World Naval News Archives

30 August 2008

Third US warship bound for Black Sea

Japan, S. Korea for joint Navy drill with India

Russian Navy To Return To Syrian Ports

Report criticizes Navy shipbuilding

Brazil spending $160M on nuclear propelled sub

29 August 2008

Kremlin sees a threat, Nato an exercise

US, UK begin war games in Persian Gulf

Cocaine hunt on Royal Navy warship

Japan's navy running out of fuel

Navy gets its fifth Virginia-class submarine 8 months early

Sixth and Last Formidable-Class Frigate Delivered to the Singapore Navy

SA Navy crippled by frigate purchase

28 August 2008

Moscow eyes naval build up in West Asia

Kitty Hawk leaves on last voyage

NATO ships cause alarm in Moscow

Russia: NATO interference means war

NATO Denies Black Sea Naval Build Up

Iran's Recent Military Advancements Not Just Show, Experts Say

Indo-US naval exercises Malabar 2008

Iran Hypes New Submarine

Arleigh Burke class destroyers likely to be upgraded

Navy to officially take ownership of new sub today

Indian Navy wins friends, expands influence

Russia plans to raise navy presence in Syria

U.S. Navy backs off deployment in tense Georgian port

U.S. Navy praises new LCS

27 August 2008

Suddenly it’s a Georgia “Standoff”?

Russian and US warships less than 200 miles apart in Black Sea

Canada's Navy dodges a bullet

Russia says number of NATO ships in Black Sea increasing

Russian Black Sea fleet shifts position

Russia-Georgia conflict raises Black Sea tensions

Shipyards' Goal: $2B Submarine

Lockheed says LCS sea trials went well

US ships bring Georgia aid, avoid Russian-held port

26 August 2008

Black Sea Turned Into North-Atlantic Sea

Divers discover amazingly preserved shipwreck of HMS London

Norway's Coast Guard not afraid of Russia’s Northern Fleet

US ''doves'' bring Tomahawk Land Attack Missiles to Georgia

Lancaster bomber waves farewell to HMS Lancaster

Indian Navy to man French aircraft carrier

Iran And the Paper Submarine

Russian general criticizes US Black Sea presence

25 August 2008

Russian Cruiser To Test Weapons In Crowded Black Sea

New Navy nuclear submarine to be christened 'Mississippi'

Russian Nuclear Navy at Syrian Port

Iran launches new submarine production line

Moscow refuses to budge as US sends in navy

US Navy warship arrives in Georgia

22 August 2008

Norway investigating sunken Russian submarine

India to test sub-launched BrahMos missile

Israeli Navy steers confidently ahead

Navy tests Canadian sovereignty as Arctic ice melts

Protests greet return of Russian navy to Ukraine

Sub base gets a taste of the Med

Hitler successor plotted U-Boat strategy from Malta

U.S. Warships Run the Gauntlet with Georgia Aid

India Places $2B Order For Russian Missiles

Undersea nuke ‘war’ with US

21 August 2008

Indian Navy to take on US ships in October war games

U.S. Navy Developing Lasers and Huge Guns

Indian Navy's follow-on submarine order to carry BrahMos cruise missiles

Iran to add new submarine to fleet

A Taste Of Close-Quarter Undersea Living at USS Nautilus Museum

20 August 2008

First Littoral Combat Ship To Be Commissioned Nov. 8

Aid-Loaded U.S. Destroyer Heads to Black Sea

Ukraine to let Russian ships return to Sevastopol base

India orders Russian sub-launched missiles

Iran Threatens to Close Strait of Hormuz

Navy Should Keep Little Sub That Could

Russia warns Ukraine not to interfere at navy base

Lawmakers' influence felt in destroyer decision

Russia cancels U.S. Navy visit

19 August 2008

THE RED SUBMARINE : A new film of espionage, adventure, romance, music and humor

Timing Torpedoes Navy's Destroyer Plans

Navy reverses course, to seek third stealth destroyer

U.S. presses Turkey to allow NATO forces' deployment to Black Sea

WTF? Hezbollah Submarines in South America?

