World Naval News Archives

31 January 2008

German navy finds new enemy - itself

Navy Aims to Break Record With Next Test of Railgun

U.S. Navy Names Three New Attack Submarines

Brazil Seeks to Build Nuclear Submarine

28 January 2008

Taiwan Accidentally Reveals Missile

Over 40 Russian planes to take part in naval drills in Atlantic

Wild Claim: Margaret Thatcher told navy to raid Swedish coast

China allows U.S. warship to dock in Hong Kong

Report: North Korea to sell minisubs to Iran

Russian nuclear sub ready for sailing

Video: The Northern Fleet displayed in North-East Atlantic

25 January 2008

SM-3s for Sejong the Great

Nimitz Gets Underway for Western Pacific Deployment

HMS Trafalgar headed for Indian Ocean

Chinese naval moves worry Taiwan

Joint Russian-French naval drill starts in Atlantic

Snort what they thought it was

Navy resumes use of sonar off California

23 January 2008

Russia revives Soviet-era Atlantic navy exercises

North Korea tells U.S. to remember the Pueblo

Russia fires missiles off France

Faulty Fridge Causes Aircraft Carrier To Turn Back

Strategic implications of Pakistan's Gwadar port

22 January 2008

Kite to pull ship across Atlantic

Russian bombers to test-fire missiles in Atlantic

Russia navy to exercise in Bay of Biscay

Russia & Ukraine haggle over Black Sea Fleet

Russian Navy's supersonic cruise missile hits target

21 January 2008

Russian-upgraded Indian sub hit by Klub problems

Korea's Aegis Ships 'to Be Equipped With New Intercept Missiles'

Russian Navy begins exercises in the Atlantic

19 January 2008

No U.S.-Chinese warship standoff in Taiwan Strait: U.S. official

France Seeks Foothold in Persian Gulf

India's secret undersea weapon

18 January 2008

China's submarine ASAT

Astute sub repairs completed

Russian Navy Turns Up Heat

A U.S. Navy ship still remains in enemy hands

Japanese navy to relaunch anti-terror mission next week

USS North Carolina To Be Commissioned First Week in May

Nimitz, strike group to deploy to Japan

Three Lost In Navy Sea Dragon Accident

17 January 2008

Divers find German U-Boat wreck off Eyemouth

Veterans build replica of submarine

After Gorshkov, Moscow-Delhi spat over submarine

Bush Exempts Navy From Environmental Law

16 January 2008

Iranian Navy Receives Stealth-capable Submarine

Bush overrides law on Navy sonar use

Chinese Navy Confronted USS Kitty Hawk

Norwegian navy orders from SA

15 January 2008

USS Ohio swaps crews on Guam

US Carrier Battle Group in Standoff with China

14 January 2008

Shame on China's Submarines

Are Dolphins in Prince William's Future?

Did ‘Filipino monkey’ nearly spark Gulf clash?

Russian missile cruiser near Malta

Moskva missile carrier takes part Mediterranean maneuvers

In Murmansk, Medvedev Touts Navy

U.S. Navy Considers Bringing Back Dormant 4th Fleet

UAV competitors await US Navy decision on ScanEagle

Navy Officers Recount Iranian Ship Confrontation

12 January 2008

Sonalysts Wins $11.4M Navy Contract

'India refuses upgraded submarines from Russia'
India Submarine

Three Bangor-based submarines receive Battle ‘E’ award

11 January 2008

Red Tide A-risin’: A nuclear submarine from General Dynamics?

10 January 2008

Drug Sub War Intensifies

First Submarine of Class 214 delivered to the Republic of Korea Navy

Iranian video 'shows no threat to US navy'

Indian Navy submarine collides with ship

Power still off as Groton building demolished

New powerful submarine makes port visit today

Cavalla nominated for historic designation

09 January 2008

Video shows Iranian threat to 3 U.S. ships

A Dangerous Game in the Strait

Iran says US navy video is 'clumsy fake'

08 January 2008

Russian Su-33 warplanes exercise in Mediterranean

Russian Navy Holds Drills in Mediterranean

USS Greenville welcomed warmly

'Scorpene submarine construction on target'

Three Bangor Submarines Get Battle Efficiency Awards

First Submarine of Class 214 delivered to the Republic of Korea Navy

07 January 2008

Photo Shows New Mod to China's Type39 Sub

Iranian boats "provoke" US Navy ships in Hormuz

U.S. Congress Mandates Nuclear Surface Ships

Australian Defense Minister Claims Navy Neglected by Previous Government

China navy floats three-carrier plan

06 January 2008

Working Together to Defuse Russia's Nuclear Timebomb

USS Jefferson City arrives for R&R

Submarine contract decision "a travesty," Irving executive says

Fight over Victoria-class submarine maintenance contract gets ugly

04 January 2008

America's new Trident too big for UK's subs

Ian Fleming's James Bond WWII plot uncovered by Bletchley Park

Russian fleet will sail in Pacific war games

Judge puts limits on Navy sonar use

Now drug smugglers turn to submarines

Now online: Victory At Sea

Taiwan Navy celebrates 20th anniversary for submarines

Cocaine-laden submarine
sinks off Colombia

Russian nuclear submarine Project 971 completes navigation trials

USN must cut sonar use off California

03 January 2008

Satellite to Demonstrate Maritime Surveillance for Coast Guard

Russian Nuclear Submarine Project 971 completes trials

Australia's dud frigates a nightmare

02 January 2008

Man builds his underwater dream

£1.2bn sub on the mend after generator damage

Battleship sails on to big screen

Polk County signs on in support of submarine

01 January 2008

France Begins Barracuda SSN Production
Barracuda submarine

SSM to focus air defense and submarine projects in 2008 (Turkey)

Saving Hunley artifacts a tedious process

WaterScout - a submarine deployable helicopter

Pop Quiz - The Hunley