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31 August 2007

Appeals court OKs Navy use of sonar

U.S. nuclear sub hijacked!

Taiwan reports intrusions by PRC navy

Gotcha! Canuck Sub "Sinks" Brit Carrier

Diesel sub wonder weapons

30 August 2007

First LCS mission package ready for delivery

Indian Navy participates in multilateral exercise

A vision of evolving technologies

France Challenges the Royal Navy

Fire breaks out on Russian Typhoon submarine

29 August 2007

USS Parche Dedicates Sail to Museum

US military will use sunken Russian sub to train divers

Researchers to examine Gallipoli sub

Navy honors submarine hero

Naval Undersea Warfare Center subcontracts Seacorp, General Physics and Sonalysts

Moving Cavalla and Seawolf Park out of the question, Galveston says

28 August 2007

Betting on Bulava

Divers work to salvage sunken Russian sub

Australian Navy hopes fly, but aircraft carrier still off radar

27 August 2007

Oops! Christmas bonus fears after damage to Astute

Bulava missile not ready for mass production

Somalia piracy: A growing cause for serious concern

Navy's 'Ring Of Steel Bomb' Flattens Obstacles

Trip to Arctic seen as key step in boosting image of Canada's subs

24 August 2007

USN airwake analysis

USN watching for Pacific terrorists

IDF appoints new navy commander

Video: Wreck is not HMAS Sydney

Video: Indonesian Navy stranded on Gold Beach

Indonesian ship runs aground
on Australian beach

Indian Navy to get underwater missile, aerial torpedo

US sub found, but another mystery lingers

Airwake analysis keeps USN ships safe for aviation

Wreckhunting HMAS Sydney

Germany offers to refit Indonesian submarine

Sons' search finds father's submarine 60 years after it sank

Vessel found likely sunken WWII US sub

23 August 2007

Clue found to Hunley's demise

Raising Rhode Island's sunken Russian sub

'Top Gun course' for sub hunters

Hunt for Chile's first sub to proceed

Driving sleek Ferrari of the sea

Indonesian navy tall ship runs aground in Australia

Ruling allows USN to continue using LF sonar

Lightweight contenders: torpedoes dive in to meet littoral challenge

DANEX 2007

RCN crew crisis hits warships

RAN fires on illegal fishing vessel

Tragic end HMAS Canberra remembered

22 August 2007

NATO navies step up

monitoring of Russia

U.S. Navy intercepts drug-running sub

India evaluates Airbus A319, Boeing P-8 for maritime surveillance

British jets scramble to track Russian bombers

Russia showcases fighter jet for Indian Navy

Why The F-35 Will Smoke the Russians

China, U.S. discuss navy cooperation

Hunting Red October - Sonar Top Guns

21 August 2007

Daring is the Queen of the seas

Navy Recommends Raytheon Combat System for Submarine Fleet

U.S. naval chief tours defense facilities in China

U.S. Navy Chief Says Reassured During China Visit

20 August 2007

US officials confirm submarine sale to Taiwan will go ahead

Australia plans Collins sub follow-on

7th Fleet gets computerized damage control

MH-60R's give Navy new ASW punch

Sub Photo Sparks Imagery Debate

Russian navy carrier back in full service

India's blue water dreams may have to wait

19 August 2007

Enterprise Strike Group Commences Operations in Persian Gulf

Putin rearms his Cold War military

Why China Must Rule the Waves

GlobalHawk pitched for Navy surveillance

Dover Strait U-boat to be moved

Single cabins and private showers for women on Navy's new warship

18 August 2007

Navy stops video on YouTube

Ruling Allows Navy to Continue Using Low-Frequency Sonar

17 August 2007

Russia 'renewing bomber patrols'

WW1 U-boat poses threat to ships

Indian Navy’s initiative to get stealth frigates

Australian Navy scuttles Sydney claim

Canadian Navy looks at using drones

China's navy developing carriers and submarines

16 August 2007

New Destroyer Boosts Royal Navy

Canada’s fight for its ‘sovereignty’

Iranian Navy Sails Towards The United States! U.S. Prepares for Invasion!

15 August 2007

Australia's naval defence on track

Valiant Shield 2007 winds down in Guam

China must be transparent on naval build-up: U.S.

HMS Daring eases through first sea trials

Russian Navy to acquire world’s most powerful mace

14 August 2007

A superb target in sight

New Destroyer boosts Royal Navy

Measure banning Blue Angels from San Francisco skies is rejected

Navy says sonar exercises essential despite whale risks

Lincoln Fires Sea Sparrow Missiles Against Multiple Targets During Exercise

India confident Gorshkov delivery on schedule

Perils of a new Pacific arms race

13 August 2007

P-3 crews hone skills in skies over Florida

U.S. Icebreaker to Map Arctic Sea Floor

North Polemic: Canada’s Rebuke of U.S. is Over the Top

After Russia, now Denmark asserts claim over North Pole

Unique submarine honoured 75 years on

Russia's navy banks on oil and gas exports

India promotes 'goodwill' naval exercises

12 August 2007

Russia marks seven years since Kursk submarine disaster

Russian bombers were nowhere near Guam, says Navy

11 August 2007

Alert Finn teenager, Waltteri Seretin,

Spots Russian Titanic Polar Sham

Army Ship Off To Survey Russian Sub

Two More Subs Are Heading West

New submarines a big boost for Pearl Harbor

Russian arctic footage 'used Titanic film'

10 August 2007

Microsoft Virtual Earth Reveals
US Sub Propeller
Sub Prop

Navy plans to land pilotless drones on carriers

US Icebreaker to Map Arctic Sea Floor

09 August 2007

Russian Bears Spark Cold War Scramble

Green light at last for Super Carriers

Russian bombers show off new military power, overfly US Navy exercise near Guam

Web photo shows secret sub propeller

Brazil Seeks Combat System Upgrades for Sub Fleet

Canada to counter Russian Arctic grab

Russian dives in self-made sub

Syria: Russia Won't Build Naval Bases Here

3 Virginia-class subs to homeport at Pearl

‘Tang’ submarine memorial to be rededicated with boat’s battle flag

08 August 2007

Galveston Islander Dives
into the Cavalla
Galveston Islander Cavalla

"Old Ironsides" to Undergo Repairs

7th Fleet Begins Exercise Valiant Shield 2007

Veteran sub completes sea trials

Electric Boat shows off new hull of nuclear sub New Hampshire

Holland to Astute - 107 Years of Submarine History

US Navy Upbeat On Littoral Combat Ship

Colombia navy seizes sub in coke probe

07 August 2007

Russia Tests New Submarine-Launched Ballistic Missile

Russian City to Get Private Sub Museum

Sub funding seen as 'breakthrough'

Russia watches over nuclear wrecks

Russia ready to produce Bulava missile after successful test

Bahrain navy gung-ho on coalition security effort

Lockheed Martin wins contract for Japanese naval missile defence

India, Israel discuss enhancing Naval cooperation

Russia's Black Sea Fleet plans force build-up

Russian navy covets Mediterranean Sea

Navy Officials Duck Questions On Pentagon Drone Plans

Navy strike drone will demo shipboard ops only

House approves submarine funding

Judge bans Navy from using sonar

06 August 2007

Taiwan seeking to buy Aegis destroyers

India, US mull joint maritime patrol

Navy's massive guns find new glory

Russian Navy to operate from Syria

05 August 2007

Warhead Zapper for Navy Carriers?

Funding For 2nd Sub Clears House

US military holding massive war games

Head of Russia's navy says it should have permanent naval presence in Alaskan waters

Russian Navy plans to commission new ICBM in 2008

Cold war goes North

History: USN refined rescue technique with sunken sub

Found submarine missile causes evacuations in Millville

04 August 2007

Slide Show
Sub intercepted near Queen Mary II

Adventures with an egg

Brooklyn sub video:
video-1 , video-2

USN to go to fixed-price contracts for LCS

DTI magazine: August edition

Future USN aircraft carriers briefing
high power electronics

Police find makeshift submarine in NYC river

03 August 2007

US Refuses To Recognize Russian Flag in Arctic

Navy chooses Northrop-Grumman' UCAV

Rescuers commended over sub drama

Russia 'amazed' by Western mockery of Arctic expedition

Russia to monitor K-278 nuclear sub disaster area

Canada set to launch Arctic sovereignty operation

Two US aircraft carriers leave Persian Gulf

Air Force, Navy hold 'Warfighter Talks'

Australian Navy keeps very quiet while it waits for the last laugh

Video: From Old Ironsides to the Land Attack Destroyer

Japan to finance dismantling of three Russian nukes

Two Nigerian war ships leave for Brazil

A coast guardsman’s tale

Russia to build naval pilot training center

Russian Navy Aims To Be Number Two

Russia's Navy must restore presence in Mediterranean - commander

Photo series
How to dock a carier

The West shivers at echoes of Cold War division

Canada rejects Arctic flag-planting as 'just a show by Russia'

Russian submarine returns from North Pole mission

Japanese submariners remembered

Navy won’t use new sonar in Hawaii

Gorshkov delivery to be delayed

02 August 2007

Russian Navy to get Russia’s first naval gas turbines

Phasers, lasers and death rays: US Navy working on energy weapons

Pakistan Navy takes command of multi-national task force

Russian submarine plants flag at North Pole

Enterprise Strike Group Arrives in 5th Fleet

01 August 2007

Lack of qualified sailors confines RNLN's Bruinvis to port

Photos reveal SBS craft design

Fact Sheet on the USN DDG-1000 destroyer

India downplays significance
of naval exercises

RAN accepts new training helicopters