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31 December 2007

Northrop Grumman to build ninth San Antonio-class ship

SURFACE WARSHIPS: Nuclear Power Secrets

Sub contract still on track, minister says

29 December 2007

We Can Wipe You Off the Map

28 December 2007

Navy takes more steps to minimize sonar hazards

Putin pushes the new Cold War

Aussie Sub fleet should be doubled: Beazley

Watch provides no answers about Hunley

27 December 2007

USS Norfolk to depart for scheduled deployment

Brock University professor anxious to dive on Iron Age shipwreck

"Chance of a lifetime" State rep tours USS Wyoming sub

26 December 2007

Australia to build world’s most lethal submarines

Navy "must rule out nuclear subs"

British sub damaged during test

Subs the way forward for Aussie security

Fitzgibbon Seeks A $25 Billion Submarine Fleet, Australian Says

UK nuclear sub breaks down with faulty oil pump

New Missiles Highlight Russia's Military Modernization

Russian submarine test-fires ballistic missile

25 December 2007

Merry Christmas

from Subsim

24 December 2007

Dad of Navy crewman rides nuclear submarine in rare trip

US Mandates Nuclear Battleships

Iran enjoys high naval capabilities

Ancient boat raised in China

Hunley Submarine Joins Statue of Liberty as Historical Landmark

22 December 2007

Brazil May Work With

France on Nuclear Submarine

A South American Arms Race?

Peacekeepers of the sea

21 December 2007

USS Greenville submarine arrives at shipyard today

20 December 2007

Submarine orders endorse fuel cell technology

Missile test counters N.Korea threat

Trident II scores 120th consecutive flight test

Navy seeks sonar use off Calif. coast

Navy to check more ships for weld flaws

19 December 2007

The Future of the CP-140 Aurora

Taiwan president pushes for naval build-up

Indian Naval chief’s remarks stir global curiosity

Crew of troubled ship finally claims success

Taiwan's President thanks U.S. for submarine sale

U.S. Navy Grounds Some P-3Cs

18 December 2007

Video: JS Kongo destroys ballistic missile

A Russian Submariner's Sea Story

USS Georgia arrives at Kings Bay

Japanese Warship Successfully Destroys Ballistic Missile

Study Looks To Pack More Punch Into The Royal Navy’s Fleet

Japan might send Navy to protect whaling ships

US Navy Expands Probe Into Welding At Virginia Shipyard

Russia completes new experimental "diesel-nuclear" submarine

17 December 2007

Navy Grounds Anti-Submarine Planes

Joint Chiefs: Iran running two navies in the Persian Gulf

Japanese navy to attempt to shoot missile out of sky

Great White Fleet commemorated

Russia test-fires new intercontinental missile

U.S. Navy's Shipbuilding Plan Called Unrealistic

Russian submarine test fires ballistic missile

Getting married on a yellow submarine

China's submarine force awaits a cultural revolution

14 December 2007

Captain Kidd's Pirate Ship Found

Navy v. China

Japan deadlock over US warships

North Carolina sub sails on Alpha trials

INS Vikrant - India's Sentinel Of The Seas

Japanese Ship Will Intercept Missle Launched by U.S. Navy

CNO Testifies on Global Maritime Strategy

13 December 2007

New Royal Navy Warship launched - more to follow

Navy Commissions Amphibious Transport Dock Ship Mesa Verde

12 December 2007

Memories fading but Pearl Harbor is not forgotten

11 December 2007

Russian navy distrupts access to North Sea oilfields

Russian aircraft carrier training next to Norwegian oil platform

Legal fears left Atlantic Conveyor defenceless

Photos: Russia's new warships

New Zealand navy may have to keep ships in port

Romney Counters Ron Paul Blimp with Nuclear Submarine

Problems found with welds on Virginia-class submarines

US Navy making pitch to add billions to budget

10 December 2007

Lankan Navy’s pivotal role
in battle against terrorism

PN Submarine Hangor placed at maritime museum

Indian navy acquires new potent weapons

Hi-level French naval delegation meets Indian navy chief

09 December 2007

Finnish Hamina class missile boat
video -1- , video -2-

Russian warships successfully carrying out tactical exercise

EB redesigning Virginia-class subs

SLN sailing towards a blue water navy

BNP will restore Britain's pride, the Royal Navy

Argentine navy to control 200 miles plus high seas fisheries

57 Anniversary of Sri Lanka Navy

Cash shortage to keep RN in port

08 December 2007

Oerlikon Millennium tests

French navy uses Second Life
to recruit

Boeing pushes unmanned submarine

Cocaine laden submarine sinks

Royal Brunei navy ships open to public

Retired USN Admiral fights to save JFK CV-67 from watery grave

Sri Lanka navy comes of age

Russian navy returns to the high seas

S.A. can't afford to run its new subs

RN Video: Submarine rescue team dive into action down under

Spanish fly with Illustrious

07 December 2007

Pearl Harbor Remembered
- The Interactive Attack Map
- Submariner can't forget the planes
- E. Hyland was ferrying ammo...
- What does the youth know?
- Memory Book
- Strategic Background: Why PH?

UTC Power to build fuel cell for Spanish sub

New submarine money has nuke fuel makers excited

HMS Sutherland upgrade makes her the most powerful in the RN

06 December 2007

How not to get off a landing ship

Video: Launch of HMS Diamond

Flying Fish unmanned aircraft

China concerned over USS Kitty Hawk's Taiwan Strait passage

A World War II saga of a battleship

Russian navy to start sorties in Mediterranean

Russian navy to start sorties in Atlantic

Protection needed for RMN submarines

05 December 2007

Australia's new 'sexed-up' warship

Russian navy to expand presence in Atlantic & Med

Training going well for Malaysian submariners

India's future maritime patrol aircraft

South Africa's new subs lie idle

First UUV to be launched from a torpedo tube

Video: Live torpedo test: Hauk class MTB

Video: Ghadir midget class
Iranian submarine

China says US agrees: Forget Navy spat

Indian built nuke sub to be ready for tests by 2009

Norway notes raised Russian submarine activity

Italy Confident it can afford 4 more FREMM frigates

USN warships corner Somali pirates

Diamond cuts the waves

PLA warship's
landmark visit to Japan

04 December 2007

Royal navy 'would struggle to fight a major war'

China upset over US carrier's transit of Taiwan Strait

U.S. raises the stakes in spat at sea with China

US, German warships have pirates cornered

India reconsidering Kilo sub upgrade

Missile-Toting Catamarans Glide Through Chinese Waters

Indian Navy on track to becoming 100% Indian

India Focus: Next generation frigates

Sentinel Diver Detection Sonar Completes US Navy Trials

Submerged cells

Russia to showcase new-generation subs at maritime exhibition

03 December 2007

India owns Admiral Gorshkov: Navy Chief

India nuclear submarine ready by 2009