World Naval News Archives

30 January 2009

Sub safety row spurs overseas training

Anti-piracy task force hits choppy waters

Sunken WW2 submarine to be raised

Pak navy to acquire submarines, drones, spy planes

Cyprus stops Iranian arms ship to Syria

29 January 2009

Probe into Nerpa submarine accident close to end

Pedal-powered submarine transatlantic planned

Navy's Idea of 'Stimulus': Torpedoes, Missiles, Jets

JCS Chairman: U.S. could not legally hold Iran ship

28 January 2009

Sea Testing Begins on French Nuclear Missile Submarine

Washington endorses Beijing’s move to patrol Gulf of Aden

Indian Navy has key role to guard its ocean boundaries

French navy foils Somali pirate attack

Japan readies to join Somalia anti-piracy patrols

Another Russian warship may join anti-piracy mission

Medvedev sees stronger Russian navy despite crisis

Kitty Hawk to be decommissioned Saturday

27 January 2009

Green Bay Comes to Life

Day of Daring looms

Sailors Refuse To Board Cursed Russian Boat

Ukraine says Black Sea Fleet rearming unacceptable

Ancient Ship May Clog Gas Pipeline

Malaysia receives its first submarine

5 Russian warships to participate in Indra-2009 exercises

Royal Navy in largest deployment of recent years

Navy Turbocharges Its Missiles

Russia planning Abkhazia naval base

Russian Navy Base in Abkhazia ‘Illegal,’ Georgian Lawmakers Say

U.S. Navy ordered to release Iran weapons ship

26 January 2009

Video: Unmanned Surface Vehicle Test

Russian deputy PM urges focus on Bulava ICBM

Argentine TR-1700 submarine cut open

U.S. Navy Announces Decision on Atlantic Fleet Sonar Training

Aegis All Over

USS Green Bay Commissioned In Long Beach

U.S. Navy intercepts Iranian arms vessel

24 January 2009

India's navy chief hopeful of getting nuke-sub from Russia

Navy gets approval for sonar in Atlantic

NOAA sets rules for Navy sonar training

Indian Navy to operate 300 aircraft by 2020

‘Royal Navy needs Astute submarines’

U.S. Navy stopped Iran ship carrying weapons to Gaza

23 January 2009

Russian Navy denies Neustrashimy frigate has technical problems

Submarine New Mexico Launched In Virginia

Russian nuclear submarine will surely be inducted into Indian Navy

Navy tests SM-2 Block IIIB

Faced with rising piracy problem, Navy is taking fight to Africa

22 January 2009

Feds Harpoon 'Narco Submarine' Crews
Narco sub

Chief lauded for job well done

Delivery of Russian nuclear submarine postponed indefinitely

Russian Navy to receive two new "stealth" warships in 2010-11

Kendall ’74 Led Case Against Navy Sonar Use

21 January 2009

Photos: Submarines in the snow -- 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6

India admits failed cruise missile test

Russian destroyer leaves Baltic base on urgent mission

Three bells sound for Illustrious

Russia puts off delivery of nuke subs to India

Ark Royal Comes To Firth Of Clyde

X47-B - First Navy Stealth UAV Ready

20 January 2009

India sends message to Pakistan with new missile tests

Coalition Forces Work to Deter Piracy in Gulf of Aden

Japan navy to bring pirates to justice

Russian navy protecting ships near Somalia

Chinese navy escorts 16 ships off Somalian coast

China endeavors to build strong navy

18 January 2009

What killed submarine's crew?

17 January 2009

January 17, 1955: First Nuclear-Powered Submarine Gets Underway

San Antonio Key to Counterpiracy Mission

Kitty Hawk's final chapter being written

A "Daring" day for first Type 45 Destroyer

Indian Navy to issue RFPs for another set of maritime patrol aircraft

16 January 2009

Russia denies naval bases report

New Anti-Ship Missiles Help Drive Demand for Decoy Systems

Russia sends more warships to fight Somali pirates

From port to port: Kremlin's naval bases abroad

New Central Command Unit Makes It Tough to be a Pirate

Navy's special boat units get new misisons

Russia plans navy bases in Libya, Syria,Yemen

Navy still probing weld problems

U.S. Navy plans aggressive approach to chase, capture Somali pirates

15 January 2009

Virginia In The Pacific

Navy aims to boost its fleet

What future for carrier aviation?

