: Iranian Ship Torpedoed and Sunk by US-Israel

Iran denies 'US-Israeli' assault on navy ship

Center Replicates Real-World Submarine For Virtual Training

Russia to finalize plans for new aircraft carrier by 2012

27 April 2009

Subs will move to troubled base

'Safety breaches' at submarine base

Russia to build 6 Kilo-class diesel submarines for Vietnam

USS Truxtun (DDG 103) Joins the Fleet

Chinese navy escort fleet back home

26 April 2009

U.S. Navy Readiness Flaws Exposed

Cruise ship fends off pirate attack with gunfire

Boeing's P8-A Poseidon makes first flight

25 April 2009

The Bainbridge, and the man for whom it was named

Drug-Sub Culture

'I didn't think I'd ever get out of that boat'

24 April 2009

Problems found on Bush carrier "unexpected," yard says

Lockheed Martin briefs Indian Navy on Aegis missile defence system

Military laser weapon research aims at defending U.S. Navy ships at sea

Northrop could get share of new sub program

23 April 2009

U.S. 7th Fleet to Conduct Exercise Malabar 09 with Japan, Indian navies

"Justifiable and reasonable for China to have its own aircraft carriers"

Navy vets back to shine up old sub

‘Mighty Mo’ joins U.S. nuke fleet

China shows off its expanding, modernizing navy

Video: China flexes its maritime muscle

22 April 2009

Chinese Navy Sees Role Further Afield

China shows naval power at parade

21 April 2009

Close encounter of the underwater kind

Probe begins into submarine fire

China to Unveil Nuclear Submarines

20 April 2009

Navy Commissions Guided Missile Destroyer Stockdale

Amphibs, warships split up by new plan

US Navy unveils superconductor 'cloaking device'

Navy readies a Missouri namesake

Navy base to be 'nuclear dustbin'

U.S. Seeks to Improve Links with China Navy

18 April 2009

Dutch naval forces capture seven pirates

17 April 2009

Strategy behind US Navy's destroyers

S. Korean navy repels pirate attack

Malaysia's First Scorpene Submarine Will Arrive On July 25

Korea-New Zealand Anti-Sub Drills Begin

16 April 2009

Chef on Royal Navy submarine HMS Tireless on secrets of feeding the men

Taiwan's Submarine Program: Pipe-Dream or Next Big Thing?

Sub, ships making San Diego new home port

15 April 2009

USN Wants To Retire Carriers Early

Pirates attack U.S. cargo ship but fail to get aboard

14 April 2009

USS Hartford officer relieved of command

Navy P-8A Poseidon Already Being Redesigned

Navy confirms new deal on DDGs

Moment to shoot Somali pirates had come

TV show to track U.S. Navy's battles with pirates

Destroyer Vs. Lifeboat...Destroyer Wins

13 April 2009

Everything You Need to Know About What Went Down With the Pirates

US weighing where to charge captured Somali pirate

Pirates vow revenge

Captain Phillips' hometown sees true Easter miracle in rescue from pirates

12 April 2009

Hostage captain rescued; Navy snipers kill 3 pirates

Rescue Fuels Debate Over Arming Crews

U.S. Ship Captain Rescued From Pirates by Navy Seals

Contractors reach compromise to build stealth destroyer

11 April 2009

Carrier Bush returns from final sea trials; delivery next

INS Vikramaditya delivery in 2012

Pentagon Delays Decision on Carrier Move

Canadian Navy asked to help find ships lost in Franklin expedition

Fatal French commando rescue of pirate hostages underscores risk of sneak attack

US ships block help for pirates holding US captain

Unbalanced warfare not new for US Navy

10 April 2009

Somali pirates recapture American captain after escape attempt

Somali Pirates Send More Ships to Area of Standoff with US

Navy Exercises Raise New Concerns About Sonar Use

09 April 2009

Cargo ship heads for Kenya; pirates still hold captain

08 April 2009

Report: Ship carrying Americans hijacked

Bravo Zulu, ma’am

Australian Navy scrambles to stop underwater burnout

US Navy Says Pirates Seized U.S.-Flagged Ship

07 April 2009

Gates' Proposed Cuts Seen As Good Sign By Sub Supporters

DDG-51 and LCS Winners In Gates Budget

Gates would permanently trim carrier fleet to 10

Harpoon Block III Cancellation Expected

Burned sub Chicoutimi poised for 30-day voyage to the West Coast

Italian Navy Takes Delivery of the Frigate “Caio Duilio”

The PLA Navy sails the South China Sea

06 April 2009

Gates Unveils Overhaul of Weapons Priorities: Replacement program for Ohio class ballistic missile subs in FY10

Pirates seize British cargo ship in Gulf of Aden

“Kursk” memorial will be raised

Frigate of French Navy visits Vladivostok

Russian warships visit S. China port

US law fights submarine-like boats hauling cocaine

05 April 2009

Japanese Aircraft Carriers Back In Business

Indian Navy all at sea over BrahMos

04 April 2009

Pacific Seamen Commemorate Heroes of Tsushima Battle

India should have nuclear attack submarines: France

03 April 2009

Efforts to raise $300K for USS Missouri kicks off with ceremony

Submarine heading to BC for refit

02 April 2009

240 fires on nuclear submarines

USS Alaska arrives at Kings Bay Submarine Base

01 April 2009

Russia steps in to bail out India's destroyer project

Chinese 'Kill Weapon' Gives U.S. Navy Cause for Concern

Chinese aircraft carrier capability unlikely before 2015

Destroyers' role in focus as world monitors N. Korea

Stealth campaign waged in support of DDG-1000

Forces capture Somali pirates who mistakenly attacked naval ship

Chinese navy to send new escort ships to Somali waters

Chinese Develop Special "Kill Weapon" to Destroy U.S. Aircraft Carriers