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30 November 2007

Iran Says It Has Sonar-Evading Submarine

New US frigate, military flight barred from Hong Kong

Submarine Production Hike Could Start Sooner

United Tech to Build Submarine Fuel Cell

29 November 2007

Cloud looms over Russian stealth ships

Littoral Combat Ships Delayed

Norway Notes Increase in Russian Submarine, Air Activity

Funding boost for Navy missile defense

Diver Detection System passes US Navy tests

Navy mascot survives alleged ‘goat-napping’

'No power dares violate Iran waters'

China: Navy Spat Not a Misunderstanding

28 November 2007

US to stage a madcap submarine exercise targeted against the DPRK

Diamond Cuts the Waves

New generation: HMS Diamond is like ‘going from sail to steam’

U-boat discovery brings some clarity to decades-old mystery

Chinese Warship Visits Japan

Will the USS Kitty Hawk cement U.S.-India military ties?

After years in limbo, Navy sets USS Iowa's final berth

Iran launches second submarine

China’s Denial of Port Calls by U.S. Ships Worries Navy

27 November 2007

Video: Subs move to Diego Garcia

Scan Eagle UAV First Aboard a Destroyer

British submariners banned from HMS Onyx

Iran says it plans major gulf naval exercise

Chinese Navy Heads for the High Seas

Submarine recovers Unmanned Undersea Vehicle for first time

Royal Navy launches new destroyer

Iran Navy to celebrate victory anniversary

Iran develops new submarine and missile

Iran Extends Submarine Range to Hit Tel Aviv, US Targets

After China Snub, US Carrier in Japan

International submarine exercises in Australia

China dismisses Vietnam protest over disputed islands

U.S. Sub Makes Rare Korean Appearance

26 November 2007

Report finds U.S. intel consistently wrong on China buildup

Enterprise Strike Group Exemplifies CNO's Maritime Strategy

Lusty ready to ride the Magic Carpet

China's Thanksgiving Snub

Half of India's Sea Harrier fleet gone in 20 years

Sub Base Bets On Surviving

Thai Navy Wants First Submarines

Canada's procurement policies hurting navy yards

S. Korean Navy Joins Multinational Sub Exercise

25 November 2007

Indian Navy calls for warships like US

Norwegian subs move North

24 November 2007

Iran to hold military exercise in Hormuz Strait

Iran to Launch Home-Made Submarine, Destroyer

23 November 2007

Grandpa's video

New NATO vessel tested

Captain Roger Villar (sank 3 subs)

SLN defends Mannar Island successfully

China quiet about delay USN thanksgiving Hong Kong port call

After unusual snub by China, US aircraft carrier group heads home

"World of Suzie Wong" hurt by aborted U.S. carrier visit

22 November 2007

Happy Thanksgiving
To You All

Photos: French navy recruitment in Second Life

Japanese navy ship returns home after Afghan mission

Video: Have you spotted it yet ?

RNZN new ship heads to sea

China to allow U.S. carrier into Hong Kong after all

Chinese missile destroyer sets off for first visit to Japan

USN Aegis make Over

USS Kitty Hawk left at sea for Thanksgiving

U.S. warships refused entry to Hong Kong port

21 November 2007

Homemade cocaine-smuggling sub

Preparations continue RN carrier

Video: How strong is the wind at 30kts?

Exercise RED LION

Maintenance contract for RCN subs likely to be cancelled

Navy averts fire aboard NNS Ambe

Nigerian navy boosts presence near Cameroon border

Sweden's next spy ship

20 November 2007

Colombian armed forces seize
another drug trafficking submarine

Bidders to compete for Turkisch submarine project

Navy sonar lethal to whales, group says

Russian navy gets first project 20380 corvette

Will Russia create world's second largest surface navy ?

