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30 November 2008

U-boat surfaces as new attraction

Iran would 'hit US warships' at war

29 November 2008

Venezuela, Russia to start naval exercises Monday

Sayyari: Iran powerful enough to close Hormuz Strait

Ark Royal's common bond across seven decades

Iran plans December naval maneuvers

Aircraft carrier project 'will go ahead'

Russian Navy is Fearless when dealing with pirates

28 November 2008

Russia test-fires ICBM from submarine

Pakistan to buy three German Subs

Want a sub for X-mas? Only $497,000.

China Has Long Eyes For U.S. Carriers

Iran says navy can strike well beyond its coast

HMAS Sydney inquiry told of cover up

India: Navy scans coast for terrorist vessel

27 November 2008

Testing of high-speed sub may begin by 2010

NR-1 Submarine Dives Into History

Navy: Sailor Killed in Submarine Accident Disregarded Warnings

Naval Warships and Aircrafts hunting seas for 'Mothership'

Indian navy searches ships after Mumbai attacks

26 November 2008

Indian Navy delegation in Russia to review ongoing projects

Design Flaw Link To Sub Deaths

USS San Antonio heads back to sea

Navy commander: Iran's Navy most powerful in region

VxWorks powers Thales' Astute-class submarine periscope

Pakistan to buy German subs, ignore French

Royal Netherlands Navy launches Harpoons

Russian N-sub mishap: India sends fact-finding mission

India navy defends piracy sinking

25 November 2008

Venezuela's Chavez welcomes Russian warships

Action on the High Seas

No buyers for India's new anti-ship missile

Russian Navy Increases Activity in Foreign Waters

24 November 2008

Russia challenges US dominance with Venezuela naval wargames

UK prepares for carrier ops with JSF

Commander Highlights Iranian Navy's Preparedness

Iran to stage a naval war game early December

Shippers Want Naval Blockade of Somali Coast

Russian nuke missile cruiser to join wargames with Indian Navy

Sailor charged over Russian sub deaths

23 November 2008

Photos: US-Japan naval exercise: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, 21, 22, 23, 24, 25, 26, 27

'It really is a loss': Navy says goodbye to unique NR-1 research submarine

Warships from all Russian Navy fleets to fight piracy off Somalia

Iran to launch two new ships, submarine

22 November 2008

Heather Mills Rumoured To Be Captain Of Somali Pirate Ship

Rocker David Cook revealed to be Ringleader of Somali Pirates

Missile submarine launched after modernization in Severodvinsk

Russia starts up new submarine's reactor

Cold War-era sub finds a new home

Which way will warship Admiral Gorshkov sail?

Submarine deal with India still on, say Russian defence experts

21 November 2008

India seeks support of Indian Ocean countries to fight piracy

Russian ships sail to Venezuela in show of power

Russia, India to hold joint naval drills in January

India, Russia fall out over carrier price

'World Navies should follow Indian Navy's example'

Russian Navy Heads to Latin America

Join war on pirates, Nato tells Africa

India navy 'to go after pirates'

20 November 2008

China Missile Deployment Targets U.S. Aircraft Carriers

Russia's new strategic submarine to start sea trials soon

Russia to Testfire Missile from Submarine

India sends a larger warship to Gulf to fight pirates

Russia to deploy more warships to counter pirate attacks

Russia, India plan naval manoeuvres in January

Russian Navy to redeploy Kilo class sub in 2011 after repairs

Iran's Revolutionary Guard to build up Navy in Persian Gulf

Royal Navy captures suspected pirates

Piracy Watchdogs Urges Navies to Fight Back

19 November 2008

India's Navy Destroys Pirate Ship in Gulf of Aden

Pirate 'mother ship' left in flames

Pirates Will Collect Year End Bonuses

Russia won’t lease Nerpa to India

India, Russia Set for Hard Bargaining Over Gorshkov

Russia to purchase Admiral Gorshkov aircraft carrier?

Will Russia cancel aircraft carrier deal with India?

Iran opens fourth navy base in Persian Gulf

18 November 2008

Pirates seize 7 ships in 12 days

Carrier Washington holds joint drill with Japan

Chinese general stirs aircraft carrier speculation

India confident of resolving Gorshkov issue

Russian Navy decides to keep Nerpa sub, stiffing India

Pirates' Daring Attack 'Stuns' U.S. Navy

17 November 2008

Iran opens fourth naval base in Persian Gulf

US Navy "unsatisfied" with performance of new ship

Australia's entire navy placed on two-months paid leave

‘If the Ark Royal had stayed afloat, I would not have met my wife’

South Korea launches second Aegis destroyer

Blackmail won't work, India may dump Gorshkov deal

Gorshkov launched in water for trials, delivery by 2011

Crew member 'tampered with temperature sensor on Nerpa sub'

