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31 December 2008

Sub Commanding Officer Relieved

A Solar-Powered Submarine Seems Like a Horrible Idea, but...

Rescue system for submarines a failure

30 December 2008

Small boat found underneath WWII warship at Seawolf Park

India ready to avenge Mumbai carnage

India protests submarine sale to Pakistan

'Nukes r cmg @ U. LOLZ!!!'

Lawmakers urge Obama to support submarine plan

29 December 2008

Chinese Naval mission nears Strait of Malacca

Royal Navy goes with 'Windows for Subs'

28 December 2008

The £4billion Airfix Kit

Australia struggling with deep-sea rescues

The Bulava Blues Play On

Bulava sea-based ICBM tests should be continued - expert

Indian ships leave disputed waters in Bay of Bengal

Video: Chinese Navy anti-pirate drill

Navy, environmentalists settle sonar lawsuit

27 December 2008

Beijing ends 500 years of tradition as it sends the navy out to attack pirates

India to ink largest-ever defence deal with the US

Russian Navy at INDRA 2009

Sunken Soviet Sub Needs Buyer - Or It's Scrapped

26 December 2008

Rescue system for submarines a failure

Submarine's crew was 20 seconds from death

Bangladesh deployed 2 war ships in Bay of Bengal

Chinese navy sets sail for historic anti-piracy mission

23 December 2008

Navy Signs Third Virginia-Class Construction Contract: Meets Cost-Reduction Goal

Raul Castro welcomes Russian naval ships

Threats On The Sea: A View From A French Warship


Aegis Combat System Enters Operation in Republic of Korea

China navy "confident, capable" in Somalia piracy mission

China Mulls Acquiring Aircraft Carrier

New Russian missile fails a 5th test

Russian strategic missile test fails

Navy Signs $14 Billion Contract For Eight Subs

22 December 2008

Brazil to get nuclear sub technology from France

Wraps Come Off U.S. Navy's First Stealthy Unmanned Aircraft

Tugs taking unfinished carrier to commissioning

Christmas surprise: A submarine

South Korea deploys its 1st Aegis-equipped destroyer

20 December 2008

Indian Navy battles age, gaps in surveillance capability

Beijing's anti-piracy bid a first for its navy

Russian warships dock in Havana

Navy close to multibillion-dollar submarine award

19 December 2008

Satellite Link For Submerged Boats

Ready of not, Navy to get new carrier

The Russian submarine fleet celebrates 50 years of nuclear power

Former Navy sub fails to sell at auction

18 December 2008

Russia, India, China cooperate on new aircraft carriers

First vertical launch of BrahMos successful

Submarine for sale as group's dream sinks in a sea of red tape

Russian Navy's Visit to Venezuela Filled With Mishaps

Russian Warships Visit Cuba

US Navy's robot stealth carrier plane unveiled

Chinese navy to take on Somali pirates

17 December 2008

UCAS-D Marks 'Sea Change' in Naval Strike, ISR Capabilities

Dauntless passes her first test

China preparing to send navy to Gulf of Aden

Navy to buy more combat ships

Northrop Grumman Reveals First Navy Unmanned Combat Aircraft

16 December 2008

Russian carrier-based fighters exercise over Atlantic

Final “Bulava” test launch this month

Royal Navy completes Windows for Submarines™ rollout

15 December 2008

Russia to lease "several" Akula II submarines to India

Terminator of the depth

Putting the boot into piracy

China navy's anti piracy drill

Russia likely to lease Shchuka-B class nuke subs to India

Indian Navy cannot rest on its laurels

Navy Can Text Stealthy Submarines 24/7

Russian warships to visit Cuba

14 December 2008

Jack Tar: Life in Nelson's Navy

13 December 2008

Navy head cool on Somalia strikes

New Mexico submarine is the toast of the shipyard

Indian Navy repulses attack, arrests 23 pirates

12 December 2008

Brazilian Nuclear Submarine on Track, President Says

Carriers crunched by financial crisis

US Navy officials laud performance of new warship

Three navies building aircraft carriers

China may send navy to fight piracy

Navy shows off new ship at academy

11 December 2008

Britain delays aircraft carrier contract

World's most advanced destroyer handed to Royal Navy

US plan calls for hunting pirates by land and air

Decision due on aircraft carriers

10 December 2008

Submarine Wraps up 15-Month Deployment

Torpedo Technology Marches On

Russia sends more ships to combat Somali pirates

Navy to Christen Submarine New Mexico

Pirate Attacks Keep Law Firm Buzzing

Expert: Navy doesn’t need war on piracy

09 December 2008

Warship Daring handed over to Royal Navy

30 is the new 28

Ex-U.K. naval officer thanks Japanese savior

Navy Wants X-47B To Demo Aerial Refueling

08 December 2008

The Hoot Is A Hoot

Bulava beats the blues

Russian Warship Makes Historic Panama Trip

Terminator of the depth

Minister: Iran's Defense Capabilities Displayed in Naval Drills

Daewoo Will Build 3 More Submarines

One dead in fire on Russian warship

07 December 2008

Lessons From Pearl Harbor

EU launches first navy mission, in pirate-infested seas

Iran tests new anti-ship missile in Gulf of Oman

06 December 2008

Russian warship crosses Panama Canal for first time since WWII

Virginia-Class Sub Bound for Pearl Harbor

05 December 2008

Ukraine to help train China's navy pilots

Want to buy a submarine?

Iran Continues Naval War Games in Persian Gulf

Russia launches Gorshkov from dry dock

Submarine “Nerpa” Becomes Indian

Russia plans to develop strategic missile force

US Navy Announces The Finding Of JFK's PT-109

Royal Navy sub in a storm of controversy

Royal Navy diver has ashes scattered by torpedo explosion

The little sub that could arrives for inactivation

Russian warship to pass through Panama Canal

Russian warships head to Atlantic, Mediterranean

04 December 2008

China major-general urges navy to fight Somali pirates

Medvedev says Russia, India must finalize Admiral Gorshkov terms

Confusion on Indo-Russian nuclear submarine deal

Russia may lease nuclear subs to India

Venezuela-Russia naval drills draw attention

Seal ushers in sub, cutter picks up rear

Danish navy thwarted by legal ambiguity

Indias' Navy chief in deep waters

03 December 2008

The U.S. Navy's Holiday Wish List

Navy Gets 'Box of Rockets' for New Ship

Iranian Commander Stresses Navy's Preparedness

Russian navy in Panama Canal

Iron Duke's hot n cold

India to seal price negotiation for Gorshkov soon

Venezuela, Russia end naval exercises

02 December 2008

Iran Starts Large-Scale Naval Drills

Cruise ship evades pirate attack

Indian Navy increases coastal patrols

New look for Aussie sailors

Caribbean cruise! Russian war games begin

01 December 2008

Bulava Missiles in Mass Production

Scads Of Super Subs In The Indian Ocean

Russia, Venezuela to Exercise in the Caribbean Sea

F-35 To Become Electronic Attack Aircraft