New mine neutralization system for USN

19 November 2007

French navy deters Somali pirates

Paging System For Submerged Sailors

Delivery of Russian aircraft carrier could be indefinitely delayed

Australia, NZ In Combined Anti-Submarine Exercise

Naval exercise dazzles onlookers

Indian Navy displays its brute firepower

Video, 1940: 90,000 tons of shipping sunk in 1 week

18 November 2007

Colombia finds homemade cocaine-smuggling sub

Brazil eyes nuclear sub to defend oil

French navy to escort food relief ships to Somalia

US bolsters platforms to defend Iraq's oil

17 November 2007

British nukes where armed with a bicycle lock key

Cocaine-smuggling submarine seized

Colombian armed forces seize another drug trafficking submarine

Photo Gallery: HMS Bulwark
visits London

16 November 2007

'World's biggest liar' crowned with a fishy tale

New RN rescue sub
tested on sea loch

Raytheon to deliver 'paging system' for US submarines

Russian says he killed famed British diver in spy op

How to fix a submarine (video)

USN plans for next littoral combat ship buy uncertain

World’s most powerful rail gun
delivered to USN

Nigerian navy Arrests 260 Ships

15 November 2007

Enterprise Carrier Strike Group performs anti-sub warfare exercise

USN must guard marine life against sonar

Turkey Sub RFP

Raytheon to develop solution for submarine communications

USN shipbuilding budget is up dramatically

We must fund the RN to keep a global role

With guns a blazin!

14 November 2007

More patrol ships for RMN

In Coney Island Creek, hulk of a yellow submarine

Boeing building anti-submarine plane for USN

Bush approves more submarine money

Court: USN must lessen sonar harm

RN submarine shiplift vulnerable to terror attacks

Dead aim, or dead end?
The USA's DDG-1000

Dangerous waters: US Ignoring operational art at sea

13 November 2007

Raytheon to Develop Solution for Submarine Communications

Work To Continue On Israeli LCS

Ohio Goes Looking For Trouble

Will Mayasia's Scorpene Subs Spark a Regional Arms Race?

Will Russia create the world's second largest navy?

Japan clash looms over navy bill

Fleet will lose flexibility if cuts go too far: Royal Navy chief

12 November 2007

Submarines An Anti-terror Tool

Metal Storm Stacked Projectile Weapons Delivered to U.S. Navy for Testing

Submariner's life of derring-do

Aegis Destroyer USS Sampson Commissioned

U.S. Congress Slams LCS

India steps up missile production

U.S. Digs In to Guard Iraq Oil Exports

11 November 2007

Virginia Block III: The Revised Bow

09 November 2007

Tireless activity for submariners

US navy launches campaign to boost security in African waters

Escorted by the US Navy, British sailors return to the Gulf

NKorea Thanks US Over Piracy Standoff

The Navy Leads The Way

Navy argues for continued use of sonar in training

House approves more submarine funding

08 November 2007

Boeing P-8A Poseidon to replace P-3 Orion

Congress to vote on LCS cuts, fleet additions

Missile Defense's Tight Fit

07 November 2007

Sea-based Multiple-Missile Defense 'Hit to Kill' Intercept Achieved

Battleship Wisconsin will belong to Norfolk

India to discuss Gorshkov price hike with Russia

Defense Bill Includes Submarine Funding

06 November 2007

Invisible Submarines: Navy Goal

Waterscout Helicopter Luanches from a Sub

Officials seize drug-running subs

Drug Traffickers Build Own Submarines; Will Terrorists?

French Technologies for Russian Submarines

05 November 2007

N.Koreans 'Stopped From Abandoning Pirates at Sea'

Shipbuilder: Teamwork Can Reduce Sub Costs

Israeli Navy Nearly Doubles Fast Patrol Fleet

NZ navy's last steam frigate scuttled

Pirates Leave Ships Under US Navy Escort

04 November 2007

"These are not pirates who will remind you of Johnny Depp"

Australian Navy's flawed patrol boats

US Navy abandons North Korean vessel

WW II tragedy was turning point in their lives

HG Wells--Father of Science Fiction

'This one's for you, Brother'

03 November 2007

Hundreds march in Edinburgh to protest Trident renewal

USS Truman Group Deploys Next Week

U-boat hunters

02 November 2007

Dawn patrol bags another 'Kill'

US Military Takes on Latter-Day Pirates

South Korean Navy to Begin Sea-Based Missile Intercept Drills

US Navy starts naval exercises in Gulf waters

Royal Navy to send aircraft carrier to Gulf

Admiral Calls For New Investment In Sub Force

Navy Awards $54 Million for Advanced Submarine Technologies

US Seeks to Remove Pirates From Ships

01 November 2007

The Japanese Navy Heads Home

Royal Navy recruiting tactics backfire

Navy Terminates Fourth Littoral Combat Ship