China’s Navy May Add Carrier

Dragon warship launched on Clyde

Indian Navy’s sub induction plan suffers blow

Environmentalists lose fight against sonar usage

Navy carrier makes maiden voyage in Pacific

Somali pirates seize supertanker loaded with crude

16 November 2008

Japanese Missile Test; Aegis Equiped

Big dog on the block: US ship packs a global punch

Revised price deal for Gorshkov likely in a month: India

U.S. Navy On Alert For Ingratitude

Russia's navy repels pirate attack on Saudi ship

15 November 2008


And Then There Were Four

India, Russia re-negotiating aircraft carrier cost

Russia threatens to call off Gorshkov deal

NATO ship confronts pirates in the Gulf of Aden

US Navy Launches New High Speed Vessel Program

14 November 2008

No Nintendo game this Xmas? Blame Somali pirates

Asian giants drawn into energy row

Successful First Submarine Launch of France's M51 ballistic missile

India wants UN to patrol Gulf of Aden

Army Missile System Protects New Class of Navy Ship

S. Korea launches second Aegis destroyer

Japanese navy set to test shootdown

Indian navy makes a good start against pirates

13 November 2008

Russia accused of cover-up over gassing of 20 sailors on nuclear submarine

Russian aircraft carrier ready in 2012 if India pays $2 billion more

Indian navy showcases rising might

Sailor charged in deadly Russian submarine accident

Royal Navy Chases Somali Pirates, Killing Two

12 November 2008

Chinese nuke sub spotted tracking USS George Washington

U.S. Supreme Court Lifts Restrictions on Navy Sonar

Russia buries sub disaster dead

Were there Indians on accident-hit Russian nuke sub?

Daring leads the way

Russian Navy to test fire another Bulava ICBM before yearend

Submarine in worst nuclear leak since '80s

Russian Navy: Accident submarine to join navy soon

11 November 2008

DARPA puts out request for flying sub

Gorshkov's delivery to Indian Navy delayed till 2012

Russian frigate escorts Danish ship off Somalia

India warship engages Somali pirates

Fire safety system 'not to blame for Russian nuclear sub deaths'

Report on Russian nuke submarine accident on Nov 14

Cigarette smoke could have triggered submarine mishap

Survivors recall panic on Russian submarine

Radioactive water leaks from nuclear sub HMS Trafalgar

Pirates attack Indian ship, Navy intervenes

India navy 'stops pirate attack'

US Navy investigating fire aboard mini-submarine

U.S. Expresses Regret After Japan Protests Over Submarine Visit

10 November 2008

Sub disaster 'waiting to happen'

False alarm blamed for Russian submarine deaths

Russian nuclear death sub 'was due for delivery to India'

What happened on the Nerpa?

Mourning as Russia probes submarine tragedy

Intrepid museum opens after makeover

Japan protests US nuclear sub's uninvited visit

Meet the Navy's real seals

09 November 2008

Major Russian naval accidents since 1991

Indian shipping firms paying price of lawlessness in Gulf of Aden

India setting up naval pilots training facility

Indian Crew For Cursed Russian Boat

India set to pay more for Russian submarine

Russian death sub was intended for India

Twenty die on Russian submarine

08 November 2008

FLASH! At least 20 die in accident on Russian nuclear sub

Unmanned robot subs key to Canada's claim on Arctic riches

USS Freedom Sailors Prepare for Commissioning

A day on-board a nuclear aircraft carrier

07 November 2008

Supreme Court shows little sympathy for whales... "I thought the whole point of the armed forces was to hurt the environment"

The U.S.S. Growler is on the Move Again!

06 November 2008

Pak Navy to boost fleet's operational capability

Admiral's 'Urgent' Plea: Pirate-Fighting Sonic Blasters

Navy's vessel of versatility

Pictures and Video: HMS Illustrious arrives in London

New Iranian naval base threatens Persian Gulf

US naval chief says subs can curb China

New submarine project moving along

Submarines stay at core of Australia's defence

05 November 2008

Navy Commissions First Littoral Combat Ship Freedom

New Croatian Missile Ships Help Control Adriatic

Hairy submarines?

Bangladesh asks China for help in Myanmar sea row

Bangladesh-Burma (Myanmar) maritime boundary dispute escalates

HMS Illustrious sails into London

Russian nuclear missile cruiser visits French base

Watchdog warns on Trident timing

Royal Navy could put women on subs

04 November 2008

Burma Accuses Bangladesh of Intruding in Burmese Waters

Myanmar mobilises warships in Bay of Bengal

India ship owners lose millions due to piracy fears

Iran equips navy with stealth submarine

US Navy presses ahead with combat ship program

Royal Navy war vessels tackle pirates

03 November 2008

For sale: Saddam's luxury yacht

Chinese navy chief on maiden visit to India

India turns down cost hike for Adm Gorshkov refit, again

Indian Navy crews move to Vladivostok for submarine training

Danish Navy foils Somali pirates

Navy missile test is hit-and-miss

Japanese ship tracks missile at practice

02 November 2008

Public relations for the U.S. Navy, manga-style (our tax dollars at work)

US Navy intercepts missile shot from Hawaii base

Deep sea submarine pioneer dies

01 November 2008

Indian Navy crews to begin training on Russian nuclear sub

Russian navy to hold war games in Indian Ocean

Iran opens new naval base in Straits of Hormuz

Gadafy offers Russia a naval base in Libya