World Naval News Archives

28 February 2009

Video: USS Ronald Reagan Growler quals

Indian Navy to operate two to three aircraft carriers

Russian Navy admits causing Irish oil slick

27 February 2009

U.S. Navy, NATO Complete Exercise Noble Manta 09

Russian warships to return home from Atlantic, Mediterranean tour

India to soon have 40,000 tonne aircraft carrier

Trident submariners conduct strategic deterrence missions

Crew Offers Peek of Life Aboard Sub

Russia to build nuclear-powered 60,000-ton aircraft carrier

26 February 2009

British Nuclear Deterrent Currently Offline

Yemen says Russian warships welcome

Brazil Seeks $3.6 Billion to Build Submarines

India builds aircraft carrier

China's navy goes global to protect its import sea lanes

Global downturn sinks Australian submarine float

25 February 2009

UAV Brings Mahan to Forefront of 21st Century Readiness

Russia showcases 'black hole in the ocean' submarine

Norway Orders Sting Ray Torpedoes

Contractual dispute leaves Navy subs without a lifeline

Russian Navy officials suspected in arms smuggling

U.S. navy says no sign yet of new Iran naval bases

24 February 2009

Navy trying to give away two top-secret vessels headed for scrap yard

'Lessons to be learnt' after nuclear submarine collision

$25b earmarked for new Aussie Navy submarines

Morale dives on navy's saddest boat

Global crunch could scuttle sale of submarine builder ASC

Firefighters put out fire on board tourist sub

23 February 2009

Russia watching Arctic militarization

Colombian "coffins" run cocaine beneath the waves

Trident II Missile Achieves 126 Successful Test Flights

Navalizing the F-22 Raptor

With Russia hiking Gorshkov price, India goes for indigenous carrier

India to become fourth nation to build its own aircraft carrier

Indigenous Aircraft Carrier to boost India's defence capabilities

Show of force at sea

Minister announces new head of Australia's future submarine program

South African navy ready to take on pirates

22 February 2009

US seeks Successor to Trident Submarine

Hull and damnation

Trident submarine: Military’s silent deterrent

The Russian Navy Crawls Out Of The Cellar

21 February 2009

Eisenhower deploys with a new directive: counter-piracy

Indian Navy pilots undergoing training on MiG-29Ks in Russia

Russia demands $700 million more for Gorshkov

20 February 2009

Iran navy moves to international waters

If North attacks, we shall respond, says Seoul

China summons Russian ambassador over ship

Submarine collisions: Not so rare at all

Oil spill caused by Russian aircraft carrier threatens Irish coast

Indian Navy warns of nuke threat from sea, starts building new aircraft carrier

Tracking down a submarine

USS George H.W. Bush Completes Trials

'Superguns' of Elizabeth I's navy

French battleship intact after nearly a century under water

U.S. Navy Raises Radar Alert Level for North Korean Missile Test

Australian Navy to spend $15bn on subs

Chinese navy to attend joint military exercise with Pakistan

$6.5B Navy arms deal to Taiwan near complete

19 February 2009

Russian navy accused of sinking Chinese cargo ship

Life on a submarine is very dull. But you don't want to liven it up by crashing into another boat

Singapore's stealth frigates display power in navy drill

Russia Restores Nuclear-Armed Submarine Patrols

Sea route may be used for nuclear attack: Navy chief

India's nuclear submarine plan surfaces

Navy celebrates 1,000th patrol of Trident subs

US Navy orders new electric hyper-kill railgun (with video)

18 February 2009

Russian Navy sinks Chinese cargo ship

Washington eyes bilateral naval pact with Beijing

Yury Dolgoruky sea trials to start this spring

Medic tells of battle to save submariners after onboard explosion

Seawolf leads the way

India's indigenous aircraft carrier to sail by 2011

Navy contracts for electromagnetic railgun

Royal Navy on international exercise

Navy chiefs sail into rough seas

17 February 2009

Why are submarines always bumping into things?