Russian navy pulls out of NATO exercise

Sweden’s new submarine

18 August 2008

Navy to seek 3rd stealth destroyer

For US, a terror threat lurks in drug smuggling subs

Iran monitoring Persian Gulf movements

Ukraine says it reserves right to bar Russian navy

Of ghosts and submarines

The Royal Navy Heads For The Hills

Russia May Send a Navy Fleet to Caribbean

17 August 2008

New Course for Anti-Submarine Warfare Officers

Aegis Triumphant

Making Constitution shipshape

Indian Navy to participate in Atlantic war games

16 August 2008

Artful dodges its way to DDH

Science panel backs conventional trident missile

15 August 2008

Ukraine: We’ll stick to our guns on the Black Sea Fleet

14 August 2008

Is The U.S. Navy Again Building in the Persian Gulf?

US official: Reports of Iran blockade are false

Navy agrees to limit submarine-detecting sonar

Russia dismisses Ukraine's attempt to limit navy as 'nonsense'

Russia and France Will Hold Their Own Naval Exercises without the U.S.

13 August 2008

Bush orders Navy to provide aid to Georgians

Russian ship barred from NATO anti-terror patrol

UK joins U.S. and cancels navy exercise with Russia

Russian forces sink Georgian ships

Sub New Hampshire breaking records

U.S.-Russia Naval Exercise May Be Canceled

Ukraine: Russian ships need permission to return

Massive US Naval Armada Heads For Iran

Iran Builds Unmanned Sub, Radar Evading Boat

Iran Set For Naval Drill

Commander: Iran's naval forces ready to protect Gulf

Iran plans major naval maneuver

12 August 2008

Virginia-Class Boats Sailing Into Action

Bush Mixes Soft Diplomacy with Gunboat Diplomacy

Indian ocean facing maritime terrorism threat

Indian sub crosses Barents Sea

11 August 2008

Special FX for Ark Royal

Russian Navy carries out Black Sea anti-terror exercise

Ukraine reserves the right to bar Russian navy

Russia denies Ukraine's statement about Black Sea Fleet

Russia lessons for India's sub team

Indian Navy closer to acquiring Boeing aircraft

Hidden Hunter: Life aboard a nuclear submarine

10 August 2008

Indian Navy fleet to grow to 160-plus by 2022

India seeks submarine-launched nuclear missile

Russia's Navy sinks Georgian ship

Ukraine says it reserves right to bar Russian navy

Russia Sets Up Black Sea Blockade as Caucasus War Widens

Russian Navy Blockades Wheat Shipment to Georgia

India to induct nuclear submarine next year

09 August 2008

Model boat fans build their own nuclear submarine

08 August 2008

Submarine dream: home-made submarine at Poole Park

Continuous Deterrence: Still Necessary?

Navy Confirms Sub Leaked Radiation While Docked In Saipan

The Russian Conflict In Georgia Could Make War With Iran More Probable

07 August 2008

U.S. tells Japan submarine leaked radiation over 2 years

06 August 2008

Turkish Navy to receive to more US frigates

Indian submarine sails for home after refit in Russia

Pioneering study of sonar, mammals done during Rimpac

Canada's Navy looks to Europe for ships

South African Navy denies claims of 'dud submarine'

'Navy measured against the world's best'

05 August 2008

Russia's Air Force May Patrol Indian Ocean

Russia Plans to Revitalize Nuclear Weapon Forces at Sea

US Navy discloses three-year, 36-aircraft buy for P-8A

Super-rich turn to Royal Navy for yacht crews

Back To Burke

Old Destroyer to Get Tech Makeover?

04 August 2008

A Banner Day For The Nautilus

India to acquire new undersea cruise missiles

Navy wonders just how do you trim a $3.8 billion fuel bill?

03 August 2008

Fifty years since Nautilus's pioneering voyage

02 August 2008

Navy vet's model submarine evokes memory

Navy Defends Scrapping New Destroyer

New DDG-51s could get tweaks, upgrades

U.S. sub leaked radioactive water, possibly for months

US Navy: Submarine leaked water with minimal radioactivity

US Navy comments on nuclear submarine leak

01 August 2008

Submarine New Hampshire Completes First Voyage

Newest EB submarine completes initial sea trials

Russian submarine successfully test-launches ballistic missile