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31 March 2008

China sub scare gave Navy a wakeup call

SRV1 Ready For Action

Welcome back: Midnight sub to Georgia

MoD hands over Royal Navy project to BAE

27 March 2008

MPs query need for new aircraft carriers

Navy Initiates a Five-Year Plan to Build Laser Blasters

26 March 2008

1, 2, 3, submarine hunting is as easy as A, B, C

Australia’s submarines - the next generation

Navy Wants F-35C, Maybe More Super Hornets

India all at sea over US defense ties

Navy Kills Satellite-Guided Weapon

Engineer Gets 24 Year Sentence For Trying To Steal Navy Secrets

25 March 2008

Russia's MiG-29K Carrier Fighter Makes Maiden Flight

Longer-life F/A-18 Hornet needed to fill US Navy's strike fighter gap

US Navy Confirms Suez Canal Shooting

24 March 2008

Crew lauds Georgia’s $1B conversion

Aircraft carrier on Australian Navy's wish list

Amphib’s condition could sour arms sales

Stealth fighter prepares for carrier operations

Crew lauds Georgia’s $1B conversion

US deploys nuclear sub to Persian Gulf

High-tech submarine uses old-fashioned navigation


Cold War duty in the Arctic's frigid depths

21 March 2008

France to reduce nuclear arsenal

France To Nuke Tribe of British Water-Tories

BrahMos may undergo year-end underwater test firing

SEAL Honored Years After Secret Mission

Navy Secretary Urges Shipbuilders To Modernize

France's Sarkozy to inaugurate new generation nuclear submarine

Japan's navy chief sacked over accident scandal

20 March 2008

Drug runners building
million dollar drug subs

Russia Marks the 102nd Birthday of its Submarine Forces

Russia's MiG-29K fighter makes maiden flight

Kitty Hawk deploys for Taiwan vote

Aegis Ships To Get PAC-3 Missile

Newport News-built subs deemed shipshape

Maritime prepositioning squadron prepares for sea-basing exercise

Hornet Shortage Faster Than Predictions

Navy Short on Shipbuilding Funds

Congressman Pitches Nuclear-Powered Warship For Navy

19 March 2008

U-boat base: For Sale to Serious Bidder

Secret Sub Charted Arctic Waters

F-35C Stealth on the Carrier Deck Means High Performance, Low Maintenance

USN Hornet Shortfall Poised To Triple

Navy chief knew ship was doomed

Lawmakers do not trust Navy numbers

Somali pirates release Russian vessel after $700,000 ransom

Navy Taps Dolphin Brains for Next-Gen Sonar

18 March 2008

A sub's sailors become a crew: Meet the new 'North Carolina'

17 March 2008

U.S. Madcap Naval War Maneuvers under Fire

Nelson's flagship aids adventurer

Captain says new sub is best in the world

Scorpene probe heads nowhere as proof vanishes

Australian gov't clears Super Hornets deal

India barred from offensive use of US warship

16 March 2008

German War Ship Found Off Australia

15 March 2008

General Atomics Poised to Launch Its Aircraft Carrier Technology

Turkey and Pakistan participate in NATO naval exercise

Navy defends ocean use of sonar

Congress weighs DDG 1000s vs. amphibs, other ships

Navy ship plan called 'pure fantasy'

Thai Navy to ask PM to buy submarines

India will not renegotiate Gorshkov deal: Navy chief

14 March 2008

USS Columbus Heads to Western Pacific

Shipwreck was man's final resting place

13 March 2008

Congressman eyes nuke-powered destroyer

Minister orders urgent review of survivors of Chicoutimi fire

Indian navy chief to visit Russia

Effort to stop Canadian submarine negotiations

Czech military to get its first submarine

12 March 2008

Navy Admiral William Fallon Resigns

Indian Navy continues cooperation with Arkhangelsk shipyard

How China weakened the Australian Navy without firing a shot

Navy Asks Judge to Clarify Whale Rules

Gulf naval tensions ease but U.S. Navy vigilant

Minister orders review of Chicoutimi crew treatment

11 March 2008

Download Silent Hunter: Wolves of the Pacific Bundle from Direct2Drive

Russia Criticizes US Ships Off Lebanon

Submariners falling ill three years after fatal Chicoutimi fire

Japan concerned over Chinese Navy build up in Indian Ocean

Booming mines lure Australian sailors off subs

Nazi U-boat sails to final resting place in Wirral

New Zealand: Submarine and second hand boats

Peace activist challenges Trident nuclear weapons in court

10 March 2008

New destination for WWII U-boat

Mining industry 'poaching' Australia's submariners

International War Game Explores Seabasing Concept

Brahmos adds new fire to Indian armoury

U.S. Navy: Unmanned Combat Squadron by 2025

11 Aboard Navy Sub Disciplined for Fraud

07 March 2008

Negotiations still not concluded on Gorshkov carrier

New Chinese anti-carrier ballistic missiles reported

Brahmos test launch successful

New Submarine Coming To North Carolina

Lawmakers leery of reducing Navy carrier fleet

US places Syria on maritime watch list

Nuclear-Powered DDG? Lawmakers, Navy Differ

Congressional panel: Navy should stick to what works

06 March 2008

Loose Lips Sink Ships

Another Russian bomber intercepted near U.S. aircraft carrier

Wreck of 1940 Royal Navy destroyer found in a Norwegian fjord

Submarine pigeon traps criticised

BrahMos to be fired from submarine soon

USS Ohio among Navy's most feared subs

05 March 2008

US maintains ships in Mediterranean as regional tensions mount

Sea-to-land version of BrahMos test fired

US Submarine Launched Cruise Missile Attack In Somalia

USS Ohio among Navy's most feared subs

Why India Talked Up a U.S. Carrier Deal

Indian Navy faces Harrier crunch

USS New Hampshire to be dedicated at shipyard in fall

New Generation Of Submarine Gets More Than A Test Drive

04 March 2008

Canadian submarine forced to get fans fixed in Florida

Submarine maker seeking to hire hundreds of engineers, designers

03 March 2008

New ship designs promising, but untested

New York Christening Powered by Memories, Resolve

Nimitz CSG Ships Arrive in South Korea

U.S. Nuclear Submarine Docks in Busan

Korea-U.S. Joint Military Exercise Begins

Got a Superyacht? Royal Navy can train your crew

Restrictions on Navy sonar use tightened

New Generation Of Submarine Gets More Than A Test Drive