"My greatest fear on submarine patrol was collision"

Fears Growing of Naval Clash off Korea

Viper shows its venom

Sub crews didn't realise they hit each other: France

France and UK may coordinate submarine routes

Carrier Bush returns from sea trials needing a few tweaks

How Nuclear Subs Could Go Bump in the Night

Major nuclear submarine incidents since the 1960s

16 February 2009

Fishy tales: Nuclear sub crash captain 'was smashed on skunk'

British, French nuclear submarines collide

Navy to toast Trident submarines on 1000th patrol

Like Nuclear Submarines Passing In The Night (satire)

Nuclear submarines collide in Atlantic

15 February 2009

First Sea Lord defends supercarrier delay

Nuclear warships in Japan touch a nerve

14 February 2009

Norway lauches last Nansen-class frigate

Inquest hears of confusion aboard submarine

Carrier Bush begins builder's trials

Multinational marine task force is cracking down on Somali predators

13 February 2009

Production of Zumwalt destroyer begins with little fanfare

India's first indigenous aircraft carrier to be built soon

Russian nuclear subs made only seven patrols in 2008

Engineer concerned over condition of submarine's generators

India's indigenous N-sub secret is out

US Navy, Russians seize 26 pirates off Somalia

Navy's plan to deploy dolphins roils waters

12 February 2009

Russia delivers first MiG-29K fighters to Indian Navy

New Russian sub will get spring sea trial

Darren Bousman's Next is a Submarine Heist Movie

French navy surrenders to Conficker

Submariner tells of battle to save HMS Tireless crewmates engulfed in flames

11 February 2009

India, Russia complete naval war-games

Sailor 'risked life to save crew'

Russian, Indian navies complete INDRA-2009 exercises

USS Port Royal Returns to Homeport

Indian delegation visits Russian dock, Nerpa sub

Indian nuclear submarine project on track

Navy cruiser dumps 5,000 gallons of slop

Navy Diver Fights Off Shark Attack in Sydney Harbor

10 February 2009

Work continues readying Cavalla for public tours

Model makers dive into subs

Congress, Navy debate newer models of destroyers

Crew 'fought to save submariners'

Parents hope for ‘honest’ inquest into submarine tragedy

US Navy SEALs buy twin-screen laptops, refuse Vista

Royal Navy destroyer's era ends

09 February 2009

Navy frees stuck warship off coast of Honolulu

Navy captain relieved of command

India denies Chinese sub reports

French nuclear sub damaged after underwater collision

India's Shivalik-class frigates ready for trial

Sweden's Stealth Ships

North Korea eyes disputed sea border for missile tests

The $6 Billion Destroyer Fades Away

'Toxic' French aircraft carrier docks in Britain

Indonesia to buy Russian subs

No standoff between Indian sub, Chinese warship

Navy warship runs aground, still stuck after 3 attempts

06 February 2009

Man hopes to resume tours aboard historic sub Cavalla

Top Gear Stig makes comeback after surviving sea crash

Bush sea trials are delayed once more

Smallest Russian Submarine

Russia denies Black Sea Fleet poised for 'emergency action'

USS Pittsburgh Returns From Sea With Towel

Judge drops charges in USS Cole bombing case

05 February 2009

'India, China clash off Somalia'

Submarine returns loved ones home

India denies Chinese sub reports

04 February 2009

Unmanned Vehicles Transforming Warfare

New Zealand Taxpayers Fund Dismantling Of Russian Nuclear Sub

Indian submarine, Chinese ship in standoff near Somalia

03 February 2009

Chinese Submarine Patrols
Doubled in 2008
Chinese submarines

Norway to lift Nazi sub loaded with mercury

EPA: "No Anomalies" Found After Sub Leak

State To Offer Navy $7.65M In Effort To Protect Sub Base

New Cold War gathers pace over Arctic rights

02 February 2009

Google unveils software to explore world's oceans

US destroyer cost surges after Navy truncates program

Aussie warship turned into party boat for US rockers

A Toast to Daring

Shipwreck Diary: The Last Days of the HMS Victory

Iranian Navy plans new bases on Sea of Oman

Terrorists Get Submarine In Sri Lankan Jungle

South Korea's Navy On Alert After Warning From North

01 February 2009

2,000 say goodbye to USS Kitty Hawk
USS Kitty Hawk

Scorpenes Headed For Southeast Asian Home

Indo-Russian naval exercise a formality?

Sub-standard back-up for submarine rescue

U.S. Navy Retires Last S-3B Viking

Israel Navy eyes advanced US warship