Could top-secret U.S. Navy coffee-cup lid be the answer to our prayers?

A life under the ocean waves

US unveils plans for Joint Multi-Mission Submarine

LCS-1 On Course, Lockheed And Navy Say

Federal judge dismisses lawsuit over Navy sonar

New Navy Weapon: Sea Lions

Navy names Virginia class submarine USS John Warner

U.S. Naval Goals Under Budget Siege

Computer virus hits navy e-mails

14 January 2009

Viraat is in shallow waters

New Anglo-American Boomer Design

Sub-standard sex gaffe from top Navy bra

Smugglers sink 'drug subs,' but not feds' case

See the Super Bowl, even from your submarine

Russian navy thwarts pirate attack

Navy gets 1-year OK to train with sonar off Hawaii

13 January 2009

Are We Battle Ready: Submarine repair takes forever

Russia Creates New-Generation Diesel Submarine

Russian navy eyes Tartous, Syria as base for Black Sea Fleet

Former Commander of USS Cole Sees 'Justice Denied' for Victims of Terror Attack

Great War naval veteran dies

12 January 2009

Loch Ness Monster! Intrepid Travels with Bruce McToose

Pirate 'washes ashore with cash'

Navy Commissions Final Nimitz-class Aircraft Carrier, USS George H.W. Bush

Northrop Grumman plans to test UCAS-D air-refuelling capabilities

Future of Navy's boarding teams in doubt

Aegis All Over

Russian warships to visit Syrian port

Six Russian warships to take part in joint drills with India navy

Russia's Northern Fleet complete exercise with Turkish navy

09 January 2009

Former President George H.W. Bush Tours Namesake Aircraft Carrier

FFX: Korea’s New Frigates

Pearl Harbor to become hub for new nuclear subs

Malaysia to get its first submarine in July

Navy names new sub for ex-Virginia Senator

08 January 2009

New Counter-Piracy Task Force Established

Bush carrier to be delivered in March

US Navy to lead new anti-piracy task force

India seeks strategies to counter terror threats from sea

Congressman tries to rename Navy department

Taiwan considering sending navy to fight piracy

07 January 2009

Korea orders six more German Class 214 submarines

Russia's naval exercise with Greece sets precedent

China Maneuvering for Naval Power

One dead in fire aboard aircraft carrier ”Admiral Kuznetsov”

India picks Boeing jet as subhunter

Boeing sees export market of 100 maritime planes

06 January 2009

VAAC to the future

Commemorating the Great White Fleet

Russian warship denied entry to South Africa

Chinese navy starts anti-piracy Somalia mission

Boeing P-8I Selected as Indian Navy's Long-Range Maritime Patrol Aircraft

Confederate Submarine Hunley Continues to Fascinate

Bush 41 Gets Misty Over His Navy Carrier

05 January 2009

China orders two aircraft carriers

Russian Boomers Done Got The Breakdown Blues

Russia not to give up Bulava missile test launches

Russian air and sea maneuvers in Aegean

Russian warships dock at Turkish naval base

Royal Navy frigate to get new electronic brain

India Orders 8 Boeing Military Planes In $2.1 Billion Deal

04 January 2009

India inks largest-ever defence deal with US

India to send team to finalise Gorshkov price

CSI Hunley: Fate of historic sub a cold case file

Russia wants warships stationed around the world

03 January 2009

Hunley museum might get cannon from CSS Alabama

Russian Navy airplanes to exercise in Greek airspace

Navy to replace Hawaii's P-3 squadrons

Hamas declares war on the U.S.

02 January 2009

Sea trials of “Yury Dolgoruky” have been postponed

Discovery of Lost WWII Navy Submarine Brings 70 US Families Closure

National World War II Museum Continues Mason Lecture Series

China Builds A Pair

01 January 2009

Navy to Commission Aircraft Carrier George H.W. Bush

Discovery of Lost WWII Navy Submarine Brings 70 U.S. Families Closure

China Navy's main goal is to escort ships during Somalia mission