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30 June 2008

50 Year Later, Nautilus Crew Still Feels It Could Repeat Polar Feat

Iran won't be allowed to block Gulf shipping: U.S. Navy

29 June 2008

Photos: RIMPAC subs arrive in Pearl Harbor - 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7

Dutch Navy ship targeted British Airlines jet

Japanese warship leaves China port

Damaged Royal Navy sub returns home

27 June 2008

Pirates Hold Tourists Hostage - Germany Debates Response

Carrier USS Midway docked as museum in San Diego

119 Malaysian Navy Men Complete Training As "Submariners"

Navy approves plan for sonar training off Hawaii

26 June 2008

Possible criminal charges over Tireless explosion

Zvezdochka offers to scrap UK submarines

Drug cartels use homemade submarines to smuggle cocaine

First step a success for Russian sub salvage operation

Plastic surgery for Canadian subs’ lead-bricks

25 June 2008

Exhibition honours Royal Navy's 20th-Century deeds

Navy Sonar Cases Go To Supreme Court

Tension Lingers on Korea's Western Sea Border

Nautilus Baby Returns To Sub A Bride

Ukraine wants Russian fleet out in 2017

Israeli magnate bails out 'Cutty Sark' with £3m gift

Japanese navy calls at Chinese port

People's Daily: "What has the Japanese Navy Ship brought?"

24 June 2008

WW1 U-boat to be moved

Repair delays leave Canada without operational subs

Ownership tussle over boat built for Saddam

23 June 2008

Navy Christens New Hampshire

Students DARE to win submarine ride

22 June 2008

Navy tests new submarine killer

Protesters dwindle to just two at the latest submarine christening

21 June 2008

New Hampshire a step closer to joining the fleet

Japanese sub attacks Oregon!

Navy, Army Work to Raise Sunken Sub

Russian Navy's new Gorshkov to be armed with India's Brahmos

20 June 2008

US Navy weighs manned/unmanned options for F/A-18 replacement

No one lives in this submarine

New patrol boat assigned to protect subs

Submarine films: the real sinkers

Prince William in secret submarine mission

UK U-turn on plans to build new warships

19 June 2008

Japanese destroyer sets off for visit to Chinese port

Chemicals in sub fire raise new concerns

One Of Our Aircraft Carriers Is Missing

Navy, salvage experts plan to raise sunken Russian sub

Navy to christen attack sub Saturday

New submarine completed early

17 June 2008

Navy Seeks Compromise Over Sonar

First UCAS-D demonstrator to fly in fourth quarter 2009

Royal Navy's Future Jet Finally Flies

Japanese navy destroyer to visit China

Nuclear submarine found on train

16 June 2008

Aussie sub to test new combat system against U.S. Navy

End of French frigate’s friendship visit to Severomorsk

Bathtub Admirals

U-Boats Rule The Sky

New hunt for sunken flagship of American hero

One of the most important maritime discoveries in England

France Reveals EU Navy Plans

French navy looking to strengthen ties with China against piracy

14 June 2008

1780 British warship found in Lake Ontario

13 June 2008

Arleigh Burke Trophy Presented to USS Providence

12 June 2008

First Scorpene Sub for Malaysia

Kitsap, Washington - Submarine Capitol of the World?

Korean firm launches third 1800-ton class submarine

With no Carrier for MiG29s, Indian Navy to build a mock-up

Agreement signed for building of Navy carriers

Royal Navy's new missile is a big success

IDAS notches up first submarine firing

Raytheon Delivers 1,000th Tomahawk Block IV Cruise Missile to U.S. Navy

Catalogue of errors led to fatal submarine blast

11 June 2008

New Atomic Sub Delayed a Year

US Navy sonobuoy deployed UAV flight test this year

Russian navy looks north

Russia's Phantom Fleet Buildup

Russia starts building new missile frigate for Indian Navy

Navy claims court rulings hurt sonar proficiency, readiness

Navy replaces fire-damaged aircraft carrier in naval drills

10 June 2008

MoD acts over f***ing submarine incident

Boeing Studies Sub-Tracking UAV

German navy submarine tests anti-helicopter missile

Nuclear sub joins shipwreck hunt

Russian Navy to expand presence in Arctic, Atlantic, Pacific

Royal Navy destroyers sail without missiles

Stricken nuclear submarine in Crete for damage assessment

Prince William opens submariners' memorial

RIMPAC exercise features USS Kitty Hawk

09 June 2008

Indian Navy to strengthen air fleet

French navy cancels deployments due to high fuel prices

Submarine to be dubbed USS Missouri

New Destroyer is "Navy's Next Major Debacle"

Int’l exercise Baltops 2008 begins in Baltic Sea

US Navy accepts first operational EA-18G jammer

Fuel woes bedevil Canada's navy

08 June 2008

Texas A&M students missing in Gulf

A&M-Galveston sailors missing at sea

"...if you just want to play U-Boat..."

Remembering D-Day

07 June 2008

Mysteries of the deep unveiled

New submarine lands catch of the day

06 June 2008

Venezuela Test Fires Russian Missiles From Sukhoi, Battleship

NATO: Russia takes part in NATO submarine rescue exercise

Submarine repairs costing Canadians millions

05 June 2008

Miss Virginia visits state's namesake submarine

Cdn. submarine fleet cut to one until late 2009, minister's note says

04 June 2008

Brazil To Use Nuclear Submarine To Protect Oil Fields

US, China expanding N-sub fleets Deployment of Jin-class sub

S. Korean Navy Launches 3rd 1800-Ton Submarine

03 June 2008

British Nuclear Sub Crashes after Watchman Caught Drinking

Truman group back in Norfolk, ending 7-month deployment

Submarine that hit the rocks had a record of ‘safety lapses’

02 June 2008

Superb survival a testament to yard's skills
UK Submarine HMS Superb

Fire takes down 9000 servers

The Planet Gets Step One of Disaster Management Right

The Planet is Burning: Subsim server offline for 36 hours

Ships of Truman Strike Group return Wednesday

Search For Titanic Really Was Cover-Up Mission

Northern Fleet celebrates anniversary

Astute's quiet confidence

Submarine sonar suspected in deaths of whales washed ashore

01 June 2008

Submarine tale has depth