World Naval News Archives

29 February 2008

Technology Brings Warships Closer to Invisibility

US Navy sends ships to Mediterranean

China's nuclear expansion at sea

Navy Facing ISR Deficit After P-3 Groundings

Lawmakers press for submarine funding on Capitol Hill

Hezbollah fury as USS Cole dispatched to Lebanon

28 February 2008

Gates Butters Up India for U.S. Guns

Sagarika test firing heralds India's SLBM capability

India, Russia end spat over Soviet-era aircraft carrier

Warship built of World Trade Center steel joins Navy

Ahoy, Billionaires: The Royal Navy Is at Your Service

La Maddalena sub base closes after 35 years

Navy's new weapon is '70s retrofit

27 February 2008

New US Submarines Trade Nukes for SEALs

26 February 2008

Navy sat-killer returns to Pearl Harbor

India successfully tests submarine-based missile

25 February 2008

"We all lived in a white submarine"

Sale of “Admiral Gorshkov” still on

Argentina, Brazil eye joint project for nuclear submarine

Analysts Say Chinese Submarine Fleet Is Growing

22 February 2008

Talks on to clinch ‘Gorshkov’ deal

Northrop Grumman Delivers North Carolina Submarine to the Navy

Navy Missile Likely Hit Fuel Tank on Disabled Satellite

Admiral Backs Additional Sub Production

Heavy storm exposes Russian spy ship off Israel

U.S. Navy Shoots Down Sputnik Spy Satellite

US Navy Sees Red

21 February 2008

Veteran Sailors Proud Of Their Submariner Legacy

Royal Navy's aircraft carriers face delay

20 February 2008

Missile fired from Navy ship hits spy satellite

19 February 2008

Russia’s Claim Under Polar Ice Irks American

Navy Efforts in Gulf Reflect New Maritime Strategy

Indian Ocean becoming a hotbed of submarine activity

India ready to test fire K-15 submarine launched ballistic missile

US navy takes aim at rogue satellite

18 February 2008

USS Ohio takes sub force to 'new level'

Russia-India venture to test new cruise missiles

Engine fails on Russia naval ship off Greece

Drug Smuggling Under The Sea With A Submarine

17 February 2008

Sub Conference Focuses On What Navy Needs Next

Navy trims its plan to build new warship

Navy deploys converted stealth sub in Pacific

Scorpene submarine likely to roll out by 2012

India eyes new submarines for blue-water capability

China Concerned About US Satellite Plans

16 February 2008

Taiwan to buy 12 anti-submarine aircraft from US

Ashes Of Astronaut Scattered At Sea

U.S. Navy Creates Cool New 'Ping' Sound

India to test submarine launched ballistic missile system

15 February 2008

Steel cloak drawn around Royal Navy's ultimate weapon

Russia, NATO sea moves

Warships of Tomorrow

Trading nukes for SEALs, US navy deploys new sub in Pacific

Navy Awards Contracts for Zumwalt Class Destroyers

How U.S. plans to destroy out-of-control spy satellite

Shooter ship is intercept standout

Ships That Sink Satellites

3 New Frigates Boost Singapore Navy’s ‘Green-water’ Capabilities

14 February 2008

Navy cruiser will shoot down spy satellite

Final farewell to Fluckey

Germany May Allow Sale to Pakistan of `Silent' HDW-Made Subs

India at 'advanced stage' in deal for navy planes

Navy Efforts in Gulf Reflect New Maritime Strategy

Navy & Environmentalists Reach Agreement on Sonar Testing

Indian Navy takes new regional defense initiative

13 February 2008

Royal Navy's second Astute-class SSN takes shape

Photos: US Navy fighters intercept Russian Bear --

1, 2, 3

CNO Discusses Maritime Strategy

India, Russia to shortlist countries for exporting BrahMos

GM Hybrid Car Uses Submarine Power System

France ready to transfer submarine technology to Brazil

Russia launches new generation nuclear submarine

Russian overflight of US warship 'benign': US Navy chief

12 February 2008

The Russian-Indian submarine problem of Arkhangelsk

Chinese Preparing Attack on Taiwan, Study Says

Russia says bombers' flyover of US aircraft carrier part of routine patrol

Kitty Hawk leads list of ships going away

Fleet gives Russia Crimean clout

U.S. company launches motor-less submarine

Navy Marks USS Georgia's Return To Service

Robot planes start work early with Navy SEALs

U.S. Navy fires at Somali hijackers of Russian ship

Nuclear physicist who helped design the Nautilus dies at 82

Russian bomber buzzes U.S. aircraft carrier

11 February 2008

Russia plans buildup in the Mediterranean

US Navy Boosts 30-Year Forecast of Fleet Costs

Pak Navy to go with UN if US attacks Iran

Indian Navy developing new generation UAV

S Korean navy seeks to build more Aegis destroyers

HMAS Collins: Taking a deeper look at the Australian Navy

09 February 2008

USS Augusta Inactivated After 23 Years

Goat Chosen to Command British Sub

Judge restricts Navy's use of sonar

08 February 2008

Engineers breaking-up WWII U-boat
U-boat 534

Submarine invades Hobart

MoD ends goat testing on submarines

07 February 2008

In Pictures: U-boat operation

Flag presentation ceremony scheduled for USS Georgia

Brazil seeks to modernize submarine Force

Submarine’s new lease of life

06 February 2008

Boeing Awarded Contract for Next-Generation Harpoon Block III Missile

Adolf Hitler's 'lost fleet' found in Black Sea

05 February 2008

South Africa's Navy gets third submarine

Navy budget includes sub, funds for carrier

Navy budget asks for 4 fewer ships than planned

Submarine’s new lease of life

Russian Navy Renews World Presence

Singapore's Navy commissions stealth warships

Sonar waiver for Navy is ruled invalid by judge

04 February 2008

Development work on hypersonic version of BrahMos has begun

Russian military exercise over the Atlantic ends

02 February 2008

Navy's fast-attack submarine signals new mission in Pacific

Subs invade Columbia!

Georgia flag makes way toward namesake submarine

Third submarine handed over to SA Navy

Review of Australian submarine build strategy needed, says analyst

01 February 2008

US Navy Will Build New "Missouri"

Russia sends bombers to Atlantic, Arctic

Over 40 Russian Air Force planes take part in Navy exercise

India to pay more for Russian aircraft carrier

Germany delivers new submarine to South Africa

Australian company building catamarans for China's navy

Navy's fast-attack submarine signals new mission in Pacific

Review of Australian submarine build strategy needed, says analyst

US Navy Calls for Increased Maritime Cooperation to Combat Threats at Sea

U.S. Navy Demonstrates World's Most Powerful Electro-Magnetic Rail Gun