World Naval News Archives

31 October 2007

UK Astute Submarine Takes First Underwater Tests

Colombian authorities seize 2 submarines ready to ship drugs

Northrop Grumman receives three US Navy contracts

Crew wins deadly pirate battle off Somalia

30 October 2007

U.S. destroyer pursuing hijacked ship in Somali waters

29 October 2007

France to help Russia design submarines?

Paul Watson’s wild crusade to save the oceans

Seven new USN carriers (maybe)

Photos: French BPC Tonnerre

Second RNZN offshore patrol vessel launched

Royal Navy makes drug bust

The U.S. Navy goes 'soft'

Sailboats vs. U-boats in WWII

S-3B Vikings near extinction

Washington's geopolitics and the Straits of Malacca

28 October 2007

USS Ohio sports advanced new capabilities

CNO's Guidance - Executing Maritime Strategy

Mastermind of attack on US destroyer rearrested in Yemen

Pirates of the Persian Gulf

Navy protects Iraq's economic lifeline in Persian Gulf

27 October 2007

Nuclear sub commander sunk by conduct probe

26 October 2007

Photos: Launch first Malaysian sub

Why new U-boat plan may sink or swim

USS Theodore Roosevelt headed into mid-life overhaul

VT delivers fourth Type 45 bow set

USN relieves C.O. of command of nuclear submarine

25 October 2007

Submarine Crew Back After Round-World Trip

US House approves frigate sale to Turkey

United States Defeats Macedonian

Kazakhstan To Build Up Navy To Protect Oil


Malaysia to launch its first submarine in 2009

24 October 2007

An LCS For Israel?

French dockyard completes first Malaysian sub

6 punished for skipped reactor check on USN sub

Nigeriam Navy seize three vessels

S. Korea's Navy Chief Pledges Protection of West Sea Border

The Navy’s New Flat-Earth Strategy

UK sub proves earth is not flat

De-Nuked Navy Sub Deploys to Fight War on Terror

USS Miami Completes Undersea Exercise With UK Submarine

23 October 2007

'Significant' structural damage to 13 USN Arleigh Burke destroyers

Malaysia's first sub launched in France

Replica of 'first' sub
passes 'sea trial'

More than 200 nuclear scares recorded at UK submarine base

US sub crew failed to carry out reactor safety checks

SK Navy chief pledges protection of West sea border

22 October 2007

Various properties USS Hampton"s reactor not checked over a month

Approval for U-boat to resurface

US nuclear error 'impossible in UK'

Thoughts on Chinese nuke sub photography and sources

Sub rescuers "sacked"

India seeks 98 Anti-Ship torpedoes

Future of U-534 is secure

Whales/dolphins commit mass suicides because of sea monsters

New task for U.S. Coast Guard
in Arctic's warming seas

4 Tamil tigers killed in Lanka navy attack

Little-noticed, yet vital navy force patrols Iraq oil

RAN new landing ships 'will be very useful'

USN looks to reduce crew sizes on carriers 80%

20 October 2007

Treasure seekers run the gauntlet
over world’s biggest haul of gold

1933: Inventor gets thrill in homemade submarine

Video: USS Hampton scandal

Call for new probe into HMS Affray submarine mystery

Piracy surges off Africa coast

RCN treading on thin ice

Aboard the French Tonnerre

19 October 2007

USN submarine Hampton docked pending investigation

Not many people know the US Air Force has a Navy

Najib to attend launch of Malaysia's first submarine in France

US Odyssey Explorer seized while sailing out of Gibraltar

U-Boat wreck leaking oil

RCN checks waters for 2010 Olympics

French Tonnerre HLD proves large naval HQ can be embarked

RN Admirals are "tearing their hair out'

18 October 2007

Russia to start building another SSBN in 2008

Type 212A is probably the quietest submarine in the world

Desktop naval gazers
know a sub when they see one

Two more Chinese SSBNs spotted

South Africa considers buying landing ships

New US Maritime strategy to focus on 'Soft Power'

Goodbye to Poland's
Tarantul missile craft

LTTE boats flee when SLN approaches

17 October 2007

Britain joins race to grab seabeds

Japan cabinet approves navy bill

Preventing War Leads New Naval Strategy

Service Chiefs to Present Strategy for New Maritime Era

USN submarine Hampton under investigation

Sounding out whales for clues to sonar's effects

Chinese submarine conveniently
revealed in photograph

16 October 2007

Japan voters seek compromise on naval mission

Navy: DDGs keep ‘capability’ despite damage

A submarine-deployable helicopter

A Closer Look at China's New SSBNs

15 October 2007

HMS Illustrious Leads Carrier Strike Group Major NATO Exercise

New CPOs keep Navy heritage alive aboard USS Constitution

India Working on Sea-Based Nuclear Missiles

Report: DDG 51s heavily damaged by ‘bow slams’

14 October 2007

Fury at MoD's shipbuilding plan

Building USS New Hampshire

USS Ohio Deploys With New Weapons & a New Mission

12 October 2007

Navy SEAL to be awarded Medal of Honor

Former Trident sub Ohio prepares for first deployment as SSGN

11 October 2007

Israeli sailors honored for WW2 service to Royal Navy

Birth of Son of Trident at UK shipyard

Army and Navy help save Russian Sub

China, Japan hold talks on disputed sea area

Japanese maritime patrol aircraft flies for the first time

Pakistan's Defence Ministry asked to explain preference for faulty German subs

Arleigh Burke-class destroyers 'buckling' under stress, admits USN

10 October 2007

Projected U.S.-led Joint Naval Exercises under Fire

Tories may be considering new submarines for Canada's navy

New Technology for Wireless Underwater Communications

Pakistan's Prime Minister calls for strong navy

Navy Plots Unmanned, Heavily Armed Fleet

Prince William to serve with Navy and RAF

SECNAV's Birthday Message to the Fleet

09 October 2007

Controversy builds over Seawolf Park and Galveston island terminal

LRAD Joins the Navy

HMAS Melbourne Provisional Acceptance

Navy superships 'to trigger jobs boon'

08 October 2007

Royal Navy, RAF face front-line cuts

Rising Costs Plague Navy's Shipbuilding Program

Fatal sub explosion: Verdict by Christmas

07 October 2007

Japanese proposal would scale back naval support for US operations in Afghanistan

Chinese Boomers Googled Again

Japan to notify US about naval withdrawal

05 October 2007

As Arctic ice melts, U.S. moves to OK sea treaty

Sub builders benefit from defense spending bill

Blues Angels cleared to fly over San Francisco

Astute is having a blast!

Air-Independent Propulsion Submarines Patrol in the Med

The day Nautilus came to Portland

Submarine Visit Strengthens UK Naval Ties

04 October 2007

Two More Chinese SSBNs Spotted

Technical diver dies filming U-boat

Astute is having a blast....

Activist rescued at nuclear base

03 October 2007

Tireless takes a rest

American sub draws Canadian ire

U.S.S. Cod cannon comes alive

First production contract for Royal Navy’s new carriers

02 October 2007

Scientists Hope To Turn Cold War Relic Into Lab

Submarine tender USS Emory S. Land leaves Italy

A submarine-based helicopter?

01 October 2007

Indian Navy inducts Russian maritime patrol aircraft

Bath To Build First DDG 1000

Royal Navy to launch next-gen superships by 2020

Indian Nukes

Russian-American Exercise “Pacific Eagle” Finished

Korea Unveils Asia’s Biggest Amphibious Landing Vessel

New Maritime Strategy To Tackle Globalization

USN's future aircraft carrier faces key-equipment delay

Navy recalculating effect of sonar training

US quits Sardinia nuclear submarine base

£4bn carriers for Royal Navy may mean cuts